The Time To Shine

Maria has always wanted to be a singer. Maria and her mother got into a fight about her mother saying Maria is being childish with her "pop star life" imaginations. When Maria falls and hits her head she is taken to a whole different dimension of all her past imagination. Will the fifteen year old make it back to her home dimension before her Sweet Sixteen?

**This story is a remix of The Wizard of Oz**


9. I Love You

                    "Maria! Maria, honey wake up!" Tanya said on the ground next to Maria. Tanya foud Maria when she was going to a job interview. "M-m-mom? I-is that you?" Maria asked. "Let's go inside." Tanya said, helping Maria up gently.

                    Once inside, Maria told Tanya about Musictopia, and soon found out that it was all a dream. "Maria, I'm sorry that I said you weren't a good singer. I want you to know that I love you." "Mom, I love you, too." Maria said.

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