Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


2. School

Mitzy's POV:


As I parked my car on the sudent parking lot,everyone was waving hi to me. got to admit it's annoying sometimes but make me feel special. got so excited cause this was the last day of school.

I ran up to ,Melissa,Ruby,Taffyta,Lucy,and Joanny.

They were waiting for me at the entrance.

"Heeyy guurl your late!" Melissa said making our shaking hand dance we invented.

"Hey wazzup?'' I asked..

"Mitzy we got some badass news for you or all of us..." Taffyta said.

"What the fuck is it? Tell me!" I ordered.

"Well we... AUDITIONED US FOR THE X-FACTOR ON JUNE 8TH!!" Ruby yelled that every one heard and started cheering. I screamed in excitement and ran up to them and hugged them hard.


"OMFG that's cool.. omg Thanks! We can finaly make our dream come true to be super stars!" I said.

"Okaay let's go to class!" Lucy said...



Harry's POV:


"Heyy Liam,Louis,Niall,and Zayn!?" I shouted.

"What's upmate ?" Liam asked.

"I have some badass news!"I exclaimed.

What is it ?!" They all asked eagerly.

"I auditioned us fr the UK X-Factor!"

"Ahhh that's cool mate ohh my god! How should we call our group?" Louis asked.

"Mmm...How about One Direction?" I suggested.

"Cool sure!" Niall said.

We were all so happy,we spent the rest of the day practicing songs we were going to sing.Afetr a few hours, Niall asked,

"Can we go to Nando's,Im starving?!"

"Okay ok me too. Let's go!" Zayn protested.

So then, we got to Nando's and had many ideas for the audition.

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