The found one

Alison is constantly trying to get her friends back after loosing them for a long time.

Ali had moved away for 3 years. The girls have lost touch with each other but she is trying to stick the friendship back together when a boy found his way into their friendship.

I'm warning you guys right now, there is a bit of coarse language. Thanks for choosing this novella guys! I really hope you enjoy it be cause I'm french and I actually wrote this for an french S.A. Thanks! ;)


3. Pack it up!

Beautiful eyes from the golden to grey color we're staring into mine. Gentle hands we're pushing the hair out of my face and I could feel the warmth from his body radiating to mine. 

Suddenly, a gentle shake woke me up.


Said my mother.

-Mom? Is everything alright?

-It's noon and you're still sleeping dear!

-Oh... Yeah.. Hum I guess that I was really tired. 

-I can see that... 

As she was packing stuff from my room, she signaled me to come and help her. ''I so don't feel like it... Come on lazy ass, get up!'' I forced my legs to do the movement my brain had ordered them and I soon got out of bed. 

-Aren't you excited to finally go home?!

-Yeah.... Not really.

-How come?! 2 months ago you we're like an enchanted bunny who just woke up from hibernation!  

I then gave her the look that says ''Mom just no... Just don't say that... Just no...''

-Mom that was 2 months ago! It's far from now! That's why there's the word ''ago''.

-Ah come on! I'm sure that you'll make loads of new friends.

Tears we're starting to fill up my eye lids.

-That's what I don't want! I don't want new friends! I want my old ones! The great ones!

-Ali, don't you think it's  a bit time to move on? Every body moves on in their life!

-Why can't you understand that I don't want to move on?!!! 

I threw my hockey jacket on the floor and walked towards the door.


My mother then shouted at me.


-Pick it up! Now!

-I don't want to!


I grabbed the jacket and shoved it into the nearest box. 

-You happy? I put a sweater in a box. That's what you wanted? Good! Now can I go?!

No answer came out. It's like her lips we're locked.

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