Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


5. The new beginning to my life


When i woke up i was sore and i thought my dad was here. When u rolled over i saw Niall's back facing me, i felt safe when im around him. i just lay there, and think about the fun times i had with my mum.


"Alexis your going to miss out if you don't come along! We are heading to Hawaii!" my mum said. " But mom i don't want to go on a plane! Daddy and i watch to many movies with plane crashes." i told her. She then picked me up carried me to her bedroom and started tickling me! I had tears running out of my eyes from laughing so hard. " How about now princess?" Ok mum!" But what about daddy? Will he be there too?" "No sweety, hes to busy with work.  Thats when my dad walked in. "Actually i can come! " "YAY DADDY GETS TO COME " i yelled.


i looked over at Niall and looked like he was about to wake up, so i got up and went to use the restroom. When i came back Niall was in the middle of getting dressed. And he looked good with no shirt on. I was just standing there starring at him. " Hello? Alexis? Are you alright??" " Oh um.. yea im great! " i told him. " Well love, are you hungry? " he asked me. I nodded and he carried me downstairs. The rest of the lads were watching football ( soccer ) on the T.V. When we walked in they all just looked at us. Then they asked to speak with Niall in Harry's room.


When i was carrying Alexis down the stairs i heard the T.V going, when i got down there i saw the lads were watching football. But when they saw us they had excited yet, concerned look on their faces. I saw Alexis on the couch and we went into Harry's room. " Look Niall, i know we are supposed to take care of her but, is she going to be ok with traveling all over the world?" Harry said. " She should be, ill ask her what her opinion is and ill try to make it sound fun?! " Niall told the group. Then Zayn said " what about the paps? They wont leave us alone when they see her... " " Look guys, lets not worry about them right now... we have 4 days until we have to head to London.. We should take her shopping and get her some clothes and food first. " Then Perrie came walking in saying " I could take her out shopping! i can get her everything she needs. " We all smiled and liked her idea. " alright then you and Alexis will go shopping and we will get some food for dinner later, yeah? "


After the lads were done talking, Niall came up to me and said " Alexis this is Perrie Edwards. Shes going to take you shopping for some clothes and some snacks. That ok with you?" i looked at Perrie she was really pretty, im guessing from gossip i heard around that Zayn and her were dating. " Sure! sounds like fun! " i said. so with that Perrie and i headed out to the mall!

*skips care ride*

When we got there the mall was huge! Ive never really been to a mall before. After we headed in Perrie asked me " So are you hungry?" i said yea and we went to get some fro-yo. i got a chocolate fro-yo with some Oreo bits in mine, and Perrie got a strawberry fro-yo with gummy bears on top. After we ate we went to some stores. We picked out a lot of cute tanks, skinny jeans, shoes, makeup, anything i wanted!  The last store we went to was a store called "Journeys" We got a couple of sandals, a pair of boots, and some Osiris high tops. But when we were in the store some paps were taking pictures of me and Perrie. She was telling them to back off but the questions they were asking... " Who are you?" " Are you Dating any of the lads?! " " Are you out to get the b- " THAT'S ENOUGH! " Perrie yelled. She told them to back off then we headed home.


We were sitting here waiting for Alexis and Perrie to come home when Zayn turned the T.V on we saw them both on the screen! They were asking her ridiculous questions. Zayn kinda jumped when Perrie yelled that's enough at them. so now im guessing they will be home soon... " WERE HOME!" Perrie yelled. They did a lot of shopping, that's for sure. After we put all of Alexis's stuff in the guest bedroom i told her to sit down and we have a couple of questions to ask her. " Are you comfortable with coming on tour with us? meaning traveling all over the globe?" she nodded and we told her we were leaving in 4 basically 3 days and she was ok with that. " We got you a surprise while you guys were out. I handed her a Galaxy S II. She had a huge smile on her face and she wanted to mess with it right away. We already had it ready and we even made her twitter. She already had lots of followers. Then suddenly she ran up to all of us and hugged us saying Thank you! and with that she looked really happy. Later we all watched a movie we let her pick a movie, she picked the " Hunger Games ". All the lads were sitting on the floor except Harry, Alexis, and I.


The Hunger Games was a great movie so far, besides the kids killing each other. We were getting to the part when katniss and peeta were about to kiss! I never really had my first kiss... I felt Niall move a little bit closer to me. I looked at him and he was smiling. His charming Smile mad me smile to. Then the two characters on the screen were kissing. Niall was looking at me the whole time. Then i looked at him and he started to slowly move closer to me. I was biting my lip, then we started kissing on the couch! it felt magical..... " OMG GUYS GO GET A ROOM! PDA, PDA,PDA!" Louis yelled with a smile on his face. then i thought to myself " Thanks for ruining the moment Lou"


well its getting exciting, yeah? if you guys like the story so far please like,comment, and fav this book? ill update later, and ill try to update at least 2 - 3 chapters a day!


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