Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


15. This ends... hopefully.


When we left Ryans, Alexis ran all the way to the tour bus, she wanted to be the first one there. When we finally caught up with her and started getting on the bus, Alexis looked sick and pale. There was a box on my bed and from the way she looks, its not good. She grabbed the box and slowly lifted the lid off... Then put it back down and said for us to stay here while she went to the back of the bus. She closed the curtain and the rest of us just sat there waiting for her to tell us what was in the box.


When i slowly lifted the lid off the box i felt nervous. I went to the back of the bus to look at everything. I took the lid off again and inside was a picture of me and Niall kissing, but my face was crossed out of it. Also in the box was a letter or at least a note and camera. I grabbed the note and started reading.

Hello love! I can see you got my box. Look, keep control of your damn  "bf" He will not send me DMs like that again or i will do something that you will not like. Now why don't you go ahead and start the camera. You probably aren't now since your reading this. When you do start the camera go to pictures.... I hope you love what you see, This will happen if you don't keep your ass shut! To you and ONLY you im star. Now after your done looking at everything meet me at the restaurant you just came from and bring Zayn with you.

- Anonymous

After i was done reading i turned the camera on and went to pictures. It was pictures of me and Niall at the concert and everything we did after then. This is scarring me. The last photo showed a girl, she was wearing a mask and she held a pic from my dad and a note saying " This is who sent me after you, He friended my Pal, Max, in jail and told me to do something about you!" I felt like crying but i kept my act together and said " Zayn come outside for a minute." " Ok?" He got off the bus with me and i showed him the note. " Ok love, its going to be alright i wont let her hurt you i promise. " I felt tears escape my eyes. " We will be back guys stay on the bus. " No one argued it and we went to the restaurant.


I was getting tired of this girl, Star. We walked to Ryan's and waited there a few minutes later a girl came out of the bushes and told us to come here. We did so. " Glad you got the note bitch, now listen up if you don't want shit to happen to you or your friends you both listen, and listen good." She looked to Alexis. " You are going to break up with that Niall guy of yours. But your going to do something to just piss him off. Your going to kiss zayn in front of him." Alexis then said " Oh hell no im wouldn't do that to Ni-" Then she punched her face. She had rings on and now Alexis's face was bleeding. " What was that? Oh right you are going to do what i say or ill do something drastic." She spat at her. " Look im not going along with your dumb ass plan so go away and stay out of our lives. " She just laughed and said " Oh Zayn, I can ruin your career and i will really jack up Alex here. Do you want that to happen? I thought so now go and ill be watching. " Then she ran off. " Zayn, i don't want to do this! I love Niall! " She said crying. I hugged her trying to calm her down. " Look." I whispered in her ear. " We will tell Niall what is going on ok. Then we will go along with it ok?" She was still crying and she nodded. When we got back to the bus i yelled for only Niall to come out here. " Look Niall some-" " What the hell happened to Alexis's face?" Niall looked upset. " Look let me explain just shut up and listen. " Look that girl said in the note me had to meet her at ryans. She wanted just me and her to go. She said that she wanted you and Alexis broken up, Alexis said no and she punched her, she was also wearing rings so that answers your question. She wanted me and her to kiss in front of you. " I told Niall everything and he looked pissed. " Is she watching us right now." Niall asked. " She said she would be. " " Ok one sec. " He went inside and drew a message on a piece of paper and came out, grabbed us both and stood in the middle of the parking lot. 


I was fed up with this person. So i went inside, wrote something on a piece of paper and grabbed them both to the middle of the parking lot. I slowly walked in a circle and held up the sign that says

Look we are not going to listen to your damn mouth! i am not breaking up with Alexis and as long as shes with me you wont lay a damn finger on her or anyone here! im fed up with what your doing and its going to stop now or im going to send the police on your ass!

Then After i did a full circle i looked at Alexis and Kissed her there in the middle of the parking lot. " I'm not going to let her hurt you or anyone here. I love you and only you. " I saw tears falls from her eyes and she hugged me. When we walked back to the bus everyone watched what happened and was surprised that this person went that far. " So what's her name? " Louis asked. " Star " I said. " If she keeps her shit up im calling the cops. We are keeping these things and DMs just in case she doesn't. " With that everyone just fell quiet. " Alexis lets go clean your face up real quick." She nodded and went to the bathroom with me.


This girl is pissing me and everyone else off. " Why would someone do this?" Christy asked. " I don't know love, but hopefully she will stop." Then i pecked her lips and she layed down across my legs. " This "Star" is pathetic. " Garriyn said. " What are we going to do for her birthday its tomorrow and our concerts tomorrow!" Harry said." Oh gosh, um we are going to have to talk to Niall about it tomorrow. No one say anything to Alexis tomorrow ok?" "OK" everyone said and they returned. " Lets go to bed shall we?" Niall said. "YES" everyone said and the girls went to the back to change. They didn't shut the curtain all the way and i saw Christy and Damn did she look great! I went to the other lads and whispered to them " They didn't shut the curtain all the way and they are changing." We all ran to the curtain and it was big enough for all of us to see. we were there for a few minutes until the girls were done. We got away from the curtain and got dressed.


"Guys you know they peeked through the curtain right?" I said. " Yea i saw Niall and everyone else lol." Alexis said. "Well its our turn! " Garriyn said and we were watching them. " Louis lookes good without a shirt on." I said the others agreed and said their bf's looked good to. Then we noticed one of them was missing. Zayn was. We started looking around then Zayn came to the crack and pored water all over us. " OMFG ZAYN REALLY?! " We screamed and everyone laughed. " We didn't do that to you when you did the same." Alexis told them." Oh well nighty night!." The boys said and ran to their beds. " We aren't sleeping in here we will sleep on the couch." I said and the other two agreed. " WHAT NOO WERE SORRY!" Louis yelled. " Nope to late." Garriyn told them and we walked to the couches.


"Why did we have to get them weeetttt." I whined to the others. " You know what lets go pick them up and put them in here." Harry said. We agreed and Louis, Harry, and I ran in there and picked up our girls and put them in bed. " You will sleep with me tonight Alexis! " Everyone laughed cause I said that loudly and was pinning her down so she couldn't leave. " FINE NIALLER NOW LET ME GO!" She playfully whined. " Nope! Not without a kiss!" I said. She just glared at me and rolled her eyes. " SHOULD I CHRISTY?" Alexis yelled. " NO DON'T GIVE IN!" She said. " Ok no kiss for you. " She said giving me a sad look. " Ok that's it." i started tickling her making her laugh loudly. " How about now?" " Nope!" She said and i tickled her some more. " How about now?!" I said. " FINE!" She yelled and she kissed me. I could tell she was trying not to laugh. After that we finally went to bed.


When Niall and everyone else went to sleep i woke Garriyn, Louis, and Christy up. " Look there's whip in the cabinet, we are going to put some on everyone face but ours! " I said and everyone just laughed and said ok. I quietly got the whip cream out and put some on everyone faces and i put a lot on Nialls. He would probably eat it all. I put the Whip cream back, but first i put some in my hand and walked back. " NIGHT! " i said. then everyone went to sleep. i put some on Louis, Christy, and Garriyns faceand then i went to bed.

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