Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


13. Leaving to the U.S.A


When Alexis came back in crying i got really worried. But when i saw the messages on her phone from twitter i started getting mad. " Probably just a hater Alexis, we have some haters and we just ignore them." She didn't really seem convinced that everything was ok but she just went along with it. " ya your probably right." She said. " So, is everyone done eating?" Harry said randomly we all nodded but Garriyn and Christy had to use the restroom to. While they left Alexis was just sitting there, very quietly. I felt sorry for her. When the girls came back i said " girls and lads can you come outside real quick, Alexis wait here love. " She nodded while we stepped outside. " Do you girls know when her birthday is?" I asked them." yea its in exactly 4 days away, what are we going to do for her birthday? " Christy asked. " I don't know but we have to make it good so she doesn't think about that person on twitter."


When they were discussing plans i said " ima go inside and sit with Alexis, probably upset to be left alone. " " Ok Liam. " Niall said to me as i went in to sit down with her. " What are they talking about? " She asked. " I don't know love. I wasn't really paying attention." She just nodded and sighed, laying her head down on the table. " Don't be upset love a lot of people are just trying to get to you. It sucks but you eventually ignore it. And when you do they stop. If this person watching us right now just act like it isn't bothering you ok?" She said ok and then the lads called us to come out to the limo so we could go to the hotel. When we got there we went upstairs and started getting changed for bed. We all decided to sleep in the same room for like a mini sleep over. We let the girls pick the movie and they picked " Marley and Me " I guess it's a cool movie. We made a lot of popcorn. I was sitting Next to Alexis on my right and Louis on my left they were cuddling with their gf/bf So was harry. Zayn and i were left out of the cuddling circle. I wonder if id find that perfect girl someday. I guess ill never know. After the movie was over we all slept on the floor and fell asleep.

* early in the morning *

We had to wake up early so we can put all of our stuff on the tour bus. We let the girls sleep for a few more minutes while we loaded everything up. Niall, Louis, and Harry carried the girls to the bus and put them on the beds in the back of the bus. We then went to sleep while we ere on our way to the U.S!


I guess we were really tired because we woke up a little after noon. Alexis looked sweet when she was sleeping. i wanted to wake everyone up loudly but i woke her up first. I kissed her lips until she woke up. " That's a nice way to wake someone up. " She said while smiling. " Help me wake the others, make as much noise as you can ok? " " ok! " She said " WAAAKKKKEEE UPP U LAZY BUMS! UP! UP! UP! " We yelled scaring everyone. Then everyone threw pillows at us making everyone laugh. " I'm hungry now lets make pancakes! " i said and everyone laughed and agreed. After we made the pancakes the area was a mess but the pancakes were good! After that we watched some foot ball and relaxed the rest of the day



sorry i made this short but im just not focused tonight... ill make a better chapter tomorrow sometime.




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