Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


12. fun day until the end....

I was running away. I don't know where to but i just left the hotel. I had a feeling in my gut something bad was going to happen if i stayed there, no one would miss me at all... not Garriyn, Christy, Niall, Louis, anyone. I was running toward an ally way and when i was walking up it i saw the alcohol shop. I had tears slowly dripping down my face. " What went wrong, why did all this have to happen? " i thought to myself. Then i felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Jones. He whispered to me " Everything happens for a reason, just have to move on and live with it." I hugged him and i said " i miss the old Jones soo much..." After that he pinned me to the wall " This is what you get for leaving me in that jail! " He pushed me into the middle of the street and a car was about to run over me...."


" Alexis?! Wake up! Your having a bad dream!! " I heard Niall scream. I shot right up and looking at my surroundings, " You were screaming help in your sleep." Christy told me. Everyone was in the room except Harry and Garriyn. I started crying because the dream was horrible. " Please don't cry love, it was just a bad dream " Niall told me. He hugged me and i silently cried into his shoulder. " what was your dream about?" Louis asked me. " My dad, he was actually nice to me like the old times... then, he just pushed me into the middle of the road when a car was coming toward me... " I told them. " It's ok Alexis were all here for you! We love you, we wouldn't let that jackass touch you." Christy told me. That made me smile a little bit. Then there was loud banging on the door. " CHRISTY?! IT'S YOUR MOM AND YOUR BROTHER! " " Oh shit i forgot to tell her i was coming here...." She went to open the door and her mum hugged her. " Sweety please let me know if you are going to leave the house!? we were both worried about you." " Mom im sorry i was catching up with Alexis and i was hanging out with the lads, im dating Louis! " Christy explain to her mum. She sighs, " Ok sweety well at least check in later ok? " " Ok mum i love you." They hugged and they left. " well then, the only thing to do now is go and wake up Harry and Garriyn." Niall said and we went in there and jumped on their bed until they got up. " WERE UP ALREADY STOP JUMPING ON THE BED! " Harry yelled. " Ok cranky pants sheesh! " I said to Harry. " I'm sorry i am cranky in the mornings." He said while rubbing his eyes." Lets go get some food now pleaseeee?" Niall said " Ok get dressed and we will go."


We went back to our rooms and Christy, Garriyn, and Alexis went to the bathroom to change. I wouldn't mind if they changed in front of us! Neither would the other lads. Then perrie came walking in after we were done changing. " Zayn i have to go to Paris with my band. " She said  to him. He looked upset " ok love, keep in touch yeah? " " Definitely." Then they kissed real quick and she left. Right then the girls came out. They were sorda wearing matching outfits. they all wore diff types of jean shorts and shirts. Alexis wore a blue shirt and on it, it said " I LOVE NIALL, MY LEPRECHAUN! ", Garriyns had a little cat on hers saying " I LOVE HARRY, MY BAKERS BOY!" Then Christy's was a stripped shirt saying " I LOVE LOUIS, MY BOO BEAR! " I thought it was very cute that they made shirts like that. " Are we ready to go now? " I asked everyone. They nodded and we headed to the limo. " Where does everyone want to eat at? " everyone said Nandos. I was happy to go there. When we got there, there was a lot of people.. and fans. " How about we go out for pizza instead and come back here around dinner time" Garriyn said. "Ok" when we got there we all got cheese pizza and we ate. After that we went back to the hotel room. " What do you guys want to do now?" "How about we go swimming?" " Ok lets go swimming." So we changed into our swim suits and went to the pool on the roof. This time Alexis made sure we felt the water first. " It's warm, really warm." I told them so they just jumped in. " YOU LIER ITS FREAKING COLD! " They yelled at us then we jumped in after them except for me. " You coming in Nialler? " Alexis asked. " I think i need to jump in with someone or be pushed." I said with a smile on my face. Alexis got out of the pool and stood behind me. " Stand closer to the edge so i can push you in.... ok now on the count of 3. ONE.! " She shouted and pushed me in, it was freezing. " You said three! " " Like you said it was warm." Everyone laughed. " Your going to get it later, BOTH OF YOU! " I said looking at Harry and Alexis.


