Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


12. Pillow Fight!

Zayn has been teaching me how to draw people, landscapes and ETC for the past couple of days. its been wonderful spending time with him, my feelings for him have really grown but I don’t he likes me I mean im ugly and worthless and a guy like him would never like me im lucky he’s even my friend, or should I say BEST FRIEND! My relationship with the lads has gotten stronger and harry still hates me. I was hungry so I went over to the kitchen to get something, on my way I bumped into someone, “watch it bitch!” harry I assumed said. “sorry” I said. “next time don’t bump into me you whore” harry said ouch that hurt. “why do you hate me?” I asked, “what have I ever done to you? I tried to be nice but no! you wanna be Mr. Asshole who hates my guts!” I was tired of his bullshit! I wanted to know once and for all why he hated me so much.

“you know why I hate you? You really wanna know? Well I hate you because you’re a whore! You’re a slut! You’re a bitch! THAT's WHY I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!” he said screaming, mad and leaving pushing past me. tears welled up into my eyes. “Munera?” I heard someone say. I quickly wiped my tears and turned around, “hey Louis!” I said with a fake smile. “can I talk to you?” he asked. “um sure!” I said following him to his room. “so what do you wanna talk about?” I asked.

Louis’s POV

“so what do you wanna talk about?” she asked. I was so nervous! What if she didn’t like Eleanor? “um I wanted you to meet my girlfriend Eleanor, I told her about you and she wants to meet you” I said. “omg! You have a girlfriend! And you didn’t tell me! my brother has a girlfriend!” she said fangirling, I laughed. Thank god she likes her. “when do I get to meet her!” she asked excited. “tonight!” I said. “oh lord! I need to find something to wear! Plus I need to get your baby pictures out to embarrass you!” she said, “no baby pics!” I said. “fine! But im going to tell her stories about you! That are embarrassing!” she said. “you will never get away with that!” I said tackling her in a hug, making her giggle. “Louis!” she laughed. Making me laugh too.

Munera’s POV

I took one of the pillows and hit him with it, “you did not!” he said hitting me with one too, I screamed “Louis!”. we ended up throwing pillows at each other.

“WHATS ALL THE SCREAMING HERE!” liam said coming in here, me and Louis looked at each other and smirked and hit liam with pillows, “I SEE HOW IT IS!” liam said doing the same.  “PILLOW FIGHT!” niall and zayn scram running in and started throwing them at us. We started laughing. “get Louis!” I said, “why me!” Louis said. they all started hitting lou. “man down!” he said, making us laugh. We started hitting each other again, feathers were EVERYWHERE! “WHAT IN THE WO-“ someone said while I threw my pillow but it flew out of my hand and hit someone, we all froze and saw harry there, mad because he got hit by the pillow, “who hit me with a pillow?!” he asked, mad. “LOUIS!” we all said lying. “hey! No I did-“  louis was cut off by harry throwing pillows at Louis they ended up having a mini pillow fight making me giggle.

I couldn’t believe harry wasn’t screaming at me, for hitting him, well he didn’t know it was me probably that’s why. Everyone left Louis’s room except me and lou. “so you excited?” he asked. “OF COURSE I AM! I HAVE TO MAKE DINNER! THEN CHOOSE AN OUTFIT! IM AM SO EXCITED!” I said. “okay” he laughed. “your hyper” he said. “maybe” I said. “what time is she coming?” I asked. “7:30” h answered. “7:30… okay right now its 5:30 I’ll have enough time to cook and shower and then finally choose an outfit” I said planning what I should do. “you should get going then!” Louis said excited too. “wait we need to go shopping for groceries!” I said.

“oh yeah! Were low on food, niall” he said shaking his head in the end making me chuckle. “okay I’ll go with you come on” he said taking his keys. We got out of his room, “where are you two going?” liam asked, “out” Louis said. “okay” liam said leaving, harry looked up at us and glared at me, what was his problem! I was going to fucking punch his nose! “okay Mu lets go!” Louis said.

