It's In Our DNA

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2. chapter 2

Dani's  pov

            I love being alone!  I experienced love yesterday. Well, in the name of Nia.  But, in my body.  Back to the point, I got my first kiss and a taste of real life yesterday.  I think at least someone is loving me. Well, kinda. They don't know me but, I did it. Time didn't interrupt us. We were free and infinite to love.
                After having the scene of life, we looked at each other. Our eyes sparkled and saw love. We put on our clothes on and start to laugh. "Why are you laughing?," he giggled. "This was special," I smiled. "Not our first time but, I liked this is," he smirked. 
"Want to see a movie?," Liam questioned. "Or a get-together?" "Sure," I nodded. I put on some of my basic clothes that consisted of shorts, tank top and a denim jacket. I headed to his car and turned the radio on. I started to murmur some lyrics of Mirrors. Liam noticed and started to sing. His voice is beautiful! "That was massive," I smiled. "Sing along," he moved the car wheel to the right. "Ok.. Making two reflections into one."
Nia’s POV
Before we had left I had went to the doctors in the hotel I'm surprised the had a scan in the hotel but they did . Truth is I.found out I wasn't pregnant it was just a false alarm but the doctor did tell me that I needed to see a doctor as soon as I got back home . He didn't tell me why I guess because of my brother and sisters that he didn't  want them to worry . I was really disappointed because I really wanted a baby and knowing it would have been liam's would at least let me know that I would have a part of him always with me . But I'm just by myself . We got on the plane and headed home. While the kids were asleep I started writing each and every one of the people I loved a letter including Daniela's I saved Liam's and Dani's for last .considering theres was going to be the longest.  As I started writing dani's letter tears started coming doing my eyes I've always been the strong one out of me and my sister but I didn't realized how hard and hurtful this was . A part of me now know how she felt  This is my letter to my twinney .  
Dear Danibananai;
Hi sissy I haven't called you that years and to be honest I missed it and I missed you . I know I haven't been the best little sister in the world and for that I am sorry . I am sorry for hurting you and causing you so much pain and misery in your life . I know you hate me and don't want me to be your sister and your twin anymore so I’m giving you a chance to be your own person .  *tears came down on the paper as I continued to write. * the reason why I am writing this is because I've decided to leave the Taylor family .I'm serious I'm not even joking , I'm moving somewhere far away and I don't want you to find me  not that I expect you to ,another reason is I know what you did with liam and to be honest I was hurt by your actions and his but I can't blame him because I never told him about you until now in his own letter I have written him . I'm not mad at you dani because I know liam is the right guy for you ,I know I've been with him for 3 years and he has been amazing . How I know about you and him.having sex in my room  is not your concern but just know that I know .  All that I ask is that you are open with him and if your open with him then he is open with you ,he hates liars and he can catch a lie in a heartbeat. I know he will be mad at me for doing this but I think this is for the best . I've always hated fighting and he deserves and I don't want him to choose between if he did have feelings for you which I know he does . I'm want him  to be happy and maybe he deserves to be happy with you and not me . I love liam with all my heart he was the one that I planned to marry and have our kids with  but all that changed . I guess it was suppose to happen . And last but not least  show him that you love and want him don't let him show you . I was hoping we can look back on this and laugh,talk , and remember the good old days between us but there isn't any good memories with us is there ? Its my fault that me and you stop talking I know you needed me the most during that time and for that I'm sorry when you stopped talking you  changed and  I changed as well I didn't want anyone hurting my sister and I almost killed someone . And I would do it again in a heart beat for you Rosie ,jay,and em . But no one will do it for me . Since the day of the bastard almost raping you I have nightmares thinking about  it . All I want was for my big sister to confront and protect me like you use to and tell me everything was going to be okay like you always did  when we were little . Your not the only one that was hurting . People say that I'm the good twin but in reality your the good one . I love you so much daniella and even though you might not see now but maybe with liam you are beautiful inside and out  and I'm so proud of you to call you my big sister . Love you always . 
P.S . I want you to have my room you deserve it so much more then me and I'm giving the majority of my clothes as well . I know its hand me downs but I know you will take care of them like your own . Hugs and kisses. 
Maybe we will see each other again someday and please take care of the little ones and don't let them forget about me .and especially liam don't let him get away he is a really good man .

I took off the necklace that me and dani use to wear  . She took hers off after the incident but I never took mine off .it meant so much to me , But I decided to give it to her to remember me . I kissed the golden heart locket that had our picoture in it and said "keep her safe always watch over her  "  and placed it in the envelope and sealed it up . I placed all 10  letters in my carry on bag and grabbed my phone and put on me and Liam’s songs  "mirrors" and " last first kiss " 
It was my favorite songs and as I listened I cried myself silently to sleep . 
