Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


19. Music Video!

Munera’s POV

About a couple of days later, it was the day my music video was going to be out! I was so excited!! We all were!! The video was going to come out on exactly, 6:00 pm. The girls and I wanted to spare some time and go to the beach then celebrate after. I went into my room. The girls were there too. We were deciding what bikini I should wear. I took out my top 3. “Okay here are my top 3. First one is pink” I said showing them it. “Second one is purple” I said showing that one. “And lastly third is lime kind of green” I said showing it. “Defiantly the third!!” they all said. “Okay!” I said taking the lime green one and going into the bathroom to change into it.

I came back and the girl’s mouths hang open, “what do I look that bad? And is my fat stomach showing?” I said poking my stomach. “Gurl! You look SEXY!” selena said. I chuckled. “And you are not fat!” demi said. “Don’t even dare to say your fat and that you aren’t fit and that you don’t have a flat stomach because honey!!! YOU ARE HELLA FINE!!” Miley said. “Mu you’re sexy… I’d turn bi for you” Ari said, making us all laugh. “Anyone would” demi said, they all agreed, making me chuckle. “You guys are so weird. “We know!!” they all said making me laugh.

We all put on our cover ups. And headed to the beach!! We were lucky the place wasn’t packed. It was a nice beautiful sunny day to go out to the beach! I always loved the beach! I felt like a mermaid every time I swam in the seas. We got out of the car, me and the girls ran! We were so excited we haven’t gone to the beach in like forever!!

Munera’s bikini and cover up



There were some guys there too. But I didn’t know them they were STRANGERS!! Some of them were hot! And when I mean some, I mean all of them! We took off our cover ups revealing our bikinis. Selena’s was purple, Ari’s (short for Arianna) was red matching with her hair, Mileys was pink and Demi’s was turquoise. They all looked amazing!! They were so fit!!

We heard wolf whistles from those guys. I rolled my eyes blushing. “They’re hot” Miley said we all nodded in agreement. “You have a fiancé the only guy who can be hot to you now is him” Demi said. Miley stuck out her tongue playfully making demi chuckle. “Since Mu and demi are the single ones…. Go flirt you two!” selena said. “No!!” we both said giggling, “Yes” selena said. “Nope nope bye! Im not here” I said going into the water making them laugh. We spent about 3 hours at the beach or so. We went at 12 and now it was 3. It was relaxing. We went back to selena’s house it was time to get ready for the party.


It was 3 so we had about 2 hours till the party started. We got the whole house decorated of course with some help because selena’s house was MASSIVE! We finally finished decorating and getting the food and all that. I got ready into this pretty lace dress. I didn’t want to go overboard. I did my makeup soft and simple, I curled my hair, and I actually looked pretty.

It was 5:00 now. The guest have started coming. There were SO MANY celebrities!! DAMN!! Selena was with Justin, Ari was with Jai, Miley was with Liam and me and demi were sitting next to each other. “Forever alone” we both said laughing at the end. “we’re not forever alone! We have each other! Let’s party!!” I said making demi laugh. “PARTY!! WHOOO WHOOP WHOOP! WE’RE SINGLE AND WE KNOW IT!” demi said dancing to the song “im sexy and I know it” I started laughing at how crazy we were acting.

 I was having a blast!! “Hey!” Ari, Miley and Selena said with their boyfriend and fiancée. “Now you decide to join us how nice of you” demi said making all of us laugh. “You guys look so pretty!” I said complimenting them! It was true they looked stunning! “So do you!” they all said making chuckle. “Look at Mu rocking the lace dress!” Miley said. I laughed. “I know don’t I look fab!” I said giggling at the end.

“You do! Like for realz yo” demi said trying to act ghetto. “Fo shizzle” Justin said doing the same making us all laugh. “Okay so this is Munera guys! We call her Mu for short. She’s the little sister of Louis Tomlinson of one direction!” selena said. “Nice to meet you” the boys said. “So where’s your big bro Mu?” Jai asked. “Oh at home ya know doing stuff” I answered. “Oh he didn’t come?” Liam (hemsworth in case of any confusion). “No…” I said looking down. “Oh yeah I remember him and the guys are in the studio and stuff maybe that’s why” Justin said, thank god he saved my life without even knowing it!

“Yeah that’s why” I said. They all nodded. “Okay who wants to party!!” Ari said. “Whooo!!” we all screamed in excitement. We went to the dance floor and danced!

It was 5:58, “okay everyone get your phones out!” selena said. They all did. “We are going to tweet about Munera’s first music video! We have to get it to a million views! Because obviously that video is AMAZING!! Okay were going to count down the video is going to come out at 6:00! Type the tweet and then when the clock strikes 6:00 copy and paste the link and hit tweet!!” she said.

 They all started typing on their phones, I would too but I left my phone at mine and the boy’s house. “Okay count down guys!” Miley said. “5…4…3…2…1 tweet!!” we all said. The video was uploaded and the tweets were up. “Okay everyone done tweeting?” Demi asked. They all nodded. “Okay now let’s watch this MASTERPIECE!” demi said while Ari put on the video on the flat screen TV for everyone to see.

