The Time To Shine

Maria has always wanted to be a singer. Maria and her mother got into a fight about her mother saying Maria is being childish with her "pop star life" imaginations. When Maria falls and hits her head she is taken to a whole different dimension of all her past imagination. Will the fifteen year old make it back to her home dimension before her Sweet Sixteen?

**This story is a remix of The Wizard of Oz**


6. Leave Us Alone

             "Bach's evil great-grandson, Charlie?" they all said at once. The person who showed up was Charlie. He was the one who found all the lost and terrible music that was in the Path of Terrible Music. "It is I. Who are you?" asked Charlie. "I am Maria, and this is Treeman, Miguel, and Diego. We didn't mean to disturb you. We will just be on our way."

             When Maria and the others began to depart from Charlie's presence, Charlie harshly stuck a knife into Treeman's back and began to write "Charlie was here". Maria usually didn't stick up for others, but as Charlie continued to dig the knife into Treeman, she ran up and punched Charlie until he was unconcious. "Well, he won't be bothering us anymore." Maria joked.

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