Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


24. friends change, people change

Don't worry the chapter will work out fine.



When we heard the damn machines not have their heart bets anymore we freaking ran out of the room screaming for the doctor. They took them into a different room and we stayed in this room. " GOD DAMMIT! Alexis, Christy, Write on the board if you are still here!!" We waited a few minutes and they both wrote yes on the board also saying " We told you we aren't leaving you that easy." We were still upset. " If you guys don't come back to your bodies, we will be screwed without you both! Look i don't care if Garriyn or Niall punch me for saying this. I love you Alex!" Then they wrote. " We can't enter our bodies, we sat next to them and we just cant!" Thats when Niall went crazy. " YOU HAVE TO COME BACK!! PLEASE?!" Then they wrote " Niall please calm down if you do something crazy i will never forgive you, we will brb stay here." Then the marker fell and we opened the door and we waited.


" Gosh i hope we can get back in our bodies!" I screamed as we ran down the hall. " Me to, and if any of the lads do something fucking stupid if we cant, im going to be pissed." Alexis screamed at me. When we got to the room our bodies we in we jumped on the bed, and laid down on our bodies. I don't know about Alexis, but i think it is working for me. But im having trouble. Then i sat up and noticed she is to. "Concentrate... just like for the marker and the hugs." I told her. Then she said. " Whatever the hell happens... I love you... and if you make it and i don't tell them i love them and i will always be watching.... and keep your eyes on Niall... and vise versa." I just nodded and we laid perfectly still....


After 20 minutes of laying perfectly still... i think it worked. When we both entered our bodies we both sat up quickly at the same time. " Christy it worked!" We both started crying. " What worked?" The doc asked. We told them everything in the past hour of what we did. They were shocked. " Well... guess we would take you back to that room and let them know you guys r back!" I just thanked him and smiled at Christy! It took us 5 minutes to get back to the room they left us out in the hallway and we listened. " I'm sorry boys.... but you guys have to take them home soon!!!" We just laughed and they brought us back in. They all came up to us and hugged us. " oh my god im so glad you didn't leave us!" Niall said while still hugging me. " Believe me i wouldn't leave you guys! I would miss you too much." That made everyone smile. Then Garriyn came up to me after hugging Christy. " Girl if you left me i would die!" I just laughed and hugged her. " I would be very upset if i couldn't be with you, or any of you." I simply said and just layed back down. " Scoot over a little." Niall said and i did so and he layed next to me. " I'm not going to leave you alone again." He said smiling. I just layed there cuddling him smiling like an idiot. " I want to love my Christy like that!" He whined and Christy let him do the same.


I was really happy to know my two best friends were okay. But i couldn't get what Harry said out of my head. " If you guys don't come back to your bodies, we will be screwed without you both! Look i don't care if Garriyn or Niall punch me for saying this. I love you Alex!" It was just... bothering me. " Harry can i talk to you in the hallway?" He looked at me then said "Yes." When we were out i just hurried and got the question out. " Why did you say you loved Alex?" He just kinda looked down and didn't respond. "Harry...?" He looked up and said... " Look Garriyn, I like her a lot but... I love you more." I just looked down and back up trying not to show to much emotion. " It's fine, but why? Did you to do anything while i was gone?" That made him quiet. " What did you do to her?" I asked again. " Look i kissed her alright! It wasn't on purpose i just... couldn't stop myself....." I just stood there shocked. " Harry look i think we should just stay as friends for now until i can trust you again." With that i walked into the room and asked for the lads to leave for a moment. They did then i looked to Alexis. " So, while i was gone you kissed Harry?" She looked at me fast. " Look it wasn;t me who wanted to he leaned in and i didn't move at all." I was getting kinda mad now. " Look i just broke up with him so he is all yours." " I don't want him. I have Niall! What is your problem, if you were to be mad at someone it should be Harry." I was now pissed. " Oh and does Niall know about this? huh?" I could see she was also getting pissed. " No, not yet Garriyn so calm down and get your man back." " NO! I think Niall needs to know the truth..." Then the doc came back in saying we could leave whenever we want so we got off the bed and had the ivy things out of our arms. " Like i said im telling Niall.... Niall get in here please." Then he came walking back in. " Yes...?" She looked at me, i could see the hurt and pain in her eyes but i didn't care. " So you know your girlfriend kissed Harry at some point? During oh i don't know Hide and Seek?"


When she fucking said that i wanted to punch her. He just looked to me and said " Is that true?" I quickly said " Niall yes but he leaned in and i didn't! I swear!" He looked upset and mad. " Garriyn why do have to be a freaking B*tch! All because you broke up with harry doesn;t mean you have to make my life miserable!!" " Well don't be a slut kissing other boys!" "I'm not a damn slut, if any one is its you!" Then i saw the boys were standing there the whole time but i didn't care. " Says the one kissing all the boys. What did you kiss Louis, Zayn, and Liam too?! Huh!?" That made me pissed even more. " NO I WOULDN'T DO THAT! i fucking hate you! Now i wish i were dead so i wouldn't be here with you in my life." Then i saw the hurt in her eyes, then i ran past the boys and ran out the door hearing foot step behind me. " Alexis stop! please." It was Niall and Harry. " Why? I don't want to be here and like i said before, i wish i was dead." Then i ran to the parking lot and the boys ran in front of me making me stop. " Don't say that! your just mad because you didn't tell the truth to me!" Niall yelled making me jump. " I didn't want to hurt you and it wasn't even my fault...." " Look maybe we should end this to." I just looked up at him with even more hurt in my eyes. Then i turned and saw Garriyn. " Hope you're happy Garriyn! He's all fucking yours!" Then i ran off and hid in an alley way far away from them.

Hey love and lads. I don't know why i keep adding drama in this! I just like drama i guess. * Garriyn if you read this you are not a bitch or anything! * XD I just wanted drama. And we kinda knew it was going to happen sooner or later.


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