Just A Dream

I wrote this story for my drama class so I decided to change it up a bit and make it a Justin Bieber Fan Fic I hope you like it (:


1. New Begining

'No, please don't leave me. Please I need you, I'm nothing without you, please baby stay awake for me, focus stay awake, please listen to me don't die on me baby listen to my voice!!' I could hear sirens and a faint voice of a guy, and then. I woke up, my breading uneven and I was sweating, I sighed and rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands noticing a wet substance on them. I was crying, again. I've been having the same dream for over a week now. The same exact thing; shooting and sirens, ambulances and— that voice a voice that I found relaxing and calming, a voice that made me feel safe— but who was it? Every night that I had that dream I was never able to see his face or what he looked like. Who was he?.
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