Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


20. Niall...?


When i woke up i looked next to my right and i saw Alexis just sleeping there. She looked so beautiful. I leaned over her and kissed her until she woke up." Morning Niall." She said then turned over trying to go back to sleep. " Alexis stay upp.... you don't want to get you wet do you." She just waved at me trying to tell me to be quiet, so i got up went to the kitchen and got a pitcher out and filled it with water. " What are you doing with that pitcher of water?" Harry asked me. " Alexis is trying to go back to sleep, so im going to wake her up." I told him. "I have to see this." Harry said and followed me into our room. " You going to get up or no. " I asked her while smiling. She just grunted and ignored me. " Ok don't be mad at me because i warned you!" So i walked up to her and poured ice cold water on her. She shot right up and glared at the both of us. " Why can't you let me sleeeeepppp." She said and layed back down. " Ill be right back." I went down to get more water, and i poured it on her again. " NIALL! " She screamed and this time she got up and smacked my arm. Thats when Harry's phone goes off. " Hello? mhm... Ok, well be there shortly." He hung up. " Some show wants us to come on there for an interview and he wants everyone there, Everyone." I looked to Alexis, " You want to go, you don't have to." She looked at me and smiled "Of course i do! Now get out so i can get dressed." "Ok" Then i walked out telling the others to get ready.


When i got done getting dressed and walked out there. " Where's Garriyn and Christy?" I asked. "Garriyns mum called and asked for her to come home for a bit." Harry said looking glum. " And Christy?" I asked. "She's sleeping, she doesn't want to come." Louis said. I looked to Harry. " She'll be back before you know it Hazza!" I said trying to cheer him up.


skips car ride

When we got to the set, there was a lot of producers and people there. " AH there's the lads i love and Alexis... Where is the other two?" The guy of the name of Alan asked. " One didn't want to come and the other went to see her mum for a couple of weeks." Liam said. " Ok... Well lets get ready shall we? You all sit on the couch and when i introduce you, say hi and answer some questions. ok?" We nodded and went to the couch and sat down. " ON ait in 3..2..1 go!" "Hello and welcome back to Goooooodddd morning U.S.A! We have a special  group of people here. Please give a warm welcome to the famous boy band One Direction and Nialls girlfriend Alexis Smith!" The audience clapped and we waved and said hello. " So Niall, how have you been treating this lovely girl?" Alan asked Niall. " Been treating her like a princess of course." Everyone awed im reply to the statement. " So Alexis, is he any good in bed?" He asked me. "  Are you any good in bed? " I said making everyone laugh. I don't know why i just said that. " Niall this one's a keeper!" He said to Niall making us smile. " So Louis hows your girl doing?" " She's sleeping right now and she's doing very well." " So it's Harry's girl that is visiting her mom. That must suck since these two have theirs." Harry just smiled and said " Yep it is." He said that looking at me with a half smile. " So what happened to Alexis, she seems to have bruises." He winked at the audience making them laugh. " She... umm..." Niall tried explaining. " I was wrestling with Christy and things didn't end well." I said. " Nice, well before you guys have to go, we have a surprise for Alexis here. I looked to the lads and they had the same expression on their faces. " He called our show when he found out you guys were coming here. So please welcome Jones Smith!!" He came walking out and i froze looking terrified Niall saw the look on my face and he sat closer to me. " Hello Alexis." He said to me. I swear i wanted to just get up and run but i didn't.


When I heard them call out Jone's name i could sense Alexis was getting nervous i looked at her and she looked scared. I sat closer to her so she could feel a little bit better. " Hello Alexis." He stood there. " When did you get out of jail?" Harry asked. " I was bailed out by a friend. Think it was Joe?" That made me feel sick. That bastard helped him get out. " Why don't you guys hug?!" Alan said. When he walked closer the lads and i stood up and was standing close to her. He hugged her. " So how have you been, Alexis?" He asked her. " umm... f-fine." She said turning to me. He stood up and backed up then we sat down. " Ok, Jones you seemed to really miss your daughter! She must be very happy because shes loss of words." Alan said making the audience clap. " So Alexis have you missed your father?" She looked at him and said " Sure." The looked at me for help. " So you lads are very close to Alexis aren't you!? " He asked the lads changing the subject. " We love her, and we wouldn't let any one touch or hurt her." I said looking at Jones. " He just looked at me with a smirk on his face. " You guys ok? You seem defensive...." Alan asked looking at us. We ignored him still looking at Jones. " Is there something wrong here?" He asked. " Go to commercial." I told Alan not taking an eye off of Jones. " Um i guess we will be back after the break..." He said confused. As soon as we were off air i stood up and walked right up to him. " You will not lay a damn finger on her again!" I said through gritted teeth. Then he punched my face and i started punching him like crazy. Zayn, Liam, and Louis held me back from him so i couldn't punch him anymore. " Guys what is going on?" Alan asked. " That sick bastard is Alexis's abusive father. We rescued her and took her into our arms." I spat at him. " Ok um Jones i think you have to go. "We are on the air!" Someone yelled and whoever was watching saw that whole thing.


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