 *few hours later we were back home *
I wasn't in the best mood and I had tears stains in my eyes . I was holding jayden in my arms while he was asleep . After getting the girls and him in the car I started it up . Em who was 8 was sitting in front . She kept looking at me while I continued to drive and finally decided to say something 
E - Nana 
N-yes em 
E-why were you crying on the plane . Did something happened with you and dani? 
These girls were not stupid they were smart and can smell bullshit a mile away . So I decided to tell her  just not the whole truth. 
N-something like that em but this is not a reason for you to be mad at dani to be honest I'm actually in the wrong this time . 
*she looked at me confused and said
E-what did you do 
N- I wasn't very nice to dani and for that I must go . 
E- what do you mean nana ? 
N - *I took a deep breath knowing what was about to happen * I'm going to going away for awhile em . And I want you guys to be good for mommy daddy and dani okay . 
E - *she laid her head on my lap and started crying I couldn't take it seeing her cry  Me and em were close when she was little she was always attached to me . She was like my Minnie me . I was the first one to hold her and since then besides sisterhood she was my little one. I started crying instantly I don't want to leave but I have to I don't want to face dani or liam but I know that I will have to do it sooner  or later . As I continued to drive I place my arm around em and said."emmy listen to me I love you more then anything and will always be here for you no matter what . But I have to go I can't stay here anymore . " " but I need you I don't want you to go ." Tears came down my cheeks even more . She then said in sobs "take me with you nana please ?" . I finally pulled into the driveway of our home and parked the car. I then picked her up and whipped her tears away and said " listen to me I'm not going to leave right away okay ill stay a few more days and I think about if you still want to go with me then okay. "  her smile grew and she hugged me so tight I hugged her back. She then said the words I love the most "I love you nana always your the best big sister in the world”. I closed my eyes and held her tight and said "Same Minnie me”.
I grabbed Em first and unlocked the door . I carried her up to her room and put her to bed it was 8pm so it was there bedtimes . I kissed Emmy on her cheek and told that if I did leave I would think about taking her with me . And then good night . I went back outside and took Rose out next and put her in her room I did the same thing before and then finally got jayden and grabbed the rest of our bags. After placing him to bed . I went back downstairs and got the letter I wrote her and placed it in her place she sleeps . I havent been here in her room in 6 years since we've stopped talking . I placed the letter on her bed and walked out.    I went into my own room , Knowing what took place here scares me . And it just makes me want to cry my eyes out and do something I have never done  before .  I went into the bathroom ,I took my iPhone out and sent a quick text to Lou and Harold . They  has been my bestie since kindergarten alongside harry.. I sent them a text  that said .
To: Tommo & harold 
From: Nana 
I NEED YOU GUYS,something has happened come over NOW. Doors open 
I pressed send and placed my phone back in my pocket . Lou and harry are the only one in the group who know about dani how because we all use to be friends. Harry even had a crush on her but when he asked her out she was waiting for someone else ,he got heartbroken. I turned on the lights in my bathroom and grabbed the razor . I broke it apart and while looking at the metal I placed it to my upper arm . I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe . And counted to 3 "1.....2.......3.”
Liam’s POV
This day was the best. We became more intimate.  More serious.  “Making two reflections into one,” I still remember Nia say that. Those words that came out of those beautiful lips.   We went to the park.  Which probably is a bad idea because Nia hates the grass! “The day is so beautiful!,” she smiled looking at the flowers. “Yeah,” I said raising my eyebrow.  That’s quite awkward because she hates grass! Especially, being near flowers.  She went walking to a tree and sat down.  I got us both some ice cream.  Cookie dough. Yum!  “So... wanna play 21 questions?,” I asked taking a sip of ice cream. “Sure,” she looked very jolly. “Ok... What’s your favourite artist or music group?,” I asked. “It would have to be... um.. that’s a hard question.  It would be the Beatles,” she said nodding.  “Weird choice of yours.  You mostly like more pop music,” I said looking at her oddly.  “Well,  there’s stuff you don’t know about me,” she bit her bottom lip. “What! 3 years together and you don’t tell me. That deserves a punishment,” I came closer to her to tickle her.  I tickled her and she didn’t jump.  “Nothing,” I said looking like a fool. “Little,” she smirked.  We got up and started to walk. We started to know more about each other and we even talked more than before:
N: What’s your point of view towards the end of rock music? Which is not true, in my viewpoint.
L: Well, I agree with you.  You’ve changed.  I mean, you didn’t like rock music when I met you.
N: I’m trying to change, actually. 
L: Why do you... erm... cut? I mean, I love you and when you say nobody wants you, it really hurt me.
N:  I have my reasons. So, what do you like to do in your free time?
L: I like to sing, draw, hang out with you, and go bowling with you.
N: Nice.
L: What about you, sweet cheeks?
N: Write in my journal,  draw, listen to music, watch movies, read, and that’s it.
