Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


11. Landscape

I couldn’t go to sleep it was 2:00 already. I kept on thinking about that boy in my dream, I wondered who he was. I was so enchanted to meet him. All of that pain, vanished when I saw him.  When I looked into his eyes, they whispered “have we met?” as his silhouette over to me, I remember blushing and getting this wonderful feeling that I’ve felt before. I was still blushing I put one of my hands softly on one of my cheeks and smiled.

Is he real? If he is who is he? Who does he love? Those questions went through my head, they kept me up, I wondered this I was wide awake.it was 2 AM and I was awake thinking about this enchanting boy from my dream.

Now I was pacing back and forth, saying back and forth, “he’s real” or “no he’s just a dream” or “but it looked so real, he is real” I kept on saying those things. I wish I could see him again. I wish he was at my door, I’d open up and he’d say, “hey! It was enchanting to meet you. All I know is I was enchanted to meet you” but he’s not real, is he?

I prayed, that this is a new chapter in my life, where I would finally meet the love of my life.  And I wished it was the boy in my dream.  

I laid on my back  on my bed and faced the ceiling, “please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you” I whispered, acting like he was right here with me. I closed my eyes and smiled, and fell asleep finally.

Harrys POV

I opened my eyes, it was 2:10. I can’t go to sleep!  That girl is stuck on my mind! Oh how beautiful she is. I just want to hug her, and kiss her and tell her I love her. Wait did I just say I love her? Oh my god, “I love her” I said.  I did love her. This is crazy or is it? She might be real right? Or is she just a dream? But she looked so real! I chuckled at myself, “when will I see you again” I whispered as if she were with me. I closed my eyes shut. And sighed and finally fell asleep.

Zayns POV

It was morning the boys, Mu and I were all eating breakfast. Mu sat next to me, I smiled. She’s so pretty, her long hair is so silky and smooth and smelled HEAVENLY! Her smile just makes me smile and her laugh Is so cute! And I bet her body is fit too! to the way she wears those skinny jeans showing off that curvy body. Makes me drool. And stare.

I bit into my pancakes, and ate Mu was just staring into space. “Mu?” I called. “MU!” Louis said, screaming it. I laughed. “Rapunzel!” I said calling her nickname. “do the catch phrase” niall said. “what catch phrase?” harry asked. “this, 1,2,3. RAPUNZEL RAPUNZEL LET DOWN YOUR HAIR!” liam, Louis niall and I scram we started cracking up, love saying that I thought. “huh what?” she asked not zoned out anymore. “whatcha thinking about?” I asked. Hopefully about me.

 “oh nothing” she smiled and sighed, a good sigh, “hmm really?” I asked. I looked at the guys, they looked at her, she was still smiling looking up at somewhere, “up there” I pointed out where she was looking. “theres nothing there” liam said. “Mu tell us!” Louis wined. “fine. I saw this dude, but I didn’t really see his face and he was so hot!” she said, is that hot dude me? I thought. “yep shes gone mental” Louis said. “hey!” she said making us laugh. Harry just rolled his eyes, like he’s mad at the world. I don’t know why he’s so mean to her. she tries to be nice to him, but he just blows her off. “were just kidding we love you Mu” Louis said. “yeah you better” she said, causing me to smile.

We were done eating breakfast me and Munera went to the living room and started drawing some random stuff, harry was all the way on the other couch watching TV. “look” Mu said, I looked over at what she was drawing, “is that harry?” I asked, harry looked up, “yeah” she said giggling, I started laughing too. she was drawing his so horribly, “are you drawing this bad on purpose?” I asked, “yep” she said laughing, “oh god!” I said laughing, this was hilarious! She was drawing a bear on him, with pimples all over. “why are you two drawing me?” harry asked. “no were not” she said still drawing, I was now on the floor laughing, “yes you are!” he said taking the picture away from her.

“hey! I was drawing!” Mu said angry. “this is me! what have you done to my beautiful face!” he asked in horror. “oh you ain’t beautiful, I just made you beautiful in this drawing in real life your way worse” she said dissing him, “oh!” I said laughing, “burn!” I said.

“excuse me?” he asked. “um your excused, now give me my picture back, and go fix your face and your attitude” she said grabbing her drawing out of his hand, harry’s face was so red and furious, “wow” was all I said. “have you seen yourself lately?” harry asked. “actually I have, have YOU seen yourself, oh wait every time you try to look in the mirror they break because your so damn ugly!” she said, that left me and harry speechless, I actually had my mirror out, did she just say that,

“BURN!!!!” I said, damn this girl can come up with good comebacks. Harry’s mouth hang open in shock of what she just said, “zayn better hide your mirror or he’ll break ‘em” she said leaving. “oh I will!” I said hiding my mirror. “really zayn?” harry said. “sorry” I said. “am I really that ugly?” he asked. “yep” I joked. “ZAYN!” harry said. “just kidding come here” I said, harry came over I hugged him, “your beautiful” I said. “thanks mate” he said hugging back.

Munera’s POV

I left to my room and locked the door. I went on my bed and cried. I finally broke. I hated harry. He was so mean. I had to say something back zayn was there. I couldn’t let zayn think I was ugly and worthless like harry did. I sobbed on for a few more moments and wiped my tears away. Why does he have to be so mean? I looked into my mirror, “your ugly” I said. “your worthless” I made sure I didn’t look like I was crying or anything, took my laptop and opened my mini fridge to get some yogurt. I went back to the living room, harry wasn’t there anymore, thank the lord, I sat next to zayn again and turned my laptop on.

“oh yogurt” zayn said making me chuckle. I went on twitter and checked for how many followers I had, “woah” I said. “what?” he said looking. “nice job Mu! You have over 7 million followers!” he said high fiving me. “but how?” I asked. “im not even famous” I said. “yes you are, your Louis Tomlinson’s sister” he said. “oh” I said. “oh…! Im feel dumb now” I said he laughed. Which caused me to smile. He was so cute. “lets take some pictures on your laptop” he said, “okay” I said, putting it on camera mode, “1.2.3. Pose!” he said,

I giggled at how he was lying on me. He laughed. “hey sexy!” I heard someone say. I ruffled up my eyebrows wondering who said that. “who was that” I whispered to zayn. Zayn looked to the door so did I, there standing was Harry and that same slut, I made a disgusted face, zayn did the same, I giggled. “hey Tay!” harry said. I made a fake gagging making face, causing zayn to laugh. “wow she should go easy on the makeup and tan” zayn said. “that’s what I said! she looks like makeup threw up on her and It looks like she got attacked by a mob of orange markers” I said laughing. “oh my god!” zayn said laughing, “right!” I said. Harry looked at us, and shrugged. “she’s such a slut” zayn said. “I don’t know what’s gotten into harry” zayn also said. “I’m not saying she’s a slut, but she can count the people she’s had sex with on one hand… if that hand was holding a calculator” I said, making zayn’s eyes widen and laugh even harder. I chuckled.

Harry and the slut left, “finally” we both said, I giggled. “let’s get drawing!” zayn said. “okay!” I said getting my drawing pad out. “let’s draw a landscape” zayn said, I nodded and we started drawing.


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