It's In Our DNA

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1. prologue / chapter 1

Popular Twin: Nia Taylor
Unpopular Twin: Dani Taylor
1D Member: Liam Payne
Little Sisters: Rose and Emma Taylor
Little Brother: Jayden Taylor
Dani’s POV:
    I hate me life.  I’m bullied and ugly.  I hate me life.  Everyone one prefers my sister, Nia. We’re identical sisters.  However, not in social life.  She’s the popular one.  She the top cheerleader, best sport player, and mum and dad’s  favourite daughter.  Especially, she dates the hottest boy in school.  He’s Liam Payne. Best singer, boxer, and best at everything.  Nia always get what she wants.  Best clothes and I just get the hand-me-downs from her.  The clothes I got was the one when she threw in the garbage.  The clothes at least cost £200, all that clothes was gonna go to waste but, no I took it.  I took in consideration that there are many people in this world who is needy.
    I live in the living hell.  I just need to die.  Me attempts are useless but this one is not.  Me parents don’t understand me.  I sleep on a cupboard under the stairs.  Nia sleeps in my parent’s old room that is tpmhe size of  a classroom.  My parents sleep in a half-classroom size room.  Me dog has a better room.  He has a bed, better blankets, and love.
    I just need a rest.  Somewhere relaxing like heaven.  No bullying. No mistakes.  No pain.  No secrets.
Nia’s POV
 I miss her so much, she has no idea had badly I miss her . I hate the fact that we don't talk or hang out like we were use to.  She hasn't spoken a word since the day we came home from a doctors visit and I still can't believe that happened.  In Dani's and everyone's eyes, I'm the baby and the precious jewel I'm most.  Popular and everyone wants to be around me, I'm head cheerleader and captain in soccer others.  I really don't care about that what I do care about is my education and my boyfriend liam alongside daniella and my brother and little sisters. Since we are opening up here I might as well tell you I envy my sister.  She doesn't have to deal with crap that I put up with 24/7  guys hitting on her every 5 minutes or people talking back about her all the time, just once I wish we could switch places.  So I can be at peace and not worry about a thing.  Just be my true self and maybe best friends with my sister again but that will never happen will it?