L: You forgot me.
N: I thought you already knew.
Dani’s POV
I’m having the best time ever but something that ruins it is that I have to do improv. I don’t know Nia’s likes or dislikes so I just trying to change the subject.  Especially, I messed up when Liam asked me what was “my favourite music.” I said beatles since it’s my favourite but, he said that was odd because “I” like pop music. It’s very difficult being in Nia’s shoes.  I don’t know nothing about her.  We stopped talking when we were 12.  We’re now 18. 6 years of no connection.  The day went by quick and I went home. “Bye honey,” he said giving me a kiss. “Bye Liam,” I said walking out of his car.
Louis’ POV
Harry and I was at my house playing some soccer in my front yard. Score was 3-2  and harry was in the lead... must I say he is kicking my ass that's never happened before. Never! As trying to block Harry from scoring, he throws a bombshell on me.  “I love Nia, Lou.” I stopped blocking and looked up at him. Nia was our best friend since second grade along with her twin sister, Dani, who Harry had an original crush on. Now, he has a crush on Nia. Wait ‘til Liam finds out. "How long have you had these feelings for her mate."  “Awhile, I guess after we had that assignment Mr. Vance made us do together. I got to know the real her and she is amazing, she is Mrs. Harry Edward Styles for sure not Mrs. Liam Payne."  I snorted as to what he had just said now Liam was really going to kill him if he was trying to make Nia his.  I looked at him and as I was about to say something I heard my phone vibrated.. I took my iPhone out and saw it was Nia. I heard a vibration and saw it was harry's phone as well she might group text us. " 
From: Nini (louis) & future wife (haz):
I NEED YOU GUYS, something has happened come over NOW. Doors open.
 I looked up at Harry and he has the same expression that I have on my face,worries. Without a word, we both ran to Nia's house as fast as we could. Her house was 6 doors down from mine . When we arrived at the house, the door was open just like she said. We stepped in and while we were down stairs, we heard noises I looked over at harry, “It’s sounds like crying and someone banging on the door," he said, we hear it a little louder this time and we bolted up there. When we got upstairs, we went into the room and saw Nia's little sister Emma, crying and banging on the bathroom door in Nia's room. Shortly after awhile asleeping rose holding her brother, Jayden, walked in the room saying what's going on. We both shrugged our shoulders and said, “I don't know, but, can you take your brother downstairs please we'll get Emma .." she shook her head and did as we were told. I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen next . I told Harry to get Emma and to keep her from afar. When he picked her up, she continued to cry even more and started calling nia's name "nana ,nana " I took a deep breath and tried to open the door I then said   "Nia please open up the door, its me Lou. Harry is with me. " I waited a second I didn't hear anything. I tried opening up the door again but this was no use.  I then took a step back and kicked her door open a few times. After the third time the knob came out and door open . "Ow" but its not about me. It's about Nia . I slowly opened the door and she wasn't in the tub she was any where . God this bathroom is big . I closed the door behind me and found a passed out Nia covered in her own blood. Both side of her arms were cut as well as her left side of her stomach. Tears already coming down my cheeks."N--Nia," I took my phone out and called 911. After getting off the phone with them they told me, it was going to be at least 15 minutes ‘till them to get there because of another accident. Bullshit. Shite. Mother of cunts. My best friend might be dying and they can't get here any soon. Forget it I’ll take her there myself. Before I did I figured that, I should text Liam and Dani tell them about Nia. I know liam would care, but would Dani care, as well?
I went in the hallway and I could still him them crying I then yelled downstairs and said, "Harry take the kids and get the care. We have to go to the hospital and text Liam and tell him its bad.” Without any question, he did what I told him to do. Even though I told Harry to contact, I did it anyway. As well, as her sister since she wasn't home . 
From: Louis 
To: Liam & Dani 
You need to get to the hospital somethings happened to Nia. It's not good . 
I pressed send and went back into the bathroom and took a picture of her just in case he didn't believe me. I then lifted up her lifeless body and placed her head on my shoulders. I walked out of her bathroom and headed out the room and down the stairs then opened the door and came out the house closing it behind me . I was crying my eyes out and I didn't care if anyone saw. Nia was like a little sister to me and I couldn't believe she did this to herself. WHY ? I swear to god if Liam had anything to do with this he is dead. Just then Harry pulled up in his Range Rover. With the kids in the backseat, when he saw me holding Nia, he looked like apart of him was taken. I heard my phone go off and after getting in the truck I held Nia to me tight even though I'm covered in her blood I don't care. I would do anything for her. "Mate what the Hell happened?”  “What do you think, Harry just drive," he did what he was told. I was angry I didn't mean to snap at him but I just wanted him to get to the hospital. I took out my phone and saw it was a text from Liam and Dani, I checked her reply first and she said, "Who is this and how do you know my sister and my sister was in Barcelona with my parents and siblings ." I replied back and said, “This is Louis. You might not remember me from our childhood but I’m nia's best friend and she isn't in barcelona anymore she came back. Look I have no time to explain just get to the hospital.” 
