Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


5. Fun Day

Melissa's POV:


I woke up by some girl's snore. I sat up and saw Mitzy snoring,both hands under the pillow.I got my iPhone and took a picture od her and put it on Facebook and Instagram.She was only wearing a neon yellow sleeveless shirt(without bra) and neon green shorts.The other girls were still sleeping,so I decided to go make them breakfast.I made them some pancakes with chocolate chips,orange juice,bacon,and eggs.



I know how to cook this cause my mom teached me before she died on a accident with my dad.I ive with mu Uncle and Aunt.Well anyways, I wlkd into Mitzy's neon room and shouted,


"Wake up ugly lazy bitches breakfast is ready!!"

They stood up fast and yawned.

Then they ran downstairs to the kitchen.



Mitzy's POV:

"OMG thanks your a badass cooker,you should be a chef too!" I said to her.

"Lol thanks but no I prefer being an artist with ya'll." Melissa answered.

After we ate breakfast I asked ,

"Heyy guys, do ya'll wanna go tote carnival over by the beach?"


"Are you kidding ofcourse we wanna go!" They all shouted.


"Jajjjaaa okaay go get ready!"


We dressed on the new stuff we bought yesterday,changed,and got our stuff.





When we woke up, we went to have breakfast at Starbucks and had lunch at Nando's, cause of Niall duhh.


"Heyy lads I was thinking we should go to the carnial over by the beach? Since we've been practicing a lot and I think we should have fun?" Liam asked.


"Sure sounds cool!" We all said.

"Can we invite Josh Hutcherson too?" I asked.

They all nodded and I gave hima call.Josh has been one of my best friends since fourth grade.

"Heyy Josh! The lads and I are going to the carnival over by the beach wanna go with us?"

"Sure Harry! Byee see you later!" He said.


After we finished eating,we went to our flats and got ready.We decided to go together on my white van. We got to the carnival and waited in line for the tickets...On the very back of the line...




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