The found one

Alison is constantly trying to get her friends back after loosing them for a long time.

Ali had moved away for 3 years. The girls have lost touch with each other but she is trying to stick the friendship back together when a boy found his way into their friendship.

I'm warning you guys right now, there is a bit of coarse language. Thanks for choosing this novella guys! I really hope you enjoy it be cause I'm french and I actually wrote this for an french S.A. Thanks! ;)


4. Traveling

I was furious against my mother. Trying to make me move on from my friends that's just wrong! No mother in the world should be doing that. It's almost like in other countries when the father gets to choose who his daughter will marry... Making her move on from her true love to another man witch she has no feelings for... 


All the boxes we're packed and everything was ready to go. I was dying to go out in the evenings and drive around the town like I used to do with my father when I was little. Now that I've got my license, I finally have an excuse to drive around town.

-Hunny, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have tried to make you forget your friends. I know this is not the kind of friendship that you always had with your friends, but it's impossible that you will walk by them and ignore you. You're their best friend.

As I tried to avoid the eye contact, my mother was following my every move until I would finally look at her.

-Mom, things are just... Very complicated and I... I just don't know what to do anymore... I messaged Melany, but it looks like she doesn't want to know anything about me either.

-Ali, just give her time. I'm sure things are gonna fall back into place like it used to be.

-It's never going to be the same mom... It would be a miracle, but it's impossible.

-Look, I know what you're going through. I've also been your age. I know it hurts, but true friends never leave. Even if you have put them in a rough situation.

-Are you sure?

-Of course sweetheart!


I then did a slight movement with my head and we we're already on our way to the airport. 


All of our stuff was already on it's way to Los angeles. Getting on the plane was quick but the flight, boring as heck. After a 14 hour flight, all that's in your mind is :'' sleep, sleep, sleep and for the final, sleep.''


From the minute we opened the door, the sweet memories of my childhood we're waiting for us. Me and my mother we're both stunned. It only makes 3 years, but being away from home for that period of time is like eternity. (If you know what I mean) 


When my mom went outside to get some boxes, I was carefully looking in our living room. A small paper tucked into a hole between 2 walls, was right in front of me. '' What the hell is that? Has it always been there?'' Heading towards it, I heard a loud noise coming from outside. It quickly got my attention and I immediately ran to my mother. 

-Mom? Are you ok?

-Oh, yes hunny... I just dropped this box.

-Do you need help?

-I'll be fine. Maybe you should go  start the letter.


  I had to write a letter for my new school (well technically, old school) why I would like to get into the '' Swift's high school''. If only I could write: '' Because my mother told me so'' it'd be way easier. As usual, I'll be the ''invisible to guys girl'' as they used to call me in my other school in New York.


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