After we finished getting the groceries, I immediately started cooking. I was making, Spiced Turkey Breast, I was also making some salad, for desert I was making Raspberry-Ricotta Mousse. I finished making the food, niall was however watching me mouth drooling. “Niall! Do not eat that! drop it! Drop it! NIALL!” I said running after him, he ate some of the mousse. “BUT IT LOOKED SO GOOD! AND IM SO HUNGRY! AND ITS DELICIOUS!” He said running. I ran into his room and locked it. “niall open the door right now!” I said. I was going to kill this boy. “NEVER!” he said. “your ganna hurt me!” he said. “in not going to hurt you” I said. “you won’t?” he said relived, “nope! IM GOING TO KILL YOU!” I said. “DON’T KILL ME!” he said. “wow whats going on here?” Liam said. “niall ate the food, that I made for dinner!” I said. “NOT ALL OF IT! JUST A SPOONFUL!” niall said.   “doesn’t matter niall!” I said. liam just laughed. “don’t make me hurt you too” I glared at liam. Liam chuckled, “sorry, sorry” he said “what time is it?” I asked. “6:00 why?” liam said, my eyes almost popped out of my eyes, “HOLY SNAPPLE! I ONLY HAVE AN 1 HOUR AND A HALF TO GET READY!!! I NEED MORE TIME THAN THAT! liam make sure niall doesn’t eat anymore of the food please! Thank you!” I said running to my room. I quickly went to the shower. I came out of the shower it was 6:30. I went to my closet and decided what to wear. Finally I choose my outfit. It was my first time wearing a dress in years, but hey I did look cute.   

it was 6:45 wow it didn’t take me that long to do my hair, makeup and choose an outfit. I was hungry and it we were going to have dinner in like 45 minutes. I was just like niall. I chuckled to myself. I took one last glance at myself in the mirror. I smiled. I actually felt beautiful. I didn’t know but something made me feel it. I imagined zayn seeing me in this, he’d say, “Mu you look beautiful! Be my girlfriend! I love you!” and we’d lean in and our lips would touch- wait who am I kidding zayn doesn’t like me back!

I sighed and got out of my room, zayn wasn’t there I frowned, I bumped into someone, “sorry” I said, I looked up it was harry he was all dressed up in a blazer, his jaw was dropped. “weirdo” I said. “your going on a date” he said, “no..” I said. “then why are you wearing this” he asked. “because I want to” I said. “You look ugly. I mean Ew look at you’re hair, and you need makeup oh wait you have already someone, disgusting! And your legs are fat! And your stomach is fat! Your fat! And don’t ever wear a dress! You look H-O-R-I-B-L-E! And most of all you’re a fagget!” he said, I just looked at him jaw dropped, I so badly wanted to slap him. “whatever” I mumbled. I looked down at my legs were my legs really fat? I touched my hair was my hair really, “ew” and did I really look ugly in this dress. I felt insecure again, he crushed my confidence. The doorbell rang, “I’ll get it!” I said, even though no one was here, expect harry which I know wouldn’t care. I went up to the door and opened it. There I saw a blonde chick did harry dump that taylor slut already now another?, “hi!” she said, “um hi?” I said. I was confused. “is harry here?” she asked all dressed up like harry. “um yeah on the couch” I said pointing at his direction, harry was watching TV or something.  


“thanks!” she said, “HARRY BABY!” she said her arms stretched out. “TAYLOR!” he said running to her and kissing her. “ew” I muttered. “wait your taylor swift!” I said. “yeah!” she said pulling away, harry was glaring at me but I ignored it. “wait didn’t you have another girlfriend named taylor? You brought her on a date like this morning” I asked harry confused. Taylor’s face dropped. “what are you talking about” harry said. “don’t what are you talking about me! you know that brunette taylor, that slut that I saw you making out in the kitchen counter” I said. taylor had tears in her eyes. Busted! “how many taylors are you dating!” I said, “man-whore” I mumbled and left them two.

Harrys POV

“man-whore” she mumbled walking off. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do. Yeah I was cheating on taylor so! Swift is flat! But she is hot! And the brunette taylor is hot, and dat ass though! “were done harry its over! I hate you! Don’t ever call me again! I never wanna see you again! YOU YOU YOU MAN WHORE!” she said snapping me out of my thoughts. “what no! Baby! I need you! I love you!” I lied. I didn’t really, “love her” it never felt right with her, I just dated her because she’s hot. “LAIR!” She slapped me and left, I just stood there shocked, holding my now red and throbbing cheek. Munera is going to pay. I am going to kill that fagget!


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