The Time To Shine

Maria has always wanted to be a singer. Maria and her mother got into a fight about her mother saying Maria is being childish with her "pop star life" imaginations. When Maria falls and hits her head she is taken to a whole different dimension of all her past imagination. Will the fifteen year old make it back to her home dimension before her Sweet Sixteen?

**This story is a remix of The Wizard of Oz**


5. Through the Path of Terrible Music

               Walking for an hour. No water or food. When travelers are hungry or thirsty, bad music begins to play. Treeman, Maria, Miguel, and Diego took a wrong turn.

               "What happened to the red music notes?" Maria asked. "I don't know." Miguel replied. They were lost. Or at least they thought they were. All the path in Musictopia led to the Crazy Composer of Music. Just then, the music began to play.

                The music that was playing was the terrible music. Shrill voices. Sad songs. At the sound of the music, a person showed up out of no where. The person was...

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