The found one

Alison is constantly trying to get her friends back after loosing them for a long time.

Ali had moved away for 3 years. The girls have lost touch with each other but she is trying to stick the friendship back together when a boy found his way into their friendship.

I'm warning you guys right now, there is a bit of coarse language. Thanks for choosing this novella guys! I really hope you enjoy it be cause I'm french and I actually wrote this for an french S.A. Thanks! ;)


2. Make the decision

This was the kind of sticky situation I always hated. I didn't know what to do. I was torn. I had definitely lost my friends, even if they meant every thing to me. I really wish I had never left. 


- Maybe you should talk to them.

- I don't want to. You don't know how hard it is.

- I know hunny. But at least write to one of them.

- Jane doesn't want to know a thing about me.

- Why wouldn't she?

- She's still mad about that Jeffery guy... I still  can't believe what I did.

- Alison that is the past now they wouldn't have last any other way...   

- What about Melany? 

-Yeah... Maybe... I'll think of it.

- Well, let me know.

- Yeah...

She then grew a smirk across her face. She left the room in speed hoping that I would start writing.

''No way! There was gonna be no way I would talk to Jane! She blamed me for so much!''

I kept trying to find excuses to my self, I mean, I definitely am not lost in pride... But I still feel like she did put me into a lot of trouble... In the middle of her lies and improvising. To her, my friendship was like a game. If she wins, she gets the sensation of the royalty. If she looses she locks herself in her bedroom for hours and keep crying. Of course, by winning I mean ''the leader'' and by loosing ''the abandoned one''. And then suddenly after a few days, she becomes ''the found one''.


Carefully looking at my phone, my knees we're up next to my chest. I was sitting in my comfy lazy-boy in front of my computer. As quick as a flying bird, I grabbed my blackberry and opened my messages.  

''Should I? I don't know!!! What will she think? After 3 years... I'll just text Melany first...''

''Melany, I'm very sorry for everything... After 3 years, I''d understand if you don't want to speak to me. After everything I've put you guys through, you don't have to reply. I'd be happy if you did, but I'm not obligating you.Lately, I've also been through a lot. I know it's not easy. I really miss you and I can't live without my friends. I'm back in town. I was hoping you guys would be as excited as I am. (I had to lie in this letter. I'm not happy at all.) Everything would be so much easier if you guys would forgive me. With much love xx

-Alison ''

A sincerity tear had already fell down my cheek. Just writing this message was hard enough for me. Everything's been so horrible. I quickly pressed the ''send'' button and threw my self in the small corner of the lazy-boy.



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