Room 287

Niall has to get surgery on his knee, and Olivia is his surgeon. She knows it's wrong but their love is so right.


2. Chapter 2

      “Got them.” I said walking over to the right side to make room for everyone. “I guess I’ll mark him now!” I said walking over to the cabinet to get the marker. I felt someone grab my waist. I spun around to see James. “Get off me!” I whispered so only he could hear. He gave me an evil smirk and let go. I grabbed the marker, walked back to Niall, and marked his knee. “We will cut you open here and, here.” I said putting x’s over the spots. “We will stick a very small camera in and take a look around to see the damage.” I said putting a trail where the camera will go. “And then we will see what we have to fix and fix it!” I said smiling. “Awesome!” He said.

     The other nurses left except for James. “Hah, can you sign my hand?” Niall laughed. “Sign your hand?” I asked laughing. He nodded and held his hand out. “More like I should ask you to sign my hand!” I laughed signing his hand. “I can do that!” He said. “Do you know how much I have to wash my hands? It’ll just get washed away.” I said. “Oh.” He said. “Hey Liv, where are the gloves?” James asked. “Dr. Williams.” I corrected. “Right, whatever, now where are they?” He asked. “In the second drawer on the left.” I said. “Thanks babe.” He said. “Don’t call me that.” I said angrily. “K babe.” He winked walking out of the room. “Dick.” I mumbled under my breath. “I heard that.” Niall smirked. “Eh, it’s the truth.” I shrugged. “I saw him put his hands on you.” Niall said.

     My head shot up. “What?” I asked, trying to lie about it. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. When you got that marker. Has he done that before?” He asked. “Niall, it’s none of your business.” I said. “I’m just trying to help. Plus, he can get in a lot of trouble for that.” He said. “I can take care of it myself.” I said quietly. “Ok Mr. Horan! It’s time for your surgery!” Dr. Phillip said coming into the room, followed by the nurses. “After surgery you will be put in Recovery and then transferred to Room 287 to stay.” He added. “To stay? How long?” Niall asked. “A few days. This procedure doesn’t have the fastest recovery.” He said. “Who will be my doctor?” He asked. “Dr. Williams will be your doctor.” Dr. Phillip said.

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