Lost & Found: Harry Styles Love Story

Munera Tomlinson has been bullied all her life. Her mother is dead and her father is abusive and is a drinker. Louis was her only brother. They both loved each other very much, whenever Munera was feeling down or was bullied her big brother Louis would help her. Munera was just like Louis crazy, fun, smart, talented, funny, random and wild, but that side of her is faded away ever since her brother left for X-Factor. Her brother never knew about the beatings she would get or that his father was a drinker. Her dad loved Louis expect for Munera, he thought she was worthless and that Louis was a star. Will Munera ever run away from this torture? This jail that has kept her in prison for almost her whole life, which no one knew about. Well that going to change one day.


24. Diary

Munera's POV

i decided i was going to write in my diary. I went back to my room and looked in the drawer where i kept it. Nothing. it wasn't there i was freaking out. Where did i last put it? Was it the living room? kitchen? But i could've sworn i left it here. I went to the living room and searched there. Niall and Louis were there. "what are you looking for love?" niall asked. "my book!!" i answered. "uhh can you describe it for us?" lou asked. 

"Its dark pink and has a golden lock on it, its my diary!! it has my WHOLE life in it!!" i replied anxious. "oh.. we havent seen your diary but we can look for it" louis said. "thank you!" i said then we all started looking for it. liam came in and asked us what we were doing we told him and he helped along too. "where is it!!" i said looking. 

"oh Mr. Diary where are you!!" niall said making him laugh. "wait how do you know its a guy...?" liam asked. "i dont" he replied making us chuckle. we continued on searching.

Harry's POV

i was done reading Mu's book. and slowly went downstairs hiding it behind me just in case. i looked to see if anyone was there. and there were people there, everyone was there. and they were looking for something?

zayn came up to me and whispered, "their looking for Mu's Diary" he smirked. FUCK! i thought i was gonna get caught. "harry!" Mu said i was nervous and stood still. "um yes" i tried not to act suspicious. "have you seen my diary? its dark pink and has a golden lock on it" she said.

"oh no i havent seen your diary" i lied. "oh god! can you help look for it then please!" she said. "of course!" i said starting to fake look for it. they were all distracted on looking for it, and so i quickly put it under the coffee table with the magazines. "I FOUND IT!!" i said smiling holding the book with my hand. they all looked at me relieved, "oh my god! thank you so much harry!! thank you thank you thank you! thank you!!!" she said hugging me. i smiled and hugged back it felt nice, i suddenly got those butterflies again. i never wanted to let go. 

"your welcome love" i said, she pulled apart and i handed her the book. "your a life saver what would i do without you curly!" she said smiling. i smiled back. she had such a beautiful smile.

i decided to would never read her diary ever again, since this time i was almost caught.

Munera's POV

i went back to my room. i was so happy harry found my diary. i mean it had everyone of my secrets and i couldn't risk anyone reading it. if they did then my lifes ruined. i sighed relieved and started writing.

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