Love by being Stars

Mitzy is a rich,popular,crazy,and happy girl.She loves her life. One day she went to the carnival and met someone.She and her best friends auditioned for the UK X-Factor.The guys audition too.They all spend a good time together.They all fall in love. But what happens when they are competing against each other?
Read and find out! Love ya'll!! xxxoo


12. Breakfast at Starbucks and Mitzy's house

Harry's POV:


The lads and I were havingbreakfast at Starbucks.I remembered that the auditions are tomorrow and we haven't practiced.

I told them that the girls are coming and they all got happy.You can tell they're in love with them.Well i think im love with Mitzy,too.That's why I asked her out.


Mitzy's POV:


When we arrived,I saw the guys at the very corner of the room.


"Okaay there they are" I said happily pointing at them.

We all got excited and walked towards them.


"Heyy guys were here!" I said.


As soon as they saw us they stood up.We all smiled at each other and hugged and kissed on te cheek.


"Helloo again,beautiful!You look awesome in glasses too!" Harry said when he hugged me.


"Well thank you!" I said smiling to him.

We all sat down as the waitress came and took our order.She looked like 16 or 17.She's very pretty,and had a good body...

"Hey girls watcha ordering?" She asked popping her chest out.The guys didn't bother to look at her.


"Um we just want a coffee and some rolls" I said to her. She smiled and walked away.


"I turned to look at them and said,


"Ughh what a slut."


We all laughed,as the waitress came with our food.The boys already ordered before we came.


We stared eating and talked about our past,stories,and plans.


"Ohh an we're auditioning for The X-Factor tomorrow! Well exceptfor Josh his going for acting." Harry said.


The girls and I stopped eating and looked at them surprised.


"What?" Zayn asked.


"We're auditioning too!" Melissa said.


"Ohh! Well we're gonna beat ya'll!" Niall said.


"Ahh hell naa! Wanna bet?" I asked.


"Deal!"The guys said and we shook hands.I smiled evily at them and continued eating.


"What's your group name,and what song are ya'll singing?" Lucy asked.


"One Direction and we're singing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.And ya'll?"Harry asked.

"Our name is Sixth Mix,and we're singing Wings by Little Mix."I said smiling to them.

"Cool! We should go and see which one of us sings better?" Louis suggested.


"Yeahh sure let's go to my house!" I said excited.


"Okaay! Let's go!" Harry said and we all stood up and payed.



Harry' POV:


The girls drove in Mitzy's car,and the guys and I drove in my car.When we got to Mitzy's house our mouths opened so big.


Her house wasn't any house,it was a big mansion.Two stories high,big backyard and frontyard,with flowers all aroung,statues,water fountains,and a big pool at he back of the house.Mitzy opened the gates,that went all around the house,and got inside.She parked her car in the garage and mines outsie of it.



We all got out and walked towards them,


"Your mansion is awesome!" I said to Mitzy.

"Well thank you. We're lucky cause my parents are on a bussines trip and I have their credit card!"I said excitedly.


We smiled and got in.


Her house inside was all organized.We all sat down in the living room.


"So where are we singing?"Liam asked.


"At the little music room I have at the back of the house."Mitzy said smiling to us.


The girls stood up and told us to follow them.We followed them passing the pool,garden,and field.We stoped at a small brick building. It was about the size of a living room.



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