Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


19. relaxing


When we went to meet our fans, Garriyn and Christy seemed to know her. Alexis just stood there, guess she doesn't know that many people. " Omg how are you?" Garriyn asked her. " I'm Fine, so is Shyann. She went to your the restroom." Bethany said to them. " How many people do you two girls know?! Everywhere we go someone knows you." I said to them. They just shrugged. Then shyann came walking out and she was jumping up and down. " Oh my gosh i have been waiting so long to meet you!" She said to me and hugged me, then the other lads.


I cant believe we are actually here! Bethany thought to herself. " I can't wait to meet Liam!! He is so adorable." Shyann said. When the show was over we nearly ran back stage to wait for the boys. Then Shyann said she had to use the restroom. When she was gone the lads started coming. Liam was so cute! Then i saw 3 girls with them. " BETHANY?!" They shrieked. " Who else would it be?" Then they hugged me and i told them where Shyann was. When she came out she hugged Liam and everyone else, as did i.We both looked at Liam a lot while we were here. Then the lads had to go. " Wait! Liam, can i see your cell?" " Umm sure?" He said and we both put our numbers in there and sent a text to our phones. " Bye Liam!" And we walked out and headed home.


Well then. "Im hungry, lets go home and make a cake!" Everyone laughed and said ok.

* skipping car ride*

When we got to the hotel were staying at, Alexis and i went to the kitchen. " What kind of cake should we make?" " How about chocolate cake?" She asked and i agreed and we got the stuff we needed out. When we were mixing i put my finger in the bowl to taste some of it and put some on Alexis's face. " Horan, you didn't just do that." She looked at me with an evil look on her face. She then got some of the cake mix and rubbed it all over my face. " Oh you don't want to play this game with me love, I ALWAYS WIN!" I said to her and she just laughed. So i put my hand in the bowl and put it in her hair. " NIALL!!" She screamed, then Harry and Louis came running in. " Are you guys.... You put mix on his face didn't you Alexis?" Louis said. She nodded so i went to the bowl and put some mix in his hair then we started having a food fight in the kitchen. Harry and Alexis i think got it the worst, but louis and i still got pretty messy. Then Liam, Zayn, Garriyn, and Christy walked in. " You guys made a huuugggeee mess Garriyn said her eyes kinda wide. " Well we were hungry and couldn't wait to eat so we made a mess! Plus she put mix on my face." I said pointing to Alexis. " He put some on my face first so i put a lot more on his face then these guys came in and joined in." She said. " There's only one thing to do, Have fun cleaning suckers!!" Zayn said and they all ran off. " Wow, ok lets start cleaning." I noticed that the other three were trying to secretly leave. " Oh no you guys don't, you are helping me clean this up. After we got all cleaned up we all went to the showers, we had four bathrooms, and took showers.


After we go out of the showers we all sat on the couch. While the lads were watching football, i went upstairs and layed down on Nialls bed. I wasn't tired or anything but i just wanted some peace and quiet. That didn't last long because Niall came up looking for me. " what are you doing up here?" He asked me. " Just laying here, what are you doing up here?" I asked him back. " Looking for my beautiful girl." He said while smiling, making me smile. He walked over to the bed and layed beside me. " I was lucky to find you, your the best girl in the world." I said to her. Then we started to kiss. It got more faster and rougher. He was putting his hand up my shirt. Then i took his shirt off and we kissed some more. Then he got up and opened the door. " Guys i'm not coming back down and im locking the door!" He said. They yelled ok then he locked the door. " Tonight your mine he said, then came over to me and we continued what we were doing and he was amazing. He pulled the covers over me and we had "Special" fun.


Football was almost over so i told Christy to come up stairs with me to my room. When we walked by Nialls room we heard some noises, they are having fun so i took Christy to my room. " I want some fun too like Niall." I said to Christy with puppy dog eyes making her smile and laugh a little. I got up and picked her up and put her on the bed. " Your under my control Christy." I said to her kissing her. I could feel her smiling. I was kissing her lips and her neck. she took my shirt off and my pants. our kiss was getting faster then i took her shirt off and i had fun! 


"Where did they all go?" I asked everyone. "I don't know Hazza." Zayn said. Then i heard a loud noise coming from up stairs. " Found them, come on Garriyn!" I said to her. We went up there and we opened Louis's door. they went under the blanket. " Get the hell out Harry! Your ruining the moment!" He said to me so i shut the door. I took Garriyn picked her up, he legs around my waist. When i got to my room locked the door, i pushed her up against the wall and kissed her roughly, i kissed her neck, also leaving love bites making her moan some. I put her on the bed and put the blankets over us.


Zayn and i went up stairs because we were tired " Why is everyone's hormones raging tonight?!?!" Zayn said. " I don't know mate, but im tired so lets go to sleep. After we got dressed and was about to go to sleep i yelled " STOP MAKING LOVE AND GO TO BED ALREADY!!!" That made them stop for like a minute but they continued. " Try to get some sleep Zayn." I said and we both fell asleep.

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