Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


25. let's all calm down...


What have i done! She just came out of the hospital and now she is gone! I feel so stupid and what i did... let's just say i acted like a dumb ass. " Niall im sorry that i did that but it wasn't her fault! I'm just a freaking flirt and got jealous that you had her." I just looked at him and said " Yea while you were dating Garriyn..." Then Harry said..." Well i guess it was a mistake * I looked at her * I just cant believe they called each other best friends when all she did was back stab Alex in the back." Garriyn just stood there not showing much guilt. " Look you knew this was going to happen eventually! Better now then later." I then looked to her " Well thanks to you i lost her and i have no idea where she is." She just looked down and didn't look any of us in the eye, not even Christy. " We have to find her, you can go to the tour bus or something. Actually you can help find her." She nodded and ran off already heading down the road.


God. I can't believe them, any of them. I am her best friend, i just got mad and jealous! And i have never seen Niall lash out on someone like that. Now i feel horrible. When i turned into an alley way i saw her sitting there. " Alexis get the hell up off the ground." She turned to me and she had been crying and had cuts on her face... and her arm? " Have you been cutting yourself?!" I yelled. She just rolled up her sleeve, 8 cuts on her right arm. " Why did you cut yourself?!" She just smiled and looked at me. " Oh Garriyn, you should know. You were some of the cause of it." She then rolled her sleeve back down and started walking toward me. " Look, i think we both know why i am very pissed with you. Well obviously you do. You got jealous, tsk tsk. Now i think it is your turn to get hurt." She stopped a few feet in front of me. " Alexis, i didn't mean to! Gosh you get so pissed so easily, it's annoying." I shouldn't have said that. She started walking toward me and we started fighting in the alley way.


We all decided to follow Garriyn since she might have an idea to where she is. We kinda lost her for a little bit then we heard something going on in the alley way. Niall and I ran there and saw the girls fighting. " Alexis, Garriyn stop!" I yelled and i grabbed Garriyn and Niall grabbed Alexis. " You're such a bitch you know that? I tried apologizing and all you do is lash out at me!" Garriyn screamed. Niall couldn't hold her, and she escaped his arms and she got maybe one more hit on Garriyn before he got a hold of her again. I've never seen Alex act like this. This is like a dark side to her. " Thanks to YOU, i lost everything! You, Niall everyone. Probably even Christy!" She yelled at Garriyn. " Why don't you just keep cutting yourself and fuck off!" Then i looked to her and she just stoped struggling and i could see she was very hurt. Niall let her go, standing close. " Yea, whatever Garriyn. You wanted Niall, he is right behind me.." Then she started walking off. Niall and i ran toward her leaving Garriyn with Louis, Zayn, and Liam.


I don't know why she was acting like this. I just wanted to leave, i don't know where, but i wanted to. " Alexis?" It was Niall. I turned to him and they both looked like they were about to cry. " What. I'm trying to leave." " Leave where? You don't have anywhere to go." Harry said to me. " I was planning on figuring that out later, right now i just wanted to go somewhere away from her." I said and they both looked at each other. " You aren't going anywhere, come back with us. We will keep you guys a part." " Whatever. " Then we headed back to the hotel. I went upstairs while Garriyn was somewhere downstairs. " So what was she saying, to keep cutting yourself?" Louis asked me. I just rolled my eyes and rolled my sleeve up to show him. He just got a little wide eyed and held my arm. " Why?" " Because i could.." He just looked at my arm and pulled the sleeve down and left me alone in the room. I called for him to come back but he didn't. So i walked quietly down the stairs, listening to what the lads were saying " Guys she cut herself, 8 times." " Are you serious?! Why" Niall was starting to yell. I decided to head back up the stairs when i saw Garriyn was in Harry's room. I opened the door and she just smiled up at me. " Well seems like Nialls pissed huh? Shouldn't have kissed Harry and none of this would happen." " You trying to get beat up now?  If your going to treat this like a "game" Then ima show you how it's played." Then i started punching her and she definitely punched back. She tried to scream a few times so i covered her mouth. Then she bit my hand and screamed. " God dammit Garriyn!" Then the lads cam running in. " What the hell are you guys doing?" Zayn asked. " I wanted to see where Garriyn was." I said through gritted. " No you wanted to beat her up again." Liam said to me. I just looked down and looked up again to Harry and Niall.


I don't know why she is acting like this. I know what Garriyn did was stupid but why try beating her up again? " Why were you trying to hurt her again?" She looked at Harry then the others then put her head down. " I asked you a question." She just looked up and said " Why do you care. You stopped me... and now we are done here." She moved past us and went back upstairs. I followed her as did Zayn. "What has gotten into you? What happened to the sweet Alexis, Your showing your dark side and i don't like it." " Niall i don't know ok? She's just acting stupid..." " Well i don't think you beating her was necessary. You don't think your getting this behavior because of.... Jones.. do you?" She just stood there and thought for a few minutes. " I.. don't know...." She sat down and Zayn went over and sat next to her. " You know, kids take after their actions from their parents.... maybe you did this because that's how you were basically raised. You don't really know any better..." " She just looked up at Zayn then me looking like she was about to cry. I went over to both of them and we had a mini group hug while she was crying on our shoulders. After a few minutes the other lads came in. "Garriyns fine, but she doesn't want to be near Alexis that much. She doesn't trust her." We got out of the group hug and we sat there. " Maybe... i should leave." We all looked at her shocked. " Why?" " I'm obviously hurting people around me. i have nothing left here... so i guess i have to leave." Then Louis spoke up. " No you don't. We wont let you leave either. Sure you maybe lost Garriyn... and uh... Niall but you didn't loose us." She stood up and said " Yea... i lost the best two people in my life..." Then she walked out the door and went to the kitchen and we left her alone for a while. " Niall... you shouldn't have done what you did, she loves you and if we talked she wouldn't of done what she did. Now she feels horrible." Look i think we all just need to calm down. Where is she going to sleep tonight?" " She can be with me." Zayn said. " ok well lets just calm down and ... ya

A lot of drama huh? Well will everything just blow over and no more drama? or will things just get worse... find out next chapter that's coming soon. Oh and i think the movella will be coming to an end soon! All great things have to come to an end. I will let you know when we are almost done. bye for now


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