The Time To Shine

Maria has always wanted to be a singer. Maria and her mother got into a fight about her mother saying Maria is being childish with her "pop star life" imaginations. When Maria falls and hits her head she is taken to a whole different dimension of all her past imagination. Will the fifteen year old make it back to her home dimension before her Sweet Sixteen?

**This story is a remix of The Wizard of Oz**


7. The Crazy Composer of Music

              "I see it guys, I see it. Hello Composer's Kingdom!" said Miguel excitedly. "Finally!" Diego said, sounding relieved. They were walking for hours because of all the stops along the way.

              In just minutes they were in the presence of the Composer. Like they imagined, there was music playing. The Crazy Composer of Music wasn't a person, but he was a stereo. The stereo had a face of the Composer.

             Just then, Treeman noticed something. As Maria was asking the Composer to help her become famous even when she goes home, Treeman saw feet behind a curtain. When Maria pulled it open, she found a man with a name card saying "Crazy Composer of Music".

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