Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


9. Lazy Day!


I didn't expect Niall to lash out like that last night on the plane. I can now obviously tell that he WANTS her... so ill lay off. I just want a perfect girl like her. Maybe ill find that girl at our concert in London! I hope. Anyway we just woke up and Alexis and Perrie went to a store to by swim suits, there's a pool on the roof. None of us have any so the girls are picking ours. While we were waiting we made ourselves breakfast. We made some pancakes.


While the lads were sleeping i woke Alexis up asking her if she wanted to go shopping for swim suits for everyone. She was excited and she agreed. " What do you think the lads would like?" I asked her. " Niall should have the one with Ireland's flag on it, Harry British flag, Zayn black with a little bit of blue through out it, Louis The red and white stripes, Liam Green shorts. " Alexis told me. " Nice choices. Now what do you want?" "More like what do we want." We walked over to where the girls swim suits were and i got this Black bikini with pink on some of it. " What do you want hun? " she looked through all of them and she picked a white top with green, blue, and purple dots, green ties, and solid green bottoms. With that we headed toward checkout.


While we were in checkout i was looking through some of the magazines and i saw a picture of me and Perrie at the mall... I don't really like the paps but i try to avoid them. After we got the swim suits we headed to the dressing rooms and we put them on... We had our tops and bottoms on with shorts and flip flops. We looked awesome! The suit she picked out looked great on her! Then we headed to the van and we headed back to the hotel.


When we got back to the hotel we went to the rooms and we quietly opened the doors. We wanted to scare them " Shhhh " Perrie whispered to me we tip toed behind the couch... She was standing behind Zayn and i was behind Niall. " on the count of 3 " she whispers. I nod. She held up her fingers... 1....2....3 BOO!!!!!!!!! we shouted and the lads all jumped off the couch and fell to the ground. We were both laughing really hard. " You guys are soo going to get it later. " they said to us. " Heres your swim suits." We threw the correct bags to them and they went to change. While we waited we took our shorts off and sat on the couch and turned on the news. " Today at the store in London we saw Perrie Edwards and Alexis Smith shopping for swim suits! They have good tastes in clothing! We got some pictures of them picking out im guessing the lads swim suits and Them going to change into theirs! " Those paps are sneaky! They showed the pics right when the lads came down. They just watched the screen for a minute and then they said " Lets go to the pool! Last one there's a rotten egg! " They all yelled. Perrie and i were last but we didn't care. We felt the water and it was freezing! While we weren't paying attention The lads pushed Perrie and i in. " OMG NIALL!!! YOUR GOING TO GET IT! " it was freezing then the lads jumped into the pool at the same time making a huge splash.


When we got done changing and went to the pool, the people on the news were right. They do have good taste in clothes and Alexis, She looked sexy in that swim suit. After we pushed them in, They got kinda mad but the lads and i laughed anyway. She looked cute when she got mad. So we jumped in and we had a splashing fight. We won of course then we kinda relaxed. " Someone looks sexy today! i said with a smirk on my face. She just looked at me and smiled and went underwater. I got out of the pool and got everyone goggles. After everyone got them we all went underwater waving at each other. I swam up to Alexis and we were acting like fish while the others were chasing each other all over the place. " Let's play Truth or dare! " Harry yelled. We all agreed and we made a circle in the pool. " Who's first? " he asked us all. how about....Louis! " Ok ok umm.... Harry Truth or dare? " Um... Dare! " " wonderful choice my son " he was thinking for a while then he said " i dare you to give one of us a ride on their shoulders." " OK." Harry said. He picked Alexis, Since shes the smallest one here. When they basically walked all the way around the pool, Harry kept her on her shoulders got out of the pool, and fell in backwards. " Ok Harry haha " i said to him. Everyone was laughing. " ok Harry your turn." Um... Niall Truth or dare." Hazza asked me. " Dare" " ok ...  i Dare you to to dare someone else to flash us! " We all looked at the girls and they were not happy with this.... But they had to i guess. " Ok ill pick....." Thats when both girls started to swim away from us. " No one ! " i yelled laughing as they swam away. So we decided to go and chase them and bring them back to the circle. " Come on now you have to... Its truth or daaarrreee. " Harry said. Perrie and Alexis looked at him and said " You would dare someone to flash you. " he just smiled and did his cupcake face. " Niall pick one of them! " " Fine! How about both of you? " The girls looked at each other not happy but they decided to. After they did everyone was laughing and we all got out of the pool and went back to the hotel room


Harry would dare us to do that. After we got into the rooms we changed and we decided to go out for some fro yo. of course while we were eating another group of fans noticed us. " Guys! Today is our relaxing day before our concert tomorrow! " Niall told them. Then these to fans come up to them and said " Please sign our notebooks! Hi were Garriyn and Christy and were going to your concert tomorrow! We know your busy but .... Alexis?" They both looked at me. I didn't really recognize them. " Alexis, it's Garriyn and Christy... A.K.A Grant and Doug... Remember us? we were in grade school together then you left the school... " I didn't leave the school.... i was taken out.. my dad made me his slave after mum died." " Oh... how did you end up with 1D?!?! " i sighed " its a long ish story .... " They can come back with us to the hotel if you want and you guys could catch up? If thats ok with you love?" Niall told me. " Sure i guess. " " yay!" They both screamed and we all headed back to the hotel.

im joining these to together for the p.o.v


While we left this little store we heard a fan yell " Is that One Direction?! " We both got excited and we ran to the group of girls. " Garriyn omg were actually seeing them! " " I know lets get to the front of this group! " Then we heard Niall yell " Guys! Today is out relaxing day before the concert tomorrow! Thats when we got to the front of the group. When we were trying to get them to sign our notebooks i noticed the girl with them.. is that Alexis? i thought to myself. It was and now we are going to the hotel where she was staying and 1D!!


Will one of these girls get Harry's, Liam's, or Louis's girl? :O Find out in the next chapter!! I'll post it around 6 or so!!!


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