Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


26. I'm sorry


I left the room and went to the kitchen to look for Alexis. She was sitting on the floor crying. " Alexis..." She looked up and just got up and hugged me. " It's going to be ok. Everyone just needs to calm down." " No it won't! I lost my best friend and the best Boy friend i have ever had!" I looked over to my left and saw them both standing there listening. "Well you want to go to sleep or something?" She nodded yes. " I'll meet you in my room in a sec ok?" She nodded and ran up the stairs to my room. "You see, you both were acting stupid. She cares for you guys still weather you don't or not." With that i went to my room and we sat on the bed watching the telly. I looked down and saw she was dozing off. " You want to go to sleep?" She said " Yes, but i don't have clothes. They are all in Niall's room.." " You can borrow one of my shirts and sweats." She got up and picked a shirt that said " Cool kids don't dance" And some sweats. She went to the bathroom to change while i picked a different pair of sweats. I got in bed and was watching the telly for a few more minutes until Alexis came back out. I can see why Niall loved her. Her brown wavy hair was put up into a bun. Her sparkling blue/green eyes. Shes just cute. Now i know what you are thinking. I don't like her. I can say she is cute! Besides i have my Perrie!! " Ready for bed?" She nodded and we layed down. We were both facing the opposite way. I turned over to see if she was awake. I am a blanket hog i swear she had like no blanket. "I'm sorry! I just stole the blanket!" She turned over and smiled. " It's ok Malik." Then i pulled her closer and she put her head on my chest. and we fell asleep eventually.


I was the first one awake. So i quickly went downstairs to get something to eat so i didn't have to eat with the others. When i got a bowl of cereal. i sat down and was eating. Then i felt someone tap my shoulder making me jump. It was Niall. I didn't want to see him at all right now. "Hi.." He said i just waved and tried to finish eating. He got a bowl to and sat across from me. It was awkward silence until i was almost done eating. " I'm sorry for doing what i did. Breaking up with you. I was just being a dumb ass and i guess i was just mad you didn't tell me." I just looked up at him. " Look you probably wont forgive me but i forgive you for your actions... but i still don't agree with you cutting your self." He points to my arm. It's all red with 8 deep cuts into my flesh. and a few bruises. " It was my choice.... I just wanted to..." I looked at him and saw some hurt in his eyes. " Well it was a stupid choice." With that i got up put my bowl up and ran up into Zayns room crying. I guess i woke him up when i slammed the door. "What's wrong?" " Nothing zayn i didn't mean to wake you up." And i quickly wiped my tears away and sat on the chair in his room. " Did you eat?" I nodded. "Anyone else awake that joined you?" " Niall did." He nodded and got out of bed to go eat .


What just happened? I tried apologizing... Then i heard Someone coming down the stairs, Zayn. " So i just woke up to her slamming the door and crying, why?" " I told her i was sorry and that she probably wont forgive me ect. then i said i didn't like that she cut herself.. Then said it was a stupid choice...." We all need a damn break from stress..... I know where we could go......" " Where DJ Malik?" He smiled then said " The club? We could all have a few drinks!" I smiled " We should all go but... i think Garriyn should stay home with christy or something. Those two are pissed with each other and i don't think it would be a good idea." "Ok! we can go later then! Alexis!!!! come down here please!" Then we heard footsteps coming down and she stood there in the kitchen with red puffy eyes. " You want to go to a club later tonight!? Have a few drinks?" She smiled and said "oh yea! Of course i do!" That made me smile. "Well you and Chirsty can go shopping for a dress while we find some outfits." She nodded and called for Christy then they went out.


