Path to Insanity

When Benny and Toto are pulled into a world of 1s and 0s, they find themselves at Castle Brennenburg.
And while it may seem like a game to the two teens, a war in the real world between businesses and hackers is brewing. Brewing, in Benny and Toto, insanity and questioning morals. As these teens explore not only the very edge of this game, but the very twisted core of it.
Someone has changed the code.
Let the games begin.


2. The

Daniel ran, gasping and sweating, despite the cool air. A young girl was rushing behind him barely keeping up. " Danny boy... where are you? Keekeekee... come now tell me what you said again, say it to my face." a sickly sweet voice echoed through the corridor. The two ran into a clearing. Daniel looked back to see if the pre-suer was close, they weren't, but Toto was no where to be found. "Toto?!" He stopped running and turned fully around. " Daniel!" She was on the floor,lifting her self up, she limped over towards Daniel. Helping her would be the right thing to do, but he couldn't. " Come on old gal, catch up!" He shouted turning around. Eek! THUMP He hears a screech and something fall on the ground. *Dear God... No* The soft pitter-patter of the predators barefeet resounded throughout. The room. Daniel turned around to face the attacker. He brought up his fists in a defensive position. She was coming up quick, rock in one hand and a metal bar in the other. " Benny, I don't want to hurt you, but, " He yell warningly. She was getting closer. * Come on Daniel. You're a grown man. You're bigger than her. You can do this.* " But, I will, I swear." He glanced over at Toto... she was on her side, clutching her stomach and heaving. Raven hair spilling on to the stone ground. She coughed up blood. He narrowed his eyes on Benny " I'll kill you! Bastard!" The Short-haired fiend was arms length away, but he failed to catch her when she twisted her body and raised her arm. Air rushed out of his lungs, Benny rammed her elbow with all her force into Daniel's solar plexus. The man took advantage of her close proximity and rapped his arms around her. Squirming, the teen resisted to be neutralized. Benny kicked and pushed, but to no avail. The elder yelped and shoved Benny away and to the ground. The girl's mouth was red and a bloody bite mark could be seen on Daniel's shirt. He looked at the wound and back at offender. " You bit me?! " In disbelief, he shouted The younger got up and spat his blood on the ground. With a thud she dropped her rock and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. " Daniel." Benny's face darkened. She spoken low and deep. " What's your favorite color?" The man looked at her strange. She grabbed the metal pipe with both hands. Lifting her arms up, she smiled. " Mine's red." She charged.
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