This is a novel I spent twenty four minutes writing and thirteen editing. I hope you like it. It was a challenge for me. And I hope some of you will try its called the 24 challenge you send 24 minutes writing and 24 editing.


1. Alone

A girl walked alone.

She was always alone.

She liked being alone. She cried alone. She wandered alone. She sang alone.

Her name was Mystical. Once she had traveled with friends in a guild hall. It was a magic guild. But she was torn from them. Ripped away. So she  wandered alone. She knew when people realized hoe lonely being alone was they became kind, she had learned long ago, but she could not bare to be with people anymore.

She feared she would always be. It scared her, she had long since given up hope of her friends being able to transport her back.

She knew she lived in their hearts always. She knew that there were people who liked solitude, but there were none who could survive it. 

She didn't belong in this world, and she wouldn't let go of her home. So she did not reach out to the people in this world. She did not care, her friends were far away, but she could see them laugh she could feel them cry, she could hear their voices as they talked.

She held her self apart. There was no magic in this world. There was electronics, but it wasn't the same.

She longed to feel the ice shooting from her hands. The fire from her mouth and the swords appearing in her hands when she called. She became a circus artist trying to get as close to magic as possible.

One day at gymnastic some guys came. She recognized them they were the ones who had sent her to this unforgiving un-magical land. She tried to call on what little magic she had left in her body. But instead her illusion fell everyone could she that she wasn't from earth she was an amine character.

The men stabbed her with a sword. She screamed, but the sword just went through her body. Her magic had manged to change the contents of her body before it disappeared, her body was entirely made of water none of their attacks could effect it.

She grabbed her poy a heavy metal ball on a chain, and lite them on fire. They were her favorite toys, she could swing the in patterns bewildering to the eye. She could make them act as a shield or a weapon. She defeated the evil wizards and sat down and cried.

She cried as the rain poured down. The lightning hit the building, she smiled to see who it was, she had not smiled in two years, it was her friend Laxus.

She sobbed and told him the horrors of this world. He looked worried when she told him that magic couldn't regenerate in this world. She noticed but he told her it would be okay. You were always scared alone, but when you were with your friends it didn't matter, it would always be okay. You would always find a way.

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