Room 287

Niall has to get surgery on his knee, and Olivia is his surgeon. She knows it's wrong but their love is so right.


3. Chapter 3

         “One, two, three, lift!!” I counted as we lifted Niall onto the table. It’s usually freezing cold in the OR so we wrapped his torso in and ‘Bear Hug’ which is inflates and blows warm air on you. “They’re gonna put you to sleep now.” I told Niall. They hooked the sleeping medicine to his IV and his eyes got heavy. “Night, night!” I said smiling to him before he went to sleep. They finished tying him down and I got the tools ready. “Dr. Williams, we are ready to begin.” Deon said. “Ok, masks on.” I said putting the mask over my face. “Lights.” I said jerking my head to the direction of the switch. The lights were shut off and I looked at Niall sleeping. “Let’s begin.” I said.

      “My God! How has he been dealing with the pain of this?!” I asked looking at the screen which showed me the video from the camera. “I don’t know but we should begin with fixing him up!” Dr. Phillip said. “Agreed.” I said.

*Skipping Surgery*

        I slid off my latex gloves and washed my hands. Niall’s surgery went more than amazing and he was now in Recovery. “Well done Dr. Williams!” Dr. Phillip said patting my back. “Thank you! You did amazing!” I said drying off my hands. He smiled and walked away. “Dr. Williams, Niall Horan is waking up in Recovery and is requesting your presence.” Lenny said coming up to me. “Ok. Did you tell his friends they could go back?” I asked. “Yes ma’am.” He said. “Lenny, you don’t have to say ma’am, you’re older than me.” I laughed walking away. I walked into Recovery and went down a row of curtains with various names written in Expo marker.

       “Niall?” I asked walking into the shut off room. He finished laughing at something one of his friends said. “Oh hey Dr. Williams!” He said. “If I can call you Niall, you can call me Olivia.” I said. “Ok!” He said blushing. “Well, Olivia, these are my friends Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry. “How old are you?” Harry asked. “I’m 19.” I said. “What?! You’re really young!” Liam said. “Yeah, I was expecting an older woman to walk through but damn!” Louis said raising his eyebrows. “Louis! That is so rude!” Zayn said smacking his arm.

       “Well Niall how are you feeling?” I asked sitting on the chair and grabbing the clipboard. “Uh, well, dizzy but stable enough but- oh god I think I’m gonna get sick!” He said clasping his hand over his mouth. I jumped up and grabbed the waste pan. He got sick as I set the pan down. “That’s it I gotta leave. Throw up is my limit.” Liam said walking out. “Yeah, I’ll keep you company Liam.” Louis said. I rubbed Niall’s back as he got sick. “Is it normal to get this sick?” Zayn asked concerned. “Yeah, it’s just the anesthesia getting him sick.” I said. He laid back and groaned. “I’m sorry you don’t feel good.” I said. “Eh, it’s not your fault.” He said, his eyes droopy.

      “Well now that you’re awake we are gonna move you into Room 287.” I said. “Alright.” He said. “James, Dan, Deon, Lenny! We are ready to move Mr. Horan!” I shouted. “What have I told you?” Niall said laughing. “Niall, I know. But you have to realize that you’re a patient and I have to call you that out of respect.” I said. “Respect? Aha, you’re the same age as him and you have to give him respect?” Zayn asked getting a kick out of it. “He’s still my patient.” I said laughing.

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