We all watched it. It was better than I imagined it to be. Everyone cheered and clapped at the end. "That was an awesome music video” Jai said. They all nodded in agreement. “Thank you!” I said smiling proud of myself. “You have a really great voice!” Justin said. “Thanks!” I said blushing now. We partied and had a blast. The party just kept on going. It was amazing! I met so many more celebrities and they are so nice!     

Harry’s POV

It was 6:55 we just came from the studio 30 minutes ago. Louis was still not talking to me. I wondered where Mu was every day. I was worried about her. I read her diary every day of course no one caught me yet. Im still not done reading it, it has a lot of entries. Each unique and sad. I felt as if I’ve known her my whole life by reading this one diary. It was amazing was words can do. Every time I read it I felt something I don’t know what but when I feel that feeling it felt…good.

We sat on the couch all exhausted. Louis stayed far away as possible. I felt lonely with my best mate… I turned on the TV remote and scrolled through some channels. We were watching Ridiculousness. We all loved this show. “This was one of Mu’s favorite shows” I heard Louis say, I stayed quiet knowing it was the best for me. Liam was comforting him. Zayn was really quiet it was weird. It was now 7:15. I gave the remote to niall, and picked up a magazine. I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the front cover it said, “Check out Miley, Arianna, Selena, Demi and Munera hanging around UK and partying go to page 40-60 to see all of their pics and more.” “oh my god” I said shocked. “What they al said. “Mu is on the magazine” I said, “what! Go to the page!” niall said. I did and there were pictures of them. Wow Munera look pretty I never noticed how pretty she was, probably because I was so rude to her. I read the caption out loud, “out Miley, Arianna, Selena, Demi and Munera looked like they were having a girl’s night out! They were seen shopping at the mall! Going to the spa and going to the club! What a night!” I turned to the next page; there were pictures of all of them together.

“How did they find her!” Louis said. “She was with them all along! She couldn’t call me to tell me really!” Louis said getting pissed. “Louis calm down she’s okay that’s what matters” I said. “Oh now you care for her you son of a bitch” he said, I was shocked. Yup he was still mad at me. “Turn the page” niall said, I did and it showed pictures of them at the club damn so looked hot! “Damn!” me and zayn said looking at it. We both looked at each other, he was glaring at me for no reason I shrugged it off. I turned to the next page; they were going to a studio? “Why are they at a studio?” Liam asked, we all shrugged.

Niall read the caption, “looks like one of the girls are recording a song! We don’t know who but we bet it’s going to be fabulous!” who was going to record a song I thought. I turned the page I choked on my spit nearly. “OH MY GOD!” I said. She was in a bikini and DAMN DID SHE LOOK SEXY! I was too shocked for words. “DAMNS SHE’S FIT!” I said. Making everyone look at me. I found zayn and Louis glaring at me. I understood why Louis was glaring at me, but why was zayn???

“What it’s true” I said. “You stay away from my sister” Louis said, I gulped. Liam read the caption under it, “The girls are at the beach! Rocking those sexy bodies! Damn are they fit or what!!” they are fit! But Mu was fit-er! She didn’t even go to the gym! There was another caption, “go on E news today at 7:00 to see more on them!” I read.  “Put on E news!” they all said and so niall did.

“The latest news on Miley, Arianna, Selena, Demi and Munera! They were seen together everywhere! For the past week or so! They are all BFF’s now to the looks of it! They went shopping for hours! And went to the spa following by going to the club! Now that’s a good way to have fun! Next we seen them all at the studio all of these girls are singer expect Munera so we wonder if Miley, Arianna, Selena, or Demi were recording a new single! Today we saw them at the beach! They are very fit! Especially Ms. Tomlinson!  Selena’s bikini was purple, Arianna’s was red, Mileys was pink, Demi’s was turquoise and Munera’s was lime green. They all looked amazing! Now you know that day were they all went to the studio? Well we found out….it was Munera! Yes we know! Today the music video came out at 6! And let me tell you! This girl has talent! When the video came out, it already had over 1000 views! We saw on other celebs twitters that they tweeted about it! And now its 7:20 and let me tell you the number of views. 56,269,836! Over 50 million views! THAT’S A NEW RECORD! That’s impressive!! Okay hear the song, you can relate to it I know I can! Its called, Mean”

I was shocked she had a single out! Oh my god!! I bet it was great! The song was called mean. I automatically knew it was about me. we all watched the video, it was amazing! She was really talented! How come I never heard her sing before? Did I? oh wait I did……im so dumb. I told her she had a horrible voice, but she doesn’t! her song lyrics hit me like hammer. They were hurtful, but I deserved it. I looked at the ground ashamed.

“she’s a great singer!” niall said. The boys agreed. “im so proud of her!” Louis said, “I bet I know who’s this song is for…” zayn looked at me glaring. What’s his problem! “she is really talented!” liam said. I smiled, he was right, she was talented. “When is her concert?” Louis said. “I don’t know” niall said. “lets check” liam said, going on ticketmaster.    

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