Dani’s POV:
     I hate the fact that Nia is always the good one in everything.  Best grades and best life.  She knows what happened to me years ago and she still doesn’t support me.  That’s why I want to kill meself.  I have no friends, no life, and just ugliness.  Me life is the living hell. Me life will be remembered as that girl with no life. 
    I headed down to the bridge.  No one wants me.  They don’t need me and I don’t need them.  “Goodbye world,” I murmured as I cried looking at the water flowing freely.  As I made a step closer to jump, I heard a shout.  “No!,” someone shouted.  I turned around and see him.  It was Liam, my secret crush.  He doesn’t know me though.  Nia hates having me as a sister because I’m unpopular and popular kids can't hang out with us.  He comes running in matter of seconds before I jump.  “What are you doing?,” I said with me eyebrows frowned.  “Everyone’s life would be better without me,” I said angry. “I’m just an extra in the world.” He start to cry as I said that. “How dare you say that.  I need you. I love you!”
    How can he say that if he doesn’t even know me name.  He must think I’m Nia.  We are exactly alike. Just the status vary.  “I’m rubbish,” I said crying looking at the water.  As I start to cry, it started to rain. “No you’re not.  You’re beautiful! We should take you home,” Liam said covering me with his jumper.  I came inside of his car and I didn’t speak.  I was quiet and ignoring him and the music playing.  I took at me blade and started to cut. It relieves me when I’m crying. It’s like medicine.”Stop doing that! You’re getting hurt,” Liam said looking shock at me blood dripping. “You’re beautiful, don’t forget that.”  Once he said that, he kissed me.  I just got me first kiss. A kiss from Liam Payne! I got out of his car and went running to me cupboard. 
    There was note in my cupboard saying:
“Hi sweetie!  Dad, Nia, and I are going to Barcelona for the break and I except for you to behave. Lots of Love. -Mom”
    I saw no love. No comfort between us.  I headed to the kitchen and got some orange juice.  The sweetness made me remember the kiss. Just to think about it made me happy somehow.  I’m nothing so, he wouldn’t be interested in me. I’m... erm... well, a nerd. That’s why I can’t be liked.  I didn’t want to be like this. 
    Today, it was the last day for school to start the break of winter.  I’m stuck here alone for two weeks.  While, Nia is in beautiful Spain.  While I headed to me cupboard, I heard knocking. “Who is it?,” I shouted at the door. “It’s me honey!,” Liam shouted.  It can’t be him. He thinks I’m Nia. “I’m busy,” I shouted looking at where to hide. “So, I’ll leave. Bye,” Liam said.  I’m so relieved.  I went to take a shower and heard some music.  I heard ‘Mirrors,’ which is me favourite song. I came out and went to Nia’s room, for the first time! It was huge!  She has her own restroom! As I looked at the album of her and Liam, I saw a beautiful dress.  It was gorgeous. I tried it on, no one is here and no one will know. I looked pretty a little. I twirled around and saw Liam behind of me. “What!!! How!!! How are you in here!,” I shouted at Liam’s face. “You gave me the keys remember. For emergencies,” he smirked. “Can you please le....,” I was interrupted when he kiss me AGAIN!!!! “You look pretty,” he hugged me. “Thanks,” I said looking at me feet. He put me chin up and kissed me. “Like always,” he smiled bringing me against the wall. He came closer decreasing the space between us. We came close that our lips touched each other. It was sad day turning into the best day ever!
Liam’s POV
I had just gotten back from boxing lessons when I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday's events with Nia . Why would she try to kill herself and say no one on this earth loved her. Does she not know how I love her, her family, her friends . Seeing her in that state killed me I just wanted to show her how much I cared she didn't know it yet but she was going to be Mrs.Payne and I couldn't wait to ask her . When we kissed last night I knew something was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on it . She always kissed back after I kissed why a sudden change . It's like she was someone else . 
After pulling into her driveway I parked the car and got out I headed to the door and knocked.  Waiting patiently I heard her beautiful voice “Who is it?," I smiled and said "It’s me honey!,”  there was silence for a few minutes and then I heard her voice again "I'm busy.”  I had this confused look on my face, she would always be excited to see me . Jump in my arms and we share a passionate kiss until Mr. Taylor fakes coughs. Something is not right .  “So, I’ll leave. Bye.” I leaned my head against the way so I can here when she is leaving when I heard her going up the stairs I leaned up against the door and reached in my pocket for the key she gave me for emergencies . I place the key in the hole and slowly unlocked it . I entered the house and closed the door behind me. I heard the shower running so I headed into Nia's room . I hadn't been in here in awhile . I saw all our pictures together and smiled as I thought about the special times we shared . I loved this girl with all my heart and would do anything for her . She knows she could come to me for anything, why did she feel the need to cut! Didn't she know how beautiful she was? I walked into her closet I was looking for a particular dress, I had bought it for her on our 1 year anniversary the day she finally met my parents and made a great impression and when we first made love to each other. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. After taking it out I heard the shower turn off I quickly walked back into Nia's room and placed the dress the back of her door which was closed. I, then, went back into her closet I wanted to surprise her.  A few seconds passed and she finally came in she looked around the room admiring the room  like this was her first time in here. She, then, saw the dress and as she admired it, I smiled. She tried it on and as she admired herself, I decided it was my time to finally come out of the closet. Without making a sound I walked up behind while she was twirling around in circles. When she finally looked up, she saw me and was in complete shock. “What!!! How!!! How are you in here!,”  she shouted at me. As I smirked I then said  “You gave me the keys remember. For emergencies,” I  smirked again “Can you please le....,” without thinking I crashed my lips onto hers.  I broke apart from her not really wanting to and said "you look pretty," and hugged her. "Thanks " as she said that she looked down at her feet. I place my finger underneath her chin and lifted up and said "like always.” I smiled bringing her against the wall and as I  came closer decreasing the space between us, we came close that our lips touched each other for the second time. As we continued to kiss I started feeling all over her body when I got to her waist I broke the kiss for one second and said "jump.” She did what I asked and carried her to her bed . I continue to kiss Nia and as I'm carrying her I can't help but to feel like our one year anniversary all over again minus our parents.
Nia’s POV
I had been in beautiful Spain for a day and I was getting homesick . I missed Liam and I missed school. My parents had taken my phone cause this was suppose to be bonding time but to be honest there was no bonding and there was one person missing dandan . As I smiled at her nickname I use to call her when we were kids I couldn't help but to think about the good old days. I missed her so much and I just wish I could talk to her . I didn't even get a chance to tell Liam that I was leaving . I hope he doesn't go to the house and that think that  dani was me . I was in my hotel room writing a story on this site called movella it was based off of my life story with my sister and I relationship but with a twist . Dani,my sister was dating Liam. I had left my laptop at home I had to use mom's . I decided to check to see if everything was okay in my room so I hacked into my laptop. I forgot to tell you I great with computers and technology I can hack and get into anything . When I finally locked onto my webcam I saw my room as I was looking around everything was okay  or so it seemed but when I saw moment on my bed I thought I was my dog Nahla but I was wrong . I saw two figures on my bed and as I squinted my eyes I saw who it was . It was my boyfriend and my sister . I didn't know what to think I just shut off the laptop and got out of bed . As I did tears streamed down my face as to thinking about the promised he made me . I grabbed my suitcase and started packing my things and the girls things as well as jayden mom and dad wouldn't have missed us considering there out spending god knows what.  After packing mine and.the kids things I decided to write a note to mom and dad telling them I didn't feel well and that I had a project that was due . I place the note on the bed and as I was about to leave I felt sick . I headed to the bathroom and threw up . I stayed there for a few seconds until I felt the girls rubbing my back they were 10 and 8. "Nana are you feeling okay. "" I'm fine girls just go back in the room until I'm done so we can leave okay . "  they both kissed me on my cheek and left the bathroom. 
I started thinking about liam and my sister having sex in my room and I couldn't help but to let the tears fall . I knew Dani liked liam ever since I brought him home from our first date, I just didn't think she would do something like this to me. But Liam has feeling for her, I can tell. I'm just gonna have to accept it and move on even though I'm hurt . I don't want him choosing over us and I know she deserves someone like liam . He’s sweet, protective, kind and strong and will do anything for the lady in his life. I'm gonna miss the good times we shared but when our time is up, it’s up . I got up from the toilet and decided to clean myself up . After I was done I placed a hand on my stomach and started rubbing it in a circular motion . I know I'm pregnant but I'm not gonna tell him . He deserves to be happy with my sister and she deserves to be happy with him. I might not have been supportive of her in the past but I am now. I looked down at my stomach and said " its just you and me now kiddo ."I then walked out the room grabbed the bags and the kids and headed home


Maybe this will give them time to know each other . I know he will love her as much as I do . 


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