Room 287

Niall has to get surgery on his knee, and Olivia is his surgeon. She knows it's wrong but their love is so right.


1. Chapter 1

     “Olivia! Niall Horan is here for his knee operation!” My assistant James called out. “First of all, it’s Dr. Williams to you. Second, what room?” I asked walking towards him. “Pre Op Room A.” He said with a smile on his face. “Alright!” I said walking away. I walked to room A and swung the curtain open. “Good morning Mr. Horan!” I greeted. “Mr. Horan? That’s my father, but you can call me Niall.” He laughed. “Well Niall, we are going to get you a nice comfy gown for you to wear!” I said sitting on the rolling chair. “Ugh! I hate hospital gowns.”  He groaned. “I am with you there.” I laughed. “You’ve had surgery?” He asked. “The same as you actually, but that was like, 7 years ago when I was 12.” I shrugged. “You’re a surgeon at 19?” He asked. “Yeah, I skipped a couple grades.” I said. “Well, that’s impressive.” He said. “Thanks?” I laughed.

     “James! Bring Mr. Hora- Niall a hospital gown please!” I said cracking open the curtain and typing on my computer to get his information in. James walked in and sat the gown on the bed. “I’m going to go to recovery to see how Jack is doing.” He said. “Alright!” I said dismissing him. I finished typing when I got up and turned to Niall. “Niall! You’re supposed to wait for me to leave to change!” I said looking at a shirtless Niall Horan. “Oh uh, sorry about that!” He said blushing. I laughed and exited the room.

     “Niall are you ready for me to come in?” I asked. “Yeah.” He replied. I walked in and I saw him fiddling with his gown. “Is the gown ok?” I asked. “Yeah but, uh, I can’t get it tied in the back. Can you help?” He asked. “Uh, do you want me to get a male nurse?” I asked. “I’m ok if you do it. I mean if you’re ok with it.” He said. ‘No! You’re not allowed!’ My mind screamed. “Ok.” I said walking over to him. He stood up and I stepped behind him. I automatically pulled it shut. ‘You can’t be seen doing this!’ My mind said. I bit my lip as I saw his perfectly muscled back. I started tying and got closer. ‘Keep your distance!’ My mind told me. I tied the lower part and I was close enough for him to feel my breath on his skin.

    I blinked and stepped back as I realized I was finished tying. “Um, uh, you can sit back down.” I stuttered. “Dr. Phillip, do you want to come in and brief Mr. Horan on the plans?” I asked. “It’s Niall!” Niall whispered. I rolled my eyes. Dr. Phillip came in and smiled. “Good morning Niall! I will be assisting Dr. Williams on your procedure today, would you go get the other nurses that will be assisting?” He asked me. “Yup!” I said leaving the room. I looked at the clipboard and saw the list of 5 nurses; James, Lenny, Dan, Ken, and Deon. I went around and gathered them and took them back to Niall’s room.

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