Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


8. In London


Thanks to my stupid ass daughter im here sitting here in jail! The last thing i told them was " this isn't over!" One of my "friends" i made here is about to get out of jail.


" So what are you in for? stealing? Kidnapping? What? " said Max King. " No, im in here because of my slut of a daughter! Shes out With this Niall boy and she is letting me rot here in jail!" I told him. "Well, what did you "do" to get here, like what did you do to them?" " All i did was go to the hospital because the docs called saying she was there. I came running in with a knife, went into the room and was going to attack this boy. But all failed when one of his friends tripped me and the one of his other friends called the cops. So now im here. Happy?" i sorda yelled at him. " Very, i have a daughter just like yours basically but she got killed a week ago. She was drunk driving and she got into a car wreck. Hey im about to get out of here in a couple of weeks, if there anything you would want "Help" with let me know."


J: Jones M: Max

J:"Hey Max! I need to talk to you!" M: " ok man whats up?" J: " Remember when you said you'd do anything to "Help" me you would?" M: " Yea man i remember, whats up?" J: see that girl and those boys on that show?" he points to the TV. M: Yea, is that your retarded daughter?" J: " Yeah and that Niall boy. When you get out i need you to get her and do whatever to her i don't care! I want her to suffer for what she did to me. Can you do this for me? M: " I dont know man. I don't really want to come back to jail. Maybe i could get my cousin, Star, to do it. Shes been in and out of jail for awhile now." J: " ok man thanks." M: " No problem."



While we were on the plane the lads were a bit cranky. Niall and Harry were a bit grumpy when we were about to kiss, and Zayn and Louis were fighting over who knows what, then there's poor Liam trying to to get them to stop. And then im just sitting here looking out the window. It looks really cool outside, looking at the clouds... " What are you looking at love? " " The clouds, trying to relax and not listen to Zayn and Louis fighting." i point to the two lads. Then Niall whisper yells " LADS! stop fighting!" Thats when they stopped fighting and looked separate ways. " Like that will stop them, you all have been cranky since we have been sitting here..." " Well im sorry darling.." " Me too..." Harry said. Niall looked at him weird and they both stopped talking the rest of the ride to London. I eventually fell asleep leaning on Niall's shoulders


" 4 more hours until were at London! "

I heard the announcer say that in the intercom and i was tired of sitting here on this plane! I looked over at Alexis and she fell asleep. " Harry what are you doing? Do you like her or something? " i asked Harry. " Yes, we all do Niall. Lo-" " Ok seriously? You always get the girls everyone gets the girls and im an outcast. I know i haven't dated anyone because i wanted to wait till i thought i found that special someone and i think Alexis is that girl. So stop trying. I love her....." Harry just looked at me wide eyed. " I'm sorry, im cranky and tired. Forget i even said that." Harry just nodded and said " Ok Niall. " and he shortly fell asleep. After that i fell asleep too.

* 4 hours later *

"We are about to land " i heard the lady say. so i woke up Harry and Alexis and the rest of the lads. I was so happy to finally get off that plane. We called the hotel we were going to stay at and we reserved a couple of rooms. After that we grabbed out luggage and headed to the limo. But of course... " oh my god... is that... One Direction?!!? " i heard a fan yell then a bunch of fans came running at us. I grabbed Alexis and held her close to me. " NIALL I LOVE YOU " " ARE YOU GUYS DATING?! THAT IS SO CUTE IF YOU ARE! " then i replied saying " Not yet " i said that with a smile and Alexis smile also. So right there in the middle of all the fans i asked Alexis if she would go out with me. " Yes! " She yelled over the fans and hugged me. That made the fans go crazy. After we signed a few autographs, even Alexis go to sign some, we headed into the limo and strait to the hotel!


I felt like the happiest person in the world when Niall asked me out. I really liked him and i never really had a boy friend before. And this group of fans were actually taking this well! i got to sign some autographs and today was starting out to be great! We finally got into the limo and we headed to the hotel. I looked around to the other lads and they were quiet, especially harry. I just thought they were tired. We finally got to the hotel and we had the two best hotel rooms there. 3 beds in each room. in the one on the right was Me, Niall and Louis. On the left Harry, Liam, and Zayn. we got the luggage and put it into each others rooms and we all were getting ready to sleep. " Alexis, you want to sleep with me or by yourself? " he asked with a smile on his face. With you, your a crazy leprechaun Niall. " " I know i am and you love it. " " Stop flirting and get to sleep already goooossshhhh. " Louis said with an American accent. " ok Boobear. " with that the boys got changed in the room and i went to the bathroom to change. Then we fell asleep waiting for the big day tomorrow.


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- 1Directioner3

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