the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


3. first date

harry p.o.v

we just arrive at the private beach,jenny looked surprice for some reason 

so..whats wrong, i asked curious

 is just weir,she said

what is weir,we are in a beach there sand and water nothing weir about that.i said 

but there nobody here,beaches are full of people running,swimming,or just hanging around but here is lonley,she said looking in my eyes 

oh...this is a private beach,me or the others boys cant go to normal beaches becouse am famous and fans and paparazzi.i said looking back at her 

oh then never mine,forgot you guys were famous,so dumm of me,she said looking sad

is okey,is normal sometimes i forget too.

u are kidding she said

no am not why would i

becouse how could you forget your famous when u have 100 or more girls running and screaming for you

if you put it that way but sometimes it feels normal when am with the right people or am just having a good time 

what kind of fun styles, she said laughing  

dutty mind noval,i said laughing with her

jenny p.o.v

we were walking to the beach when i was surprice not seeing people around and i think harry read my mind then he told me that this was a private beach and that he corent go to normal beaches becouse of fans and paparazzi, i felt stupid of coarse he courent go.i never thought that to be famous you cant go the same places you could when u were "normal".when we were sitting in the sand i saw to guys running our way but then i saw zayn and niall,we all seat down in a circle harry was sitting next to me,next to harry was louis,next to louis was zayn,next to zayn was niall and in between niall and me was liam.niall took out his guitar and all of them stared singing what makes you beautiful and gotta be you.i really like there voice, i curent belive that this pasts years i havent discover them,i know that they are in every music store and others stores,every girl in my school am pretty sure have one or more poster of them and they always talked about one direction,but i thought that they were models or something like that.

niall played the guitar some more and then me and harry when swimming for a little while,he was actually a good swimer,when i saw him i knew that when my dad told me i was good he was lying.when we got back to the circle harry suggested that we could play truth or dare and the others agreed but i hade a bad feeling about this game,i dont know everything about them but i know enough to know what coming 

truth or dare jenny,niall ask 


is it true that you have feelings for one of us?,he asked

yes i said while blushing

who???liam asked

that wasent part of the question liam i said

fine jenny your turn ,louis said 

harry truth or dare


i dare you to kiss zayn on the lips 

eww no am not gay 

just imagine your kissing jenny ,liam said and i blush

is not a question styles is a dare,i said

fine!!!! and with that harry stand up and kiss zayn in the lips,everyone stared laughing their butt of except harry and zayn,harry went and seat next to me again






author note

today was my last day of school so i would be updating faster.yesturday i courent update because i was grounded,but now i have my computer back so yay .

if i dont get comments and likes am going to delete this story and i dont want to do it becouse i really like it soo plz plz like and favorite and comment.also need co-author if you want to help me write this other fanfiction about liam that am trying to do plz comment and i will see what i can do 

love you guys and hope you like this chapter

jenny xx

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