Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


7. Winners

Mitzy's POV:


"Okay on start of 3...1...2...2.5...3!" The speaker yelled.

Harry quickly grabbed my head and started kissing me.Slowly he put his hands around my waist and i put my hands around his neck.I gotta admit his a badass kisser.His lips fits perfectly to mine, and his lips were so warm and passionate.


I felt tiny little butterflies on my tummy.

The 30 seconds passed and I quickly pulled away.

The lights turned on,and the room was nothing but red and pink hearts.How gay...


I suddenly saw Harry infront of me,looking at me.He has cury brown hair,and emerald green eyes.He was way taller than me.I'm only 18 so yeahh. He looked like 19 or 20 years old.


He was staring deeply atmy light blue contacts.I felt big butterflies exploding inside me since the lights turned on.


"Well hello again!" Harry said snapping out of his thoughts, and smiling big showing his cute dimples.


"Helloou!" I said smiling big showing my dimples too.


"Well I see that we got our winners of this game and it's... Harry and Mitzy!"The speaker yelled...

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