When we got to some random store we started looking for some dresses. " Maybe you should go with a cute short dress. When your drunk who knows what will happen." I said teasing her. Then i found this cute black dress that would look cute on her. " Try this on." She took it and went to change. When she came out she looked perfect in it. " What happened to the cute girl that went into the dressing room! All i see is a sexy beast come out of there!" She just laughed and looked in the mirror. It was a skin tight dress that fit her perfectly. " What about shoes?" " one sec." I walked up to the front counter and said. " My friend over there she needs some shoes but we don't know what would go well with that dress. " " I'll love to help! one sec and i'll be right over." " Thanks!" I walked back to Alexis and told her the lady will be over in a sec. She went over to us looked at her dress then got the cutest heels i have ever seen. " I think these will go good with the dress." " Thank you!" We both said in sync and she put the shoes on. They were kind of a zebra print shoes. Goes with her sassy attitude." We should get this full outfit. i have to wear it out, since next we are getting out nails and hair done!." " Can we wear this out?" "Of course. Just walk up here and just tag the tags off." " Ok thanks again." We went up there. " Your total will be $228.94." We paid then went to get our nails done. Alexis got her nails painted green, with Nialls name spelled across them, and i had mine painted red with white striped spelling Louis name. After that we went to go and get our hair done! I had my hair straitened while Alexis got hers curled. We paid for that then we walked out of the store. Of course there was paps. " Why are you so dressed up?" She replied " I'm just going out with the lads tonight to get some stress off. " " Can you tell us where you are going?" " No... i wouldn't want the night ruined exactly, with all the cameras.... but knowing you people you'll figure it out." With that we got into the car and called and asked if the lads were ready. They were and were excited to see us. When we got there, paps and some fans we outside. We got out and the people went crazy. We signed a few autographs and went inside. " Guys the beauty has arrived!


When we got inside i was kind of nervous for tonight. But we will have fun. The guys came down wearing suits. " You look.... wow!" They said to me. " Thanks i said while blushing. " Well we ready to go?!" "Yea ill meet you guys out there." When they left i looked to Christy. " Louis will be drunk lol be prepared to have "fun" When he gets home. Have a few drinks while were gone." " Ok have fun!" With that i went out the door, took some pictures with fans and went into the limo to the club.


When we got there there wasn't many people outside. When we got up there Harry said. " Hey matt whats up?!" " Nothing Harry, You guys wanting in the club?" " Yes actually, and this is Alexis, Alexis smith." He had lots of tattoos, He looked tough but he was nice. " Hello Alexis. Well you guys can go in!" When we walked in it was hot and there was quite a few drunk people on the dance floor. We all went to the bar and had quite a few drinks. I had a couple more then Niall. And i was tipsy, couldn't even walk. Harry and Liam only had one drink while the rest of us were drunk out of our minds. " Let's go and dance!" Niall said to me and i somehow walked out there and we danced! I guess the girls got bored and they also came but i didn't care. I looked over to Garriyn and Harry and they were dirty dancing! I focused on Niall and we were just having the best time in our lives. He kept rubbing my front and putting his hand up my dress. " I .. want you now..." He said and started making out right there. " Niall, not here. Home." He whined and asked for Liam to take us home. We finally got home and Niall basically pulled me up the stairs. " I'm going back to the club.. bye guys!" We ignored him and went into Nialls room.

*Some sexual stuff... younger readers don't really read*

He put me on the bed and started kissing me. He kissed along my neck and sucked on my neck leaving a love bite. He then started kissing my lips again and rubbing. I got annoyed and i just took his shirt off and he took my dress and shoes off. He started kissing along my body. I took his pants off and he took my bra off. " You ready for this?" " More then ready!" Then he started kissing me rougher and then he took his boxers off and i took my panties off he then started to slowly insert in me. " This might hurt at first." And he was right but i was to drunk to care. He got faster and faster, making us both moan. We did this for a while until we got tired. And i mean awhile. Afterwards i looked to Niall. " I'm seriously sorry for what i did, go back out with me?" " Yes." I replied then we went to sleep.


Lets just say i had a lot of drinks. Harry had 3 and i had 5. Lets say if Louis didn't take us off the dance floor, we would have done it right there. " Take us home please." Harry said and he did. When we got there we went to Harry's room. I guess Niall and Alexis were already having fun. We got in there, locked the door and he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around him while we were kissing. He kissed on my neck making me moan a little. He smiled and we then walked over to the bed. I took his shirt off and he took my shirt off also. He was then laying on top of me kissing me. After a few minutes of that he put his hand up my bra. He then took my pants off. " Wait Harry. Do you have a condom?" He went over and put it on. " I do now!." Then we continued. He took my panties off and then his pants,boxers, then he started to insert into me and we had fun for a little over an hour. " Best Night Ever."


When we got home Louis and i kissed a lot. But we didn't have fun. I didn't want to rush into anything. But we watched, well tried, to watch movies but i was tired and so was he. So the rest of us just slept downstairs since there was partying going on upstairs. Then we fell asleep.

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