Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


22. Why them..


When Zayn finally finds Harry and Alexis i came running to Alexis, picked her up, and threw her over my shoulders. " Niall what are you doing?" She said making me laugh. " This is for eating my crisps earlier!" I put her on the ground and tickled her. Everyone was just sitting there laughing at us. " OK Niall im sorry for eating your crisps now let me goo!" She said between laughs. " If i let you go what will be fun about that?" I said smirking. " UGHHH Horan i will eat all your crisps next time!" That just made me laugh more. I finally stopped and she went to the kitchen. " Alexis,.... stay out of my crisps.." Then i heard her go into the cabinet, and came out holding the bag of crisps while eating some. " These right here... min now." I just looked at her with my mouth held open. " MY baby crisps....  you monster!" I said covering my eyes and laying on the floor. Then i felt someone walk up to me and put the bag on my stomach. " Here Horan gosh, you love your crisps!" Then i smiled and said " Thank you love! " " Ya ya ya."  Then she sat on the couch. So i got up and sat right next to her. " I said i Loveee yoooouuuuu! The correct response is aw i love you to Nialler!" I said and she looked at me. " Fine! Love you Nialler." She said rolling her eyes making me smile. "Zayn can you put my crisps up for me please?" " Ok Niall." Zayn said then walked into the kitchen, Harry followed.


I followed Zayn into the kitchen because i wanted to ask him something. After he put the crisps up there was 4 guys with guns in their hands. " Don't say anything unless we tell you to got it?" They yelled whispered to us. We both nodded. "Now why don't you call everyone in this house to come to the kitchen yeah?" They say and we nod.  " Guys i need everyone, i mean everyone to come to the kitchen now." "WHY were watching football!!" Louis and Niall whined. " GUYS IM FREAKING SERIOUS GET IN HERE NOW!" I yelled then they all came in. "All of you are coming with us." Then they pushed us all out the door and into the car. I looked around at everyone and and they looked nervous and scared, especially the girls. I'm glad Garriyn isn't here or Liam. Wait. " Where's Liam?!" I whispered. They looked around and he wasn't there. " He might be able to find us!!" I said. But everyone didn't looked too convinced. I looked over at the girls and they were hugging their boyfriends. Then the car stopped. "Oh god.." I heard Alexis whisper then the doors opened and they took us all into some abandoned building and tied everyone to a pole. They tied two to each pole. Everyone was looking at each other and trying to get untied, but we can't untie it. The guys left for a few minutes. " Can you untie mine Louis? then i untie yours?" I asked. " I don't know man but ill try.." he said and started to mess with my knot. I can feel it almost untied when they guys came walking back in. " Look, we are going to make all your lives miserable. And i think we are going to start with you two." They said pointing to Alexis and Christy.

* While back at home *


I was out at the store when i got a call from Garriyn. " Hey Liam, i tried calling Harry but he isn't picking up... I'm at the airport and i need to be picked up, can u come and get me?" " Yea im actually 5 minutes away. See you there." " Ok thanks bye!" " Bye" Then i hung up and headed to the air port. When i got there i saw her sitting there and i walked up to her. " Hey ready to go?" She looked at me then said " Wheres the others?" " At home probably watching football." I told her. She nodded then we got into the car and went home. * skips ride* When we got home the door was wide open. " I think somethings wrong." I said and ran into the house. " GUYS?! You home?!!" I yelled with no answer. " Let's check the video footage." I said. " You have cameras around the house?" "Yes only in here though." With that we ran to the computers and we both couldn't say a thing. After sitting there for 5 minutes shocked. " We need to call the cops." So i called them and they were on their way. When they got here we showed them the video. " We will look for them but for now just stay at home and call when they or someone comes back." They said and i nodded. " I hope Harry is ok." Garriyn mumbled to herself. " He's Harry, he can take care of himself and everyone else." I said trying to keep her and myself calm.

* Abandoned house *


"Leave those to alone please." I begged trying to keep calm. "No we are starting with these to and the best part is... you're the audience!" That made me feel sick. I don't want to see Alexis or Christy get hurt. " What do you guys want? Money, anything?" I asked them trying to get them to not hurt the girls. " You don;t recognize us? It's Star, Joe, Jones, and Max. Were here to make you all pay for putting Jones in jail." Then im guessing star slapped Alexis hard a cross the face, then to Christy. I hated seeing this! I don't want the girls i care about get hurt. I looked to Harry and everyone was crying. Then i kinda whispered " Is your rope untied?!" Harry shook his head no. Then i heard a loud smack that made us all jump and heard someone yelp. None of us were looking at what they were doing. They were doing this for what seemed like ever. " How long have you been doing this?!" I said through gritted teeth. " Only a little over an hour. Don't worry you guys will get your turns tomorrow." They said and walked out. " Alexis?! Christy?! Are you guys ok?" I looked over at them and they weren't responding. "Louis untie Harry's damn knot now!!" " Niall im trying calm down!" *30 minutes later* " Untied!!" Then Harry got up and ran to the girls. " How are they ?! Louis and I said in sync. " They are knocked out... " Then he ran over to me and Zayn and untied us then he untied Louis and then we ran to the girls. " Guys we have to pretend to still be tied up, but zayn we will help you out the window and you run and get help ok!?" I said frantically. " Ok let's hurry before they come back." We walked to the window and he made it through and he started running. Then we heard footsteps coming down the stairs outside the door. We ran to our poles and sat down. "Were back! Wait.... wheres the other boy that was tied with the blond?" They asked looking at us. " He escaped leaving us here." I said to them with a smirk. " Blondie and curly you are next! " They walked up to us and we let them hit us once then we moved from the poles and we beat the crap out of them.


I have to hurry.. i ran strait for the house and ran in seeing Garriyn and Liam sitting there. I ran for the phone and called the cops and told them to meet here and i would show them where to go. " ZAYN!!" They both screamed and hugged me. " Guys there's no time for hugging right now! But i missed you guys." I said " Is Christy and Alexis ok?" Garriyn asked looking like she was about to cry. " Love... they have to go to the doctors... you'll see them in a few. Then there was banging on the door and we ran to the house.


After we knocked these guys out we went over to the girls and untied them. " Niall... We need to get them to the hospital.. especially Alexis she looks worse the christy." I said, feeling tears escape my eyes. Niall has been crying the whole time, same with Louis... " Why does this have to happen to them." Niall said. " Mate calm down..." Then we heard banging on the door, then the cops came in and took the four bad people and took the girls to the hospital. " HARRY?!" It sounded like Garriyn... It was! She ran to me and hugged me to death. " Oh my gosh baby im so glad your mum wanted to see you!" She just nodded and cried in my shoulder. We got up and started heading to the hospital with everyone else. " I hope they are ok." I heard Liam say. And the rest of us hoped for the best to


Hello loves and lads. I'm soo sorry i didn't update sooner. I haven't been able to concentrate at all. But i finally finished this chapter and ill update tomorrow, hopefully.... if you like the movella please like, comment, & Favorite!!!


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