Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


16. Girls Night Out!

Louis’s POV

We couldn’t find Mu yesterday night. I was so worried. I couldn’t sleep at night; I was too busy worrying about her. I promised mum id protect her, what if something bad happens to her! God I will not let myself live, if something bad happened. I sighed, I was pissed at harry. Who the hell did he think he was saying those things to MY sister? He was lucky the boys pulled me off before I killed him. I missed my sister. Who knows where she is. I was scared for her. tears welled up in my eyes, “mate…breakfast is ready” liam said coming in. I quickly wiped my tears off, “I um im not hungry” I said looking the other way.

“Louis come on eat something, last night you didn’t even finish your dinner” he said sympathetically. “im just not hungry” I replied. “mate we all miss her not only you, sure harry said those things but he didn’t know she was your sister come on” liam said sitting next to me. “yeah sure, when I said it in front of everyone he didn’t hear me? that sure tells me a lot liam” I said getting even more mad.

He sighed. “just come out and eat if you want the boys and I miss you, and your craziness, we need the old Louis back” he said leaving. I sighed and laid on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, my phone started buzzing, I picked it up. It was a text from El. I smiled; she’s going to come over my house. At least I had El. I had the boys too but still.

Munera’s POV

A few minutes later, I hear a car honking, “they’re here! Let’s go!” she said taking my hand. I was excited actually. Selena opened her door there in the car was Demi, Arianna and Miley. They looked so pretty up close! Damn! I wish I was that pretty! They waved at me while smiling; I smiled back doing the same. “Selena is this Munera?!?!?!” all the girls asked, while we got in the car. “Yes! Oh my god! Isn’t she gorgeous!” selena replied making me blush. “I know right!!” Arianna said the others nodded in agreement. “Aww she’s blushing!!” they all said in union, which made me chuckle. “so your Louis Tomlinson’s little sister?” Miley asked, “Yeah” I answered. “Doesn’t Lou have blue eyes? You have brown eyes…” demi asked confused. “Dummy her mom or dad have different eye colors that’s why!” selena replied making us all laugh. “Very funny” demi said rolling her eyes playfully.

“Okay where should we go to first?” Miley asked since she was the one driving. “SHOPPING!!” they all replied. Good thing when I left I had brought my purse with me. “alrighty then LEGGO!” miley said. demi turned on the radio and blasted it, it was Pitbulls song Feel this moment. “I love this song!” I replied. “so do I!” Arianna replied. We all started singing to the lyrics it was a blast!

We went shopping for 4 full hours! God I never knew I could shop this much. We decided to head to the café. I ordered an ice tea, selena an iced tea, Arianna a frappe, demi mocha and Miley a smoothie. We sat at our table. “this was fun!” demi said. “I know right!” miley replied. We all nodded agreeing. “I made a new BFF!” Arianna said hugging me, causing me to smile. “so did we!” demi and miley said hugging me too, I hugged them back. “hey! She was my BFF first!” selena said hugging me. we all laughed. I made new friends, and I was happy at last. I missed my brother and the boys too though. Expect harry, im happy im away from that devil!

Harrys POV

I went to the kitchen, niall was there eating as usual. “hey mate” I said. He smiled at me. At least niall doesn’t hate me. I sighed what I did was horrible. “did you find Mu?” I asked. “no…” he said his smile fading. “oh” was all I said, “hows Louis” I asked. “not good, he wouldn’t come out of his room all day or eat, but El’s with him so he’ll be fine for now” he replied, I nodded. “ I wish I could apologize to her I mean I didn’t know Mu was his sister. I was sleepy and wasn’t paying attention” I said sad, I covered my face with my hands ashamed of what I did. “I know mate its not your fault, it was a misunderstanding” he said. “thanks niall” I said smiling. “anytime lad” he said eating again, making me chuckle. I haven’t seen zayn, him and Louis were avoiding me. what’s up with zayn? I mean Louis has a reason to do that but zayn? It’s like he’s in love with her or something.

Munera’s POV

“we should be heading back” Arianna said. “what time is it?” demi asked. “2:00” Miley said looking at her watch. “what should we do now?” selena asked. “how about we go to the spa!!!” demi said. “yes! I’ve been dying to go!” miley replied, “you and me both” I said, causing her to laugh. We went to the spa, god it felt wonderful! The whole day we just had fun fun fun!! I was glad I met those girls. I made 4 more friends. Who I know I could trust. We went back to selena’s house, the girls stayed. We were having a sleep over. “I haven’t been to a sleep over in decades” selena said, “Right!” we all replied agreeing.

At the sleep over we did each other’s nails, hair and makeup we also played dress up, which was super fun. I hadn’t had this much fun in a while, just like them. we told each other our stories to get to know each other better. I told mine they were in tears. I didn’t want to cry but, I did. But this somehow made our friendship stronger. “were always here for you Mu” miley said. “yeah whenever you need us just give us a call” demi said. “thanks guys, I love you all” I said hugging them. “aww we love you too!” they said hugging back. we didn’t go to bed we stayed up all night and had fun which I didn’t mind. 

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