Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


4. New Home?


when i was waiting for the lads to come back in i hear a familiar voice yell from the hall, i was getting scared. Then Niall came in saying the doctor called my father! Now i was more then scared i was terrified. Then the rest of the lads came in and they were holding the door shut so Jones couldn't get in. that didn't work well and he got in. when he was charging at Niall with a knife Zayn tripped and pinned him to the ground! I was just sitting there scared half to death. while Lou called the cops my father looked up at me and said " this isn't over! " I was crying. When the cops came he was trying to hit Niall and try to get to me. but he failed to succeed. afterwards the doctor walked into the room apologizing.


after the cops took her father away and the doctor came in and apologized, i looked over at Alexis and she was shaking and crying. i walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed hugging her " its alright, hes going to jail now, he cant hurt you anymore" i told her quietly. she hugged me back and cried into my chest. i felt so sorry for her. If i could do something, anything to help, i would. After she calmed down the doctor came back in saying she could leave tonight. But he also said " Well since she has no family left.. and its not worth adopting, would you guys take care of her? " we all looked at each other then to Alexis. " Well Alexis what do you think about that? " said Harry " sure " we looked back to the doctor and he said " ok then your now free to leave ms. Smith. " Thank you sir. " i said. " your welcome. " after that we were about to leave when we saw paps outside taking pictures. I gave Alexis My jacket and we headed out.


After the doctor said we could take her home i was actually happy. I wouldn't want her to just be left alone. when we were about to leave we saw the paps outside. i wouldn't want to scare her/ after Niall gave her his jacket and we headed out i was pushing everyone back and that we would not answer any questions. Liam got to the limo first and opened the door. after i got in i told Alexis to sit next to me she took the offer and Niall was in right after her. I told her if she wanted she could lay on my shoulder, she took the offer and fell asleep. She looked cute laying there, but im guessing the rest of the lads are after her too. Especially Niall. I know we just met and all but damn, if i want her that bad i need to try and right to win her love.


on the way back to our flat i was looking around at the other lads, they kept looking at Alexis... if im correct about what im thinking, i think they like her. I've been looking at the way Harry has been looking at her, he seems to like her... But i can obviously see she has some sparks with Niall. But all the other lads seem to also like her.... i need to get them to stop but how?


we finally got back to our flat and i carried her up to the flat. when we got in i placed her on the couch and told the lads to join me in the kitchen. When we all got to the kitchen i said " ok so whose room is she going to sleep in? im not putting her in the guest bedroom, dont want her to feel scared. " then Louis said " why not your room Niall? she seems to trust you a little bit, more then the rest of us that is. " ok everyone agree? " everyone nodded and they were heading to bed. I picked up Alexis and carried her to my room, layed her on the bed and i quickly fell asleep.


im sorry for the long chapter there really wasn't a good place to stop. but i hope u like the chapter. please like and comment! :) -1Directioner3

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