the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


1. love at first sight

jenny p.o.v

this week has been terrible,my boyfriend dump me for a cheerleader,got grounded for going to a party without permission,etc.i think it has been the worst week not the most popular girl in school,i have blonde hair,brown eyes,am tall and i love to party,my favorite band is the wanted is like the only band i really know they are the only ones that i really have become a fan,the songs just speaks to me anyways enough of myself. i decide to walk around the neighborhood. i was half way done with my walk when i saw a lot of screaming girls running my way;maybe 100 of them.then i saw this tall good looking boy running away from them,he looked like he was 19 or 20,he hade curly brown hair and tattos(they were awsome) he took my hand still running and ask me if i could hide him for a little while until his fans were gone.i said yes but i really dont know who he is. is he famous ? of coarse he was he hade a 100 girls running for conscience told me,but i dirent want to ask.

when we got inside my house he close the curtains and lock the door the only light was from the kitchen and it wasent that bright.he then looked at my surprise like i was suppost to scream or something.

'arent you going to scream?' he ask 

no,why would i?"

you really dont know who i am? he asked looking more sirious than before

no so what your name?i asked.  he looked at me like i was stupid or something .

harry,harry styles and what yours?

jenny,jenny noval.i said repeating what he said.

cute name for a even prettier girl, he said 

so u are not a fan of one drection right? he said looking sad 

who?? i asked

one direction,is a band 

oh,no i lisen to the wanted and ed sheran! i said happy 

oh i am one of five members of one direction and does fans that were running after me are directioners ,he said looking happy when he said fans 

DIRECTIONERS?? i said laughing a little 

yep that what our fans call them self 

oh so who are the others?

oh zayn malik,liam payne,niall horan,and louis tomlinson he said while showing me a pictures of them in his phone.i cant lied they were the cutest boys ever but i think harry was beautiful 

oh so how did your fans find you?

oh i was in starbucks when this girl am guessing a directioner scream"HARRY STYLES" and i hade to run,but am glad i did he said with a smirk 

why is that harry ?

becouse i wourent have meet you

is not like i am special to you or anything i said blushing 

yes yes you are now may i have your phone please?

yeah sure, i said still blushing

is cute when you blush and thanks he said while putting numbers in my phone guessing his phone number 

thanks i guess 

welcome so i better go louis is wating for me outside hope you call me he said and then gave me a kiss in the cheek and a hug

bye and i will  and with that he got into the car and left and at that moment i thought half of my heart hade left with him.i dirent belive in love at first sight until now 

harry p.o.v 

when i left with louis i felt like half of my heart hade stayed with her,she was so beautiful,funny and innocent:she was perfect! i hope she calls i was going to wait for her call day and night.then one thought made me sad what if we go out she would get a lot of hate and i dont want her suffer like i do dont get me run i love my fans and they make me happy but thay always hate my girlfriends and that get me mad and sad.

harry!!!!!,louis said putting his hand on my face

what??? i said souning mad 

harry is in love,harry is in love!! he said singing 

no am not she is just a friend ,i said

a very cute friend you mean!! he said smirking 

shut the fuck up louis and drive faster you dont want the police stopping you for driving to slow again!! i said laughing at the last part

i dirent know how to drive but now i do is different ! he said really mad and blusing

ummm sure whatever you say bro



author note

plz dont hate my first movella was a desaster but i think this one is actually good hope you guys like my first chapter i know the first part was boring but is going to get better i promise.dont forget to like,comment and become a fan

p.s if u want to help me write the story tell me in the comments and you could be my co-author.

jenny xx



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