Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


16. Who's Joe?


I guess i was the first one up. I looked at the clock and it was 7:45 a.m. Then i noticed something was on my face and everyone else's faces but Harry's. " HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!!!!" I screamed waking everyone up. " Why the hell did you.... HARRY REALLY ON ME FACE?!" Louis said. " I had too man." "Harry!! Your defiantly going to get it this time!" Niall said. I let him get off the bed and grab a pillow and start beating him with it. It was really amusing watching Nialler and Harry have a pillow fight. The bus stopped for a 2 hour break so i grabbed my flip flops, grabbed a pillow and hit Niall and the rest of the lads with pillow and i ran off the bus. " Alexis get back here! " Niall yelled playfully. " Nope. If you want it come and get it!" I yelled, teasing him. The lads came running out and started hitting me with pillows. " GARRIYN, CHRISTY, LITTLE HELP HERE!" Then they came out with pillows and started hitting them. Then Louis came to me and picked me up. " Louis what are you doing?" I asked him.. " See that lake over there." He pointed to the right. " LOUIS YOU WOULDN'T.." I said. " Oh you know i would." Then he started running toward the lake then threw me in. " LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!! I HATE YOU. IT IS FREAKING COLD."


I felt smart thinking about throwing Alexis in the lake. So i ran back and grabbed christy and Harry got Garriyn. " NO!!" They both screamed so Harry and I screamed " Yes!" Then we threw the girls in there. Alexis came out and grabbed Niall and started pushing him toward the lake. " Oh no you don't." Niall said. " LOUIS HELP ME!" She asked. " Ok love." Then we both pushed him into the lake and the rest of us jumped in. " Tsk tsk tsk, You Alexis, are going to get." Niall said to her. " Hey Niall whats that?" He looked behind him then i jumped on him and splashed him. Then he started splashing back and everyone started to do the same to each other. When we were starting to get tired we all walked out and just layed down on the grass and looked up at the sky. " That was nice." "Yes it was." Liam said.


Garriyn looked so cute laying there next to me. I was lucky to find a girl like her. While we were sitting there some guy comes up to us. " Alexis? Is that you?" He asked her. " Um who the hell are you?" She said. " I'm Joe, we used to be friends until you dropped out of school. We would always go to the park and hang out remember?" She just looked at him with a blank look to her face. " No not really.... im sorry." She said then looked at me. She honestly didn't know who she was. " What happened to your face? Did one of these guys do this to you?" She glared at him, stood up and said " Hell no. None of these boys would do this to me!" She almost yelled. " Then who did huh?" "That's none of your damn business alright!" She yelled at him and she started to cry a little bit. " You stupid bitch just tell me! " She just looked at him and punched his face, then Niall got up beside her as did zayn and the rest of us. " I think it's time for you to leave, right now." I told Joe. " He just looked at us then to her. " Fine, whatever ill be back." Then he walked to his car and drove off. 


I can't believe this! Why would he assume the lads did this to me. I was just standing there crying i walked over put my flip flops on, went to the bus put socks and shoes on got off the bus and I started running away. " ALEXIS GET BACK HERE!! " Niall yelled. The fastest runner was Harry so he was ahead of everyone else. " ALEXIS STOP!! COME HERE" Harry yelled. " NO! " Then i heard his foot steps getting louder. I ran faster. Then i fell to the ground because Harry grabbed me and we both fell. " Why were you running away?! " The guys were far behind. " I'm just upset i didn't want to be there!" I said to him and i just broke down crying and he hugged me tightly. " It's ok Alexis. But don't run away! What would we do if you were gone? Niall would be miserable, everyone would be." He said to me. I just sat there in his arms. We stood up. " This is my chance to run again." I thought to myself. I let Him gett a little bit ahead of me i saw the grp coming and i ran off again. " ALEXIS GOD DAMMIT GET BACK HERE!" Harry and Niall yelled. I just kept running. I turned into an alley way Harry was right behind me of course and the group was farther behind. I slowed down and i just sat there in the middle of the alley. " Alexis? Why did you do that again? What did i just say to you, if you were gone we would be miserable." I saw him tearing up.


