Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


27. positive or negative?


It has been a week and a half since we went to the club. That next day we all had bad hangovers, except for Louis and Liam. But anyways tonight we were all going out for dinner! Garriyn and Alexis made up a couple of days ago. Everything was going perfect. Oh and Alexis and i were definitely back together and so were Harry and Garriyn. Thats the update on what happened this week! " Alexis it's time to get up.." " I don't want to get up." " You have to we are going to dinner later, you need to get ready!" " Ugghhhh! Fine." She slowly sat up and i thought something was wrong. " Alexis... are you alright?" "Yes im perfectly fine, still tired." She got her clothes and went into the bathroom.


When i sat up i wasn't fine, i didn't feel good. But i don't want to say anything because i wanted this night to be perfect. So after my shower i got dressed in a dress. So i could be ready for later, And dried and curled my hair. When i got out i felt light headed. " Alexis, you look kind of pale." " I'm fine im just... nervous for tonight!" " Ok well im going to take a shower. ill meet you downstairs." " Ok." With that i went downstairs and i just sat on the couch. " Hey Alex!" Harry said and sat next to me. " Are you ok?" " Yea... im fine." He looked at me and he didn't looked convinced. " Ok..."

Later toward dinner time....

"Are we all ready to go!!!!" Louis yelled. We all said yes. I feel worse from earlier, Feel like throwing up, but i didn't say shit. I'll probably regret this... "Alexis... You don't look like you feel ok." Niall said. " Niall im fine ok?" " Ok.." Then we piled into the limo and we went. Oh i forgot to mention LIAM AND SHYANN WERE GOING OUT NOW!! So she was with us also. Anyway we were now on the way to the restaurant.

*Skipping car ride*

When we got there and got seated i said " Umm... i'll be right back." Then i went into the bathroom and rushed into the stall and threw up. After a while i guess Niall was wondering where the hell i was so the girls came in here asking if i was ok. " No i'm not. I haven't been feeling good. " Well, we have to tell them because you look as sick as a dog." Garriyn said looking upset that i wasn't feeling good. " I can't believe i was ever a bitch to you. You guys are the best people in the world." They all smiled and Garriyn called Niall on her cell. " Hey Niall Alexis is sick..... i don't think you can come in here.... Ok fine... bye. Well he's coming in here!" I backed up and sat on the floor against the wall. Niall came running in. " Alexis i asked if you were ok! Why didn't you say anything." " I didn't want to mess up this night...." " Believe me this isn't ruining our night. But i guess we should head home while they eat!" I nodded and we all walked out of the bathroom. " Guys she isn't feeling good, so im going to take her home." They nodded and we headed home.


When we got home i picked her up bridle style and carried her into my room. As soon as i put her down she went to the bathroom. I went in there and held her hair out of her face. When she was done i asked her " How long have you been sick?" " All day..." I nodded and we went to the bed and laid down. After about an hour of watching the telly, she ran back in there. I felt sorry for her. " Niall... You know that night we were drunk and had sex?" " Yea" "Did you wear a condom or something???" " Love i don't remember... we were both very drunk!" Then she came back and laid on the bed. " Niall... i think you should go and buy tests... just to be sure..." " Ok, i'll be back soon. I love you. Then i kissed her forehead and went to the store.

10 minutes later

When i came back with the tests i put them in the bathroom and saw her throwing up again. " You can't use these for a couple of days, says you have to wait 2 days after purchase." She nodded then wiped her mouth. I got her a cup of water and she tried sipping that. She dozed off finally and i hear d the others come home. They all came up and asked how she was doing. " She is very sick. She keeps throwing up. But she finally fell asleep a few minutes ago." They nodded and left the room. I don't know what to think if she is pregnant or not. I'm not sure but either way is fine. She was sleeping till the next day. She was very tired. I eventually fell asleep. Then woke up a few hours later to Alexis throwing up again. I held her hair up and rubbed her back. " it's ok .... you only have one more day to find out if your pregnant or not..." She just kept throwing up. " I'll be right back love, i am getting something to eat." " Ok Niall." And then i went downstairs seeing everyone else eating. " How is she?" They asked. " She's still sick! But she is awake." After i ate we all went upstairs and they all went to check on her. " How are you feeling love?" Harry asked as did the others. " Sick. Worse then yesterday." They nodded and gave her a hug then left.

Next day!!!

When we woke She threw up again! I hated seeing her like this. " Love today you can take the test..." I left the room for a sec while she did what she had to do then i came back in and we waited for the results. " What if it's positive?" She asked me looking scared. " Then you will be one lucky mum and i will be the lucky dad!" I said trying to cheer her up. After waiting five minutes later the answer started to come up on the test. I let her look at it first. " Niall... I'm pregnant!" She showed me the test and it was positive. " This is.. Great! Your going to be a mom!" She started crying tears of joy and we put the test down and we hugged each other. "We have to tell the lads and girls..." Yea i know.." Then everyone came bursting in because they heard me scream "This is... Great!" "What are you guys excited for? " We left the bathroom and Niall told them. " Guys... Alexis is pregnant!" They all smiled and congratulated us. No one was mad, and were smiling! " We get to be uncles!" The lads said. This is going to work out just fine.

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