The Time To Shine

Maria has always wanted to be a singer. Maria and her mother got into a fight about her mother saying Maria is being childish with her "pop star life" imaginations. When Maria falls and hits her head she is taken to a whole different dimension of all her past imagination. Will the fifteen year old make it back to her home dimension before her Sweet Sixteen?

**This story is a remix of The Wizard of Oz**


1. The Argument

          "Maria, it's time to get up!" screamed Maria's mom, Tanya. It was the middle of the school year and fifteen year old Maria did nothing but eat, sleep, go to school, and hide out in her room and practice her dream career, becoming a big time pop star. "I'm coming! Will you please let me take my time?" Maria told Tanya.

           About ten minutes later, Maria came down dressed in a Nikki Minaj outfit. "What are you wearing, Maria? You look like all those awful girls who are on the posters in your room.It is the beginning of winter. Go change this very instant!" Tanya said in the most calm voice she could use. "Mom, I look fine, and all those 'awful girls' are my idols! I want to be just like them! I want to be a singer."

          As  soon as Maria said that she wanted to be singer, Tanya hollered, "Well you know what your chances are of becoming a pop star, or a rock star, or whatever you want to be? The chances are one in a billion!"

          Tanya, obviously, didn't like the idea of Maria becoming a big time star. Ever since Maria could talk, she said she wanted to be a singer. Like every other mom, they think their child is going through some childhood stage, just like imaginary friends. Little did Tanya know that Maria wasn't going through a simple stage, but she had been telling people what she was going to be as an adult.

           "So you don't think I'm good enough to be a famous singer like Nikki Minaj or Rihanna?" said Maria, trying so hard not to cry. "No I don't." replied Tanya. Right at that moment, Maria ran straight out the door, ignoring the ice on the porch, and fell head first on the cold, hard ground.

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