God i don't know why she was running away! I would be a horrible mess if she left and we couldn't find her. I was starting to really worry and started tearing up. Liam took Garriyn and Christy back to the tour bus so Zayn and Louis were running with me. We finally spotted them in the alley way. I sprinted to her. When i got to her i stopped right in front of her and sat down. " Why did you fucking run?" I asked her. " I-i d-don't know..." She stuttered. " Well seriously! You know how much we care about you?! We don't need you running off because i would be horrible because i would be missing you." I told her and she just sat there crying. When i threw my hands up in the air and was about to say something else, she flinched and backed up a little bit. She was scared. I completely forgot about what her father has done to her. " I'm sorry Alexis, i wasn't going to hit you." She was sitting right in front of Zayn. She still didn't convinced. " You don't know what my father has done to me, right now you were kinda acting like him." She whispered the ending of the sentence. Everyone was looking at me now and i felt horrible. " I am so so sorry..." She got up and said "It's fine.." Then she started running off to the tour bus and Harry was right with her to make sure she didn't run away again.


I've never seen Niall act like this to any one before. He startled me a little bit and scared Alexis big time. I know he didn't mean it. " Niall, today is her birthday you know. " " DAMN IT! i forgot. When we get back to the tour bus we need to get some things ready. I'll try getting her to come to the store with me. And i want you And Harry to come with." He said to me. " Ok " We finally got back to the bus and i said " Harry,Alexis, we need to go to the store with us." Harry looked puzzled then i whispered in his ear " Birthday shopping " Then he understood.


We rented a van since we didn't have a vehicle besides the tour bus. I was driving and Zayn was in the passenger seat with me. Harry was keeping a close eye on Alexis in the back. They are both fast runners! " Alexis, if you could have anything in the store what would you want." I asked her. She just shrugged. " Come on,  you probably want something." Zayn said looking at her. " I guess clothes, purfume or something like that..." She said. When we got to the store we all started heading in to buy her some gifts and cake. " Harry why don't you and Alexis walk around for a bit?" I said to them. " Ok Niall." Then they walked off. We ended up getting her " Our Moment " perfume, few tank tops, shorts, hoodie, uggs, IPod, belts and a couple of cards. Then we bought a cake that had our faces on it.


I wanted to know the real reason why she ran away. " So what's the real reason for why you ran away?" I asked Alexis. " I don't know, i just wanted to leave when Joe asked if you guys hit my face." She said. "Well he is gone now and there wasn't a need to run. You could see how Niall was scared of loosing you... all of us were." I told her. " I know hazza, it's just, i don't like him. He scares me." Why what happened?" I asked. " It was a long time ago. When i was swinging on the swings Joe came to the seat next to me.            J:joe A:me

J: So you from around here? A: No, i lived here for a while. J: How come i don't see you at that school then? - he points to the school across the street - A: I just don't go to school. J: Why not? A: i just don't ok? J: Huh a girl with attitude i like that. - he started leaning closer to me and i tried moving away but he grabbed my arm, pushed me to the ground a sat on top of me. A: I know you were taken out of school because of your dad, but you are so beautiful... Your mine now. A: Hell no im not you creep! - He then slapped me and forced me to kiss him -

" Thats what he used to do to me every day. " She said to me. I was shocked. " Well if he comes back i will take care of him." " Ok Harry." She said then we saw Niall and Zayn waving at us, standing in front of the basket. " Ok you guys can go to the van now." Niall said smiling as did Zayn." "Ok see you in a bit." Then we walked to the van. While we were sitting there, we saw a guy walking toward the van with a couple of guys behind them.

authors note:

Hello loves! I know its a long chapter but, i think it was pretty good. What do you think those guys will do? Find out later!

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