The found one

Alison is constantly trying to get her friends back after loosing them for a long time.

Ali had moved away for 3 years. The girls have lost touch with each other but she is trying to stick the friendship back together when a boy found his way into their friendship.

I'm warning you guys right now, there is a bit of coarse language. Thanks for choosing this novella guys! I really hope you enjoy it be cause I'm french and I actually wrote this for an french S.A. Thanks! ;)


5. begining

I was way too curious. I was trying to write the letter on my computer but I kept switching my eyes from the computer to the paper. I had to see what it was. I quickly got up and sat down on the floor. When I pulled the paper, I saw other things in that hole. A USB stick? I plugged it into my lap-top and videos appeared. ''What is this? Some sort of prank that is not funny at all?..'' 

Numbers and letters we're written on the screen. Codes and questions we're popping out of no where. My computer started to heat up quickly and as fast as I could, I ripped of the USB and closed the file. Half of my hard drive was erased and I then realized that this USB is a very powerful virus. 3 years ago, 3 chips we're stolen. 4 years ago, 4 chips we're stolen. They are the most powerful and advanced technology ever invented yet so far. And I was holding a few of them, here in my hand.

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