Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


21. I can't Harry...


When Alan asked for Joe to leave he just stood there. He looked strait at Niall then to Alexis. " This is all your damn fault." He said while pointing to Alexis. He pushed Niall over and ran toward Alexis and sat on top of her and was punching her. I ran over to them and i grabbed his shirt and i started beating the shit out of him. He got me really good once and i was kinda loosing some focus and he got around me to her again. This time i was loosing it " YOU FUCKING BASTARD LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE!!" I yelled at him and landed on top of him and beating him some more. Niall was starting join in and help me then security came and pulled us off and they took Jones else where. " Oh my gosh Alexis, are you ok." She just sat there speechless. " I think it's time for us to leave." Niall told Alan. " Yea i think so too.... umm well that was One Direction and Alexis smith with guest star Jones smith..... Bye U.S.A..." He said then went off air. I picked her up and we went to the limo. I kept looking at her and Niall. He got them both pretty good. When we got back to the hotel there was paps. everywhere. " What happened on that show lads?!?", " Why were you guys beating him?" " Are you guys just lieing and did that for action?" These questions were getting annoying so i yelled. "STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS!!!" Then everyone went quiet and we went inside.


While i was watching the show everyone was on i wish i would have gone. I can't believe Jones was out of jail. He really hurt Niall and Alexis. I wanted them to get home now! Then i heard banging on the door, i looked through the window and i saw it was fans. Right then the lads and everyone was trying to get in then Harry yelled " Stop with the questions." Then they all came in and i went up to Alexis and hugged her. " I should have gone to that show." I said feeling a tears escaping my eyes. " It's fine Christy, im fine." She said. Then i went over to hug Niall then Louis. " What do you guys wanna do now?" I said trying to lighten the mood. " How about hide and seek." I said and everyone agreed. " Ill be it." Liam said. Everyone scattered and i went to Louis's room and hid on the shelf in his closet. " Ready or not here i come!! " I heard Liam yell i heard Louis scream when he found him. It was a fake scream to scare him. Then he came in here and looked in the closet. I went down stairs and sat down. "Where were you hiding?" I asked Lou. " In his room under the bed. you?" " I was on the top shelf in your closet" "Nice spot." Then Harry came down. " I was hiding in Zayn's room under the bed." " top shelf, Louis closet." I said. " Don't hide in the shower Zayn said. " Bet he will find Niall first." I said and the other went with finding Alexis first. " Don't hide in your own room under the bed." Niall said. " haha i was right." " ALEXIS WHERE ARE YOU..." Liam shouted. I got up and went into the kitchen and opened the cabinet. " Found her! She's eating some of Niall's crisps." I said then Niall came running in. "MY crisps!" Niall said. She looked at her hand put a crisp back then handed the bag to Niall. " Should have known she would be in the kitchen." Liam said. " She has Nialls eating habits." Harry said. " Let's do something else now."  Zayn said.


" How about.... spin the bottle!" Niall suggested moving his eye brows up in down. " No there's only us two..." Then Liam said " Let's invite Shyann over?" " Ok fine." This would be interesting. i thought to myself. Shortly later, Shyann got here and we all sat in a circle after we grabbed a bottle. " Ok this was Nialls idea so he spins it." I said. Niall spins it and of course it lands on Alexis. So they kiss then sit back down. Alexis spun it and it landed on Harry. She looked at Niall and he just nodded. So they kissed a little bit longer then Niall and sat back down. " Harry's tttuuuurrrrnnnn!" I said and he spun it and it landed back on himself so he spun again and it landed on Louis. " UGH if it lands on guys just hug it out!" Alexis and Christy said making us laugh so they hugged then Louis spun the bottle. Landed on Me so we hugged it out. " This is weird ha ha..." I said then spun it and it landed on Shyann, we kissed really quickly then she spun it. " Liam... your turn my boy to kiss someone!" Then they kissed for a while... longer then supposed to. " Go get a room!" Alexis shouted. " I agree with her." I said then they stopped and Liam spun it. Landed on Christy and they had their shares then Louis and her kissed. " Ok this is getting boring Christy and Shyann said almost in sync. " Well then let's go play outside in the dark! Hide and seek again. When we got out there, there was no light so everyone kinda grabbed someone and ran off hiding while Liam and i counted.


I don't know who i grabbed but when i walked to a bush i said " Whose with me?" "Christy derr." She said making me laugh. " You know who is with Alexis?" i asked. " No its to dark to tell." " Shh their coming..." They found us quickly so we ran around the yard then went inside for some water.


"Ok whose the lucky person with me?" I said making some girl giggle " Shyann of course silly." " Well you are very lucky then." Then i was feeling her face looking for her nose. "What are you doing Louis?" " Looking for your nose so i can poke it. Then i poked her nose and she was just laughing! " Shussshhhh! we are going to get caught. " I said while tickling her some. " I can;t be quiet when your doing that." She said. "Found you!!" Zayn and Liam said. " You blew our cover you better run inside!" She took off running then i chased her inside tickling her more with the help from Liam.


While i was hiding i was being quiet i listened and looks like Niall and Christy were together. Then Louis and Shyann were running inside meaning I was with Alexis. " So Alexis you having fun?" i whispered. " Yea glad we hid in the shed! It will take them forever to find us." She said. " I can't do anything with her, I love Garriyn and Nialls my best friend, Can't do a thing!" I said to myself trying to restrain myself. " So what do you want to talk about bakers boy?" She said to me making me smile. " I don't know love." I said. Then i grabbed my phone and turned on my flash light app, then sat the phone between us so we could see. " You're so silly Harry." She said and i just laughed and shrugged. Then we were looking at each other for a few minutes. " So..." She said. " So" I responded. Then her phone vibrated and she got a text from Niall. Where are you hiding? - Niall xoxo. She responded " Not telling you horan thats cheating even if you are out!" -Alex

" Fine then love you!" - Niall " Love you to - Alex " They are never going to find us." She said while looking at her phone screen. " I can't, i can't kiss her !!" I thought to myself fighting my decisions. Then i slowly started to lean in and she didn't move but i kissed her and she didn't pull a way for a few seconds. " We can't do this Harry! Just can't." she said turning away from me. " What have i done" I whispered to myself. She jst looked at me saying " You didn't do anything.." She said. " This will just be our secret ok Harry?" " Ok i said felling a little bit better. "FOUND YOU GUYS FIANLLY!!" Zayn Screamed. We go out and we started heading in.

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