Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


23. Painting

A/N im so so so srry i havent updated!! but here it is now! hope u enjoy!!


Munera’s POV

Today zayn and I were having an art competition on who could paint better. “okay ready…” he said, I nodded holding my paint brush in my hand ready to paint. “set” he said holding his paint brush, “GO!” we both said, starting to paint. I didn’t know what to paint I just let the paint brush paint with the flow I guess. There wasn’t really a time we just had to draw something really good. I closed my eyes and let the paint brush do its magic.

“okay im done!” zayn said putting his paint brush down. “wait…I just have one more detail to add” I said finishing my painting, “there! Perfect!” I said putting the paint brush down and opening my eyes. “okay look at mine!” zayn said sounding excited for me too see. “wow this is so beautiful!” I said, admiring his painting. It was a beautiful landscape.

“Thanks!!” he said smiling proud of his artwork. “You’re welcome!” I said impressed at how good he is. “let me see yours!” he asked eagerly. I chuckled. “Kay here it is!” I said showing him it. 

“oh my god” he said with his mouth hung open. “what?” I said. I didn’t really look at my painting so I didn’t really know how it looked like crazy huh. I looked at it. I was shocked.

“Mu you are really talented!” he said. I was surprised at how good I could paint! I wasn’t even looking when I drew this! I was thinking of my dream and of that beautiful dress I wore and how beautiful I looked and felt. So I guess I drew it. “is that you? Wow Mu you….you look stunning!” he said grinning. I blushed at what he said. he thinks I look stunning….

“thanks zayn!” I said happy that he liked it and very proud that I could draw this good. “you should put it up in your room!” he said. “that’s great idea!” I replied. “lets go do it now!” he said picking it up. I followed him to my room, “okay which part of the wall would it look best on?” I asked. “hmmm how about…right here!” he said putting it on the wall. “perfect!” we both said high fiving each other. I tried not to blush.

Harry’s POV

I was up in the balcony reading Mu’s diary still. Still no one caught me yet. I was reading Mu’s latest entries. They were about zayn and stuff. There was one about me how I was nice to her and that we were friends now. Now were like best friends! It’s great having a friend like her. The entries were mostly about zayn they sounded like she had a crush on him.

When I thought that I suddenly felt something. Was it jealousy? No I can’t be jealous I like Mu as a friend…right? I mean she does have really pretty hair. And her eyes are so gorgeous, and her smile is so beautiful. Her laugh is so contagious! Her voice is so angelic. Her personality is amazing, she’s kind, smart, funny, random and weird. But weird in a good way.  Whenever im near her I feel all warm inside and get butterflies. She’s amazing. She’s…she’s just pure perfection. I felt myself smiling at the thought of her. Oh my god. I did have a crush on her. “wow…” I said. I have a crush on Munera my best friend. But of course she doesn’t like me back…its seems like she likes zayn... I frowned. I was disappointed. I sighed and continued on reading, “hey mate” I heard someone say, my eyes widened and I hid the diary behind my back. I looked up it was zayn. Shit. “hey zayn” I said hoping he didn’t see. “are you um reading Munera’s diary?” he asked. Shit he found out. “um err um…” I said not knowing what to say.

“don’t let her see, don’t worry I won’t tell” he said. I was relieved. “Thanks mate” I said. “Welcome” he said leaving. I continued on reading till I got to the end.  

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