Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


28. will you...


I was so happy for Alexis when i found out she was pregnant! " Oh my gosh... this is exciting!" I said. She just nodded but she still looked sick. After a few minutes she ran back into the bathroom and Liam went in to hold her hair out of her face. " I hate seeing her throw up.." I said. " That's the bad thing about being pregnant. But it's worth it in the end." Garriyn said. After a couple of minutes They both came out of the bathroom and Alexis just layed down in bed. " Hun, You have to eat something." Niall said to her. " Ill try crackers or something small." So well all went downstairs and she sat on the couch as did everyone else but Liam. When Liam came back with some crackers, she ate a few then she said she doesn't feel good. She ran to the bathroom again and Harry followed this time. " You ok love?" He asked her. " I don't know." She said. Luckily she didn't throw up and Harry carried her out to the couch. " You should try sleeping, if you keep throwing up we can go to the doctors to see if there's anything to get you not so sick." We left her alone and she fell sleep quickly. We all went to Nialls room so we could watch the telly. " A week and a half ago we saw One Direction and 3 lovely girls going to club "101." They were in there for 5 hours. But when they all went in groups to leave they looked very very drunk. What do you think they did when they got home?! Find out next week for more information."


After that i turned the telly off and looked to everyone. " The people are going to find out eventually... might as well say something now before she starts showing that she is..." They agreed and when they went outside there was a lot of paps. Why can't they just leave us alone. " What did you guys do when you got home?" " Did you guys get dirty and do stuff?" " Where did you go after the club?" These questions.... jeez! " Look we were drunk of course stuff is going to happen.... But we have some news to say. My Girlfriend, Alexis, is pregnant....." That made everyone go silent then asking more and more questions. " No more question! God, that's all we are saying." Then with what Niall said, they left and then we went in and just relaxed. We kept taking shifts watching Alexis, I was second. When i was watching football she started to wake up. She looked horrible. I didn't like seeing her like this. " You ok love?" " Yea... still feel sick.." " I think we should take you to the doctor. Niall! come down here please." He quickly came down. " I think we should take her to the doctor." He nodded and we carried her out to the car, and headed to the doctors. " Well this is normal of course but take one of these pills every 5 hours, and it should take down some of the sickness." " Thanks.." With that we headed home and she took a pill and fell asleep on the couch again.


I guess the pills have been working she hasn't been to sick and shes more active! This has been great. " Hey guys let's go to the park or something!" " Ok love, GUYS DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE PARK WITH US???" I yelled to everyone upstairs. " Yes!" Everyone yelled and we all headed to the park. When we got there, there wasn't many people around. " The girls went near the lake to talk while we sat at a table. " So what are you planning to do when she is near time?" Zayn asked me. " Well, of course before then we are going to buy everything she needs for the baby, and i thinking about proposing to her later today." " Really?! That's soo cool." Louis said. " I have an idea... how about all of us propose to our girls, that's something they won't expect." Harry said. " Yea and i also think Perrie is going to be coming home tonight anyways!" Zayn also said. " Hey girls do you mind if we left for a few then came back?" " Not at all if there's any problems we will call you." " Ok bye love!" " Bye." Then we went off and got the girls different types of diamond rings. then we made reservations for a restaurant. This is going to be perfect.


"What do you think the guys are doing?" I asked the girls. "I'm not sure... probably forgot to do something at home." Garriyn said. We were putting our feet in the water and just relaxing in the sun. They left the bag and it had our swim suits in it. " You wanna get in our swim suits and change in the bathroom?" "Yea sure." Shyann and the rest of the girls said. We went to change. " Wow... babies grow fast lol, your starting to show a little." I ignored Christy's comment and looked at myself in the mirror. Weird... " Let's go swimming!" Then we put the bag back and we went swimming in the lake. We were just talking and splashing each other. After a while we got out and layed on some towels. Then we saw some paps coming out of their vans and looking around. " Call the lads now." Shyann called and they said they are coming right back now. When we were getting up the paps saw us and started coming toward us. We went into the bathroom and we stayed until we heard the lads pulling up and asking where we were. We ran out and went to them. They took a lot of pictures of me and Niall. They kept asking questions about the baby and it was annoying me. " Girls let's run." They nodded and we ran down the road away from the crowd. the lads got into the van and caught up with us them we hopped in quickly and headed home. " I hate paps." I said feeling annoyed. Everyone agreed and we sat in silence the whole way home.


Well this day went from good to bad within an hour. But later we plan on making this day good again, more like perfect! " Hey girls go get dressed into dresses or something. We are going out for dinner later. " Alright." They said and they got dressed. " You all got your rings?" " Yes all 5 of us said. Then there was a knock at the door. " PERRIE!!!" Zayn yelled and they hugged for a while. " So, Wheres the pregnant girl at? I have to see her." Then she kissed zayn and came into the living room. When all the irls but Alexis came down they ran and gave Perrie a hug. " Where's Alexis?" They looked down and said " She is sick again..." A few minutes later she came down the stairs and saw Perrie and hugged her to death! " Well we ready to go to dinner?" They all nodded then we headed toward the restaurant.    *skipping ride*  When we got there we all ordered our food and things were perfect so far. Girls we have a song to sing for you...


Liam: Whenever i close my eyes, i picture you there I'm looking at the crowd, you're everywhere I'm watching you from the stage yeah, You're smile is on every face now. But every time you wake up you're hearing me say...

One Direction: Goodbye. Baby you don't have to worry i'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you. Lately, i've been going crazy so i'm coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

Louis: I've never been into somebody before and every time we both touch i only want more So tell me nothing's going to change yeah and you won't ever walk away yeah cause even though every night you'll know what I'll say

One Direction: Goodbye, Baby you don't have to worry i'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you. Lately I've been going crazy so i'm coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

Louis: Right back for you. Right back for you.

Liam: Lately i've been going crazy so i'm coming back, Yeah im coming back

Zayn: For you

One Direction: Baby, you don't have to worry I'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you. Lately i've been going crazy so im coming back for you, back for you, back for you,you

Back for you, right back. (x3) right back for you

Lately i've been going crazy so im coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

After we sang the song we all got down on one knee and proposed to all the girls at the same time. Z: Perrie, Lou: Christy, Liam: Shyann, H: Garriyn, N: Alexis. " Will you marry us!" They all said yes in sync and hugged us. Everyone in there was clapping. " Best surprise ever!" They all basically said.

3 Months later: They threw a wedding that combined all 5 of them to do so at the same time. Before they got married, Garriyn and Christy were also pregnant. Garriyn, a baby boy, Christy, Twins Girl and boy, And Alexis a Girl. They all were perfectly happy.

"So are we all going to share one huge house?" Garriyn asked us one day. We all looked at each other and said why not? We could all help around. So we bought a huge house with an indoor and outside pool. 10 bedrooms 5 bath. Everything was perfect for now. " I love you Niall." Alexis said to me. " I love you to"


Hello lads and loves! this is the end of the book! :(  I deleted the sequel so i changed the ending sorry but no one was liking part 2 really. im going to work on punk direction and im going to make a Narry fan fic or something like that. If you liked this movella, please...







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