After our splash fight i wanted to make this interesting now that Garriyn was here. " LETS PLAY T OR D, this will be interesting." Everyone agreed and we got into a circle. " Ill go first! " Niall shouted and we let him. " Garriyn T or D?" " Dare " she said " I dare you to french kiss harry for a minute! " "You would Nialler." She looked at Alexis and Christy and said " Ha ha ha im soo going get you guys..." Then she looked at me " Lets get this over with! " Then we leaned in and was french kissing. " Everyone was whistling at us and i felt Garriyn smile a little bit. " TIMES UP! " Zayn yelled. Then we stopped, now it was Garriyns turn. " CHRISTY T OR D" " oh gosh Grant... Dare " " i dare you to kiss Louis! and be a little sexual with this lol." " FINE I WILL!" she yelled and Louis and her were kissing. Christy kept playing with his hair, And Louis kept grabbing her bum. " I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH TIMES UP TIMES UP!! " We all yelled. " Niall T or D" " Dare" she took a moment to think of a good one. " I Dare you to go and scare some one else in this pool." " ok.." he swam up behind this girl and he yelled BOO, and scared the crap out of her then swam back quickly. " ok i did! " He said happily. " ALEXIS... D OR D" " wtf ? -.- Dare " I Dare you to give me all your food later! " " BUT NIALLER I LOVE FOOD TOO!!" She yelled and we all laughed. " Fine. " She mumbled. ZAYN T OR D?" He said Dare. I dare you to dare liam to help you attack Niall!" " ok! " He did then they kept pushing Niall under water and Splashed him a lot. " Alexis, Ima get you later! " Let's go in now its getting darker." I told everyone and they all ran out of the pool getting their towels.


Gosh now everyone was going to get pranked sooner or later! When we went to change Niall said " How should i get Alexis back? " Harry said " Scare her or go in there now and take her clothes." OK!" He said then i took her clothes, all of it and took it to the other room. He left her bra though. He did the same for the other two girls. " Wait for it...." " NIALL JAMES HORAN WHERES ALL OF OUR CLOTHES!?!" i heard Alexis scream. " In our room, if you want them come in here and get them." Then the three girls came in with their bras and swim suit bottoms. " GIVE HORAN. " and we tossed them their clothes and let them get dressed. " Nice Niall now they are mad at you." Louis and Liam said.


After we got dressed the lads came in. " We have to pack tonight, we have to leave tomorrow morning. Management said we have to go to the U.S for our next concert." Then Alexis said. " What about Garriyn and Christy..?" "They can come to if it is ok with their parents." With that we started packing while Garriyn and Christy called their mums. " WE CAN BOTH GO WITH YOU!!!" They screamed. " Great! Now lets get packing." After we were done packing we all Went to Nandos, since it was busy earlier. " Dont forget to give me some of your food." Niall said to me. I just rolled my eyes. When we got there We ordered and i gave Niall some of my food. " Ill be right back i have to use the restroom." I told everyone. When i was washing my hands my phone went off. I got a DM from someone.

From: @anonymous

Hey you i saw you with the boys today! And i thought you looked like a slut with that swim suit of yours. So did your other two friends. This wont be the last you here from me  bitch! :) - Anonymous

That started to freak me out. No one can call my friends anything like that be me... When i left the bathroom and went back to sit down i felt sick. " Alexis are you ok? You seem pale." "Um... y-Yeah im fine." And i started eating avoiding eye contact with everyone. " Alexis come outside with me real quick i need to talk to you." Zayn said to me. I nodded and went out there. " Look i can tell something is wrong, tell me? " Thats when my phone went off again

From: @anonymous

Bitch you better not say anything to anyone about this unless ill make your life miserable! Oh wait im going to do that any way! haha xoxo

- Anonymous

I felt like crying right then and Zayn saw the look on my face and he took my phone from my hand. He seemed shocked and i started to cry a little bit and i just went inside. " Alexis whats wrong?? " Niall said. I just looked at him helplessly as Zayn came walking in and showed everyone the messages.

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