Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


10. Rest of the Day

Mitzy's POV:


The girls and I spent the estof the day on the wild rides.We just love them.

"Heyy girls ima go get some ice cream.Want some?" I asked.

"No thanks I'm in a diet right now" Ruby,Lucy,and Taffyta said.

"I do!" Melissa and Joanny said.

"Kakay wait here."


I went over by the ice cream stand and ordered 2 strawberry ice creams and 1 cookies & ceam for me.I payed my money and when i turned around h was standing infront of me smiling,


"Heyy Mitzy,need help?" Harry asked.


"Ahh heyy Harry,sure thanks!"I said happily.He smiled and we started walking. I feel weird...


"Soo...? How ya been?" He asked.


"I'm fine thanks,just feeling a little tired.And you?"


"Yeahh just wondering if you and your friends want to spend the rest of the day with the guys and I?" He asked.


"Um sure.The girls and I won't mind."I said smiling to him.


"Ohh cool!" He said excited.

When we got there with the gils I asked,


"Hey girls,Harry asked if ya'll want to spend the rest of the day with them?"


"Who's them?" Melissa asked.


"Ohh it's them over there!" Harry said pointing to some guys over by some trees.


"Omg that's Niall" Melissa whispered nervously.


I stepped out and whispered to her,


"I know his the guy you told me but who cares?! He might ask you out who knows?!"

"Okaay!" She whispered.


I looked at the girls they all had the same expression.Harry went over to get them and started walking towards us.


"Hey girls I'm Niall,and that's Zayn,Liam,Louis,andJosh." Niall said smiling to Melissa.

"Heyy..." Zayn said smiling to Joanny.


"Hey" Liam said to Taffyta.


"Hi..."Josh said to Ruby smiling.

"Helloou" Louis sad to Lucy.


The girls blushed,and I turned to Harry and whispered,


"They're in looove!"


"Yess i noticed that..."He said.


"Heyy guys! Everyone let's goo!" Everyone snapped out of their dream land and turned to look at me.


"Um let's go to that big roller coaster!" I said pointing to a big,high,and red roller coaster.


"Yeahh let's go!" Harry said.


Everyone smiled except Niall and Melissa,


"Hey wazzup?" I asked to them.


"I'm scared of that one!" They said.


"Lool no worries ya'll can sit together and cuddle." I said smiling sarcatically to them.


They both  blushed and noddded.


"What happened?" Harry asked while the guys and girls were waiting in line.


"They're scared."  answered.


"Ohh yeahh Niall is scared of every big roller coaster." He said


"Yeahh Melissa too."


"Are you scared of them?'' Harry asked.


"Ahh hell naa! They're awesome!"


"Ohh cool me too!"He said smiling and looking at me weirdly. I smiled back and got in the roller coaster.

Niall sat with Melissa,

Liam with Taffyta,

Zayn with Joanny,

Louis with Lucy,and

Josh with Ruby.


Harry sat next to me on the very front of the roller coaster.

"Hey Mitzy, I was wondering if you... want to go out for dinner tomorrow?" He asked smiling at me showing his cute dimples.


"Suree!" I said exctedly.

Ohh my god he asked me out I'm so excited!

"Okaay everyone keep your hands and accesories inside and have fun!" The guy said and started the roller coaster.


"Whooahh!!" The girls and guys  screamed when it started.

When we were at the very top and about to go down,we put our hands up and I screamed,


"YOLO bitches! Whoahh!" I shouted.


Harry laughed and put his hands up too.


"You so hilarious!" He shouted.


The rest of the ride was awesome. Except for Niall and Melissa,they looked like they wanted to puke.They're so boring.

When we got off the roller coaster Niall and Melissa quickly got out and vomited on the trash can.


"Hahahaa!" Everyone laughed.

"Ja it's not funny!" Niall said to us.

We stoped laughing cause they both looked mad.


We spent the rest of day with hem.It was awesome.

It was 10:00 PM so we were outside on the parking lot.


"Hey guys I really had a great time with ya'll we should go hang out later." I said to them.

"I know us too! Zayn said.

Harry came to me ad whispered,


"Are we still on dinner for tomorrow?"


"Yess give me a call when yo want to." I said smiling to him.He smiled back and said,"Okay."


We waved goodbye to them and got on my brand new blue car.We headed home and fell asleep.


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