Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


7. On tour! part 2


While we were outside in the bushes we saw the others also come outside. " Why are you guys out here?! He's going to find us all!" " We wanted to talk to you real quick...." " 15...16....17...18... 19... 20! here i come!!!!" Harry looked at me " we will talk later " then they all hid in the shed. " What do you think that was about Lou? " Alexis whispered to me. " im not sure love, but ill find out later. " While we were sitting out in the bushes we heard Liam run all over the house. " OH FOR THE LOVE OF... WHERE ARE YOU LADS?! " that made us laugh, then the door burst open and we fell silent. We looked over to the shed and the lads forgot to shut the shed door so that's where he headed for first. All the lads came running out and sat down in the middle of the yard. " Ok then now that's left to find is Louis the Tommo Tomlinson  and Alexis!!" He yelled. Then he looked everywhere but the bushes. He slowly came to the bushes, when he was about there, we both jumped out and yelled " RRRAAWWRR! " and he fell backwards and everyone was laughing.


After we all calmed down we went back inside and we were deciding who else would be it. We decided Alexis should be it. " How about i count with her? Just one round since she hasn't been here for that long. " i told everyone. They agreed and we said to go and hide. So.. how are you enjoying the game so far? " i asked her. " It's really fun! But im glad to be with you now. " she nearly whispered the last part. "Well lets get counting shall we? " 1... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6.... " What are you going to tell Lou later? " she asked. "  Nothing darling, the lads just wanted to ask him something that's all..." "ARE YOU GUYS COMING OR WHAT?! " Zayn and Harry shouted together. " ok ok ok we are coming calm your tits." We both laughed and we headed up stairs. I told Alexis to look in Harry's room while i checked Zayn's room. I found everyone but Zayn and Harry. So im guessing Alexis will find the two in the bedroom. I took the rest of the guys down to the couch while we waited.


I went into Harry's room to look for the guys. Niall i guess found couple of the guys and they headed downstairs. I looked in harry's closet and found Zayn looking at himself in a mirror. He just looked at me and said " Vas Happenin? " " Wheres harry zaayyynnn? " " im not telling you missy. That would be cheatingggg." he said in a taunting voice. "Fine then... HAZZA WHERE ARE YOU?! " i yelled, then i heard laughing coming from underneath his bed. I looked under and i saw him there with an evil look on his face. " You have 3 seconds to run before i tickle you to death!" as soon as i ran out the door both of them were right behind me and chased me all the way outside.


While we were waiting on Alexis, we were watching the news and there were pictures of Perrie and her all over the TV. When they were talking about that we heard running coming from the stairs . They all ran outside and the rest of us followed them out. Harry and Zayn pinned her down to the ground and started tickling her. i thought it was funny and cute. So i ran over to them and started to tickle her to. She was screaming and laughing loudly and had tears coming out of eyes. " PLEASE STOP HAHA.... PLEASE ! " she yelled. " fine. lads let her go. " everyone was laughing still, " Well lets get packing we have to leave in 2 days." i told everyone and we all headed inside.When Alexis went upstairs we asked Louis " Why did you have her hide with you? i wanted her to hide with me." "look everyone was crowding her so i just told her to come along. if she didn't want to she would have gone with you or by herself." Lou said. " lets getting packing shall we?" i told everyone.

*2 days later*

"Lets go or were going to be late for our plane!" i yelled at everyone to come downstairs. After everyone came down we all piled the luggage into the van. * skips car ride* - nothing exciting happens -

When we got there we rushed through security and went to the gate we had to go to. When we borded our plane i had Alexis sit with me. these seats had 3 so it went her, me, then Harry. I dont know why but hes been trying to get close to her. Im not going to let him have her, he always gets all the girls its my turn. When we started to take off i looked at her and she seemed tired. " You can lean on my shoulders if u want to love." " ok Nialler. " then we both looked up at each other and i started to lean in then " Guys come on, some of us dont want to see that. " "whats your problem? " "nothing just forget it. " Harry said. then i looked at her again and we leaned in and had a kiss. " Now to London! " i said


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