I replied and went to Liam's which said, “I just dropped her off mate, she just went into the house. I don't believe you. I replied to the message saying mate, that wasn't Nia that was her sister and if you don't believe me then looked at this.” I inserted the picture in my text and said, “Do you believe me now?” After pressing send we pulled up to the hospital. Without letting the car come to a complete stop, I got out and headed into the entrance. "SOMEONE HELP, " a doctor came and took her on the stretcher and as I was going with her a nurse stopped me and said, "Sir. I’m sorry you can't come pass here, but what is the patients name?" "Nia Taylor and please save her." "Will do the best we can Sir, please have a seat in the waiting room and we'll call you when we're done." "Thank you," I did what I was told and headed into the waiting room. While going I saw Harry walked in with the kids I walked up to them and picked up Nia's brother, Jayden, and headed to the waiting room área. Harry sat next to me holding them and rose sitting next to him falling asleep . "mate what the hell happened?" I took out my phone and sent everyone who was close to Nia a text.
 To: everyone 
Get over to the hospital its Nia and it’s bad.  
I pressed send and waited for them to show. I'll call Mr. and Mrs. Taylor soon but once we find out everything . 
Emmy’s POV
I was said that my Nana was leaving I don't know where she was going, but I want to go with her . She is going to be all alone. Thump, thump. My body shot up from my pillow as I wonder what the heck was that. It sounded like it came from Nana's bathroom. "Nana are you okay?" I didn't get an answer which was strange I know she can hear me. I hope she is okay. Should I go check on her? I got up out of bed and grabbed my teddy bear my parents gave me for my birthday. I opened my door to and went into Nana's room. I heard a noise of something falling to the floor and I was right it was in the bathroom. I slowly walked over to it cause I was scared. As I gulped, I reached my hand for the door I turned the knob and it was locked. I tried turning it again this time making a little noise from the door, "Nana open the door, are you okay?" After awhile of banging, I heard someone behind me I don't care. I want my sister. I then felt hands pick me up another pair of hands on my I didnt care I wanted my sister . I started screaming and shouting and calling her name "nana,nana,nana " the person who has grabbed me from before held me close to them and said " sssh Emmy everything is going to be okay ,nia will be Fine . " I looked up and saw those curls I knew exactly Who it was "Harry? . He chuckled and said "yeah kiddo its me ." I hadnt realized it but by the time i did we had already been downstairs and rosie and jayjay were down there as well looking confused as I was . I hope nia was okay . I wrapped my arms around Harry and Laid my head on his shoulder I then said "god please dont take nia away ,we need her here ,I Need her . Please " 
After that I heard someone else upstairs the voice sounded familiar i guess lou was here to . He told Harry to get the car and to take us with him and to call liam . He did what he was told and took us to his black on black range rover . He put us all in and buckled our seat belts and got in the front . He started car and without waitimg for it to warm he just Drove . We pulled into our Drive way and what I saw ,wasnt normal for an 8 year old to see . Louis was covered in blood and was holding nia's body to his chest . When he came in tears came down my cheeks . What happened to her she was fine when she took me to bed . How could this happened? " mate what the hell happened ? " Harry said " what the hell do you think happened ,just Drive "Louis yelled . I never heard Louis yell before and it scared me and made all of us jump. Lou took out his phone and started typing on his phone . While he did that nia's hands were over the dashboard closure to me . I took her hand in mine ,even though it was covered in blood i didnt care . She was my sister and I love her so much I then said in. Whisper hoping no one would hear me " please wake up nana " "for me ,rosie and jayjay " . I looked at my brother and sister and jayjay was crying and rosie was trying to confront him . I turned around and looked at my sister again . I said the same sorda over and over and said "please wake up ,at least let me know your still with us" and then I felt her hand grab mine . I was shocked did she understand me . When looked up we were at the hospital. Louis bolted out with nia and Harry drove trying to find a space . He found one ,got us out of the car and headed in . When we got in Louis was right in front of us but nia was no where .Harry took my hand in his and Louis grabbed jayden from rosie . We then went to the waiting room ,Harry picked me up and sat me on his lap . I laid my head on his shoulder . And rosie was surfing right beside me and Harry slowly but surely falling asleeep . " mate what the hell happened ? " I looked up at Louis WHO was now on his phone and texting away. He was completely ignoring Harry and I dont know why . I want answers just as bad as he does . Why wont he tell . I leaned into harry's ear and said " Harry she gripped my hand ,does that mean she is going to be okay " Harry looked at me and said "I dont know em. Were gonna have to wait and see . 

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