Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


13. Singing at Mitzy's house

Mitzy's POV:


I saw that the guys were amazed by my mansion.The girls and I led them to my music room I asked for my 14th birthday.We got inside and it's full of instruments, and the little stage.I know how to play the piano,flute,keyboard,guitar,drums,and triangle.


"Wow ya'll know how to play all of these?"Harry asked.


"Yeahh.I asked my parents to build a this music room for me to play for my 14th birthday." I said walking around.

"That's cool." Harry said walking towards me smiling.The boys,except for Josh, went backstage and the girls sat down on the chairs.

"Ya'll go first the mics are turned on." I said to him smiling.He smiled back at went backstage.I sat in the front row with the girls andJosh is going to put the music.



Harry's POV:


The guys and I were thinking on what to sing for them.


"How about we sing...Torn?" Liam asked.


"Yeahh let's go!"We said and got in stage.I saw the girls smiling at us evily and waiting.


Josh put the music and  started and Liam started the me,and so on.While the song was playing, the girls were smiling and happy for us.


"Oh torn..."We all finished the song and they all stood up and clapped for us.We got off stage and hugged them.


"How did you like that? You think better than us?"I asked to Mitzy.

"I loved it,but we are better."She said smiling.She left of running backstage with the girls.The boys andI sat down at the front row and waited.



Mitzy's POV:

The girls and I were thinking of what to sing.


"How about we sing...Change Your Life by our favorate artists Little Mix!?" Melissa asked.


"Yeahh let's goo!" I said we got on stage and Josh started the song.



"She captures her reflection to the floor then she throws the mirror to the floor,her image is distorted,screaming,'is it worth it anymore?' " Melissa started.

"No oh oh,Are you scared of the things that they might put you through?Does it make you wanna hide the inner you?" I sang.I saw Harry smiling at me so I smiled back.

"Your not he only one so let them criticize,your untouchable when you realize ohh" Lucy sang.

"Change,change your life take it all,We're gonna stick together,no one gets through it all,

change,change your life,take it all " We all sung.

"Take it all!" I  sang.

We sung all until the end,

"Become what you've always known." We all sang finally our last line.



When the song ended, the guys stood up and clapped and cheered.

We ran downstairs and they said,

"Ya'll sing so good!"Zayn said.

We hugged them thank you and Harry said smiling sweetly at me,


"You sing better than all of them

"To be honest you sing better than all of the guys too.And thanks..." I said blushing.He smiled big at me and winked.

The guys and girls were playing with the instruments ,while me and Harry talked.


"Are we still on for dinner?" He asked.

"Yeahh why? What time is it?"I asked looking at my watch.

"It's 4:00 pm.Wow we have been talking for aa while!" I said.

"Okaay i'm going to my house and change.Can the guys stay with the girls in here?"

"Yeah sure!"

"Heyy guys ya'll are staying on the house with the girls! Mitzy and I are going out."He yelled at them.


"Okaay have fun!" Niall said playing the guitar with Melissa.

Harry and I left the music room and walked to the house.

"Okaay you go get ready and i come pick you up."he said.I smiled and nodded.

I led him to the front door and opened the gates for him.

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