Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


23. Everything will be fine..... </3


We were on our way to the hospital and everyone was very upset and hoped they were ok. When we got there we waited in the waiting room. I kept pacing back and fourth and all the lads and Garriyn just sat there in silence. " This is my fault." I mumbled to myself. " No it's not Niall, we didn't know he would come back and pull a stunt like that." I just kept pacing and running my hands threw my hair. " Niall, believe me, i have known them for a long time, they aren't going to leave us. They are fighters!" Garriyn said making me just a little bit better. I finally say down and we waited.

* 3 hours later *

" Anyone here for Alexis and Christy?" We all then jumped up and walked to him. I couldn't read his face exactly so i didn't know if he was going to say bad or good news. " The girls are still knocked out but, they should be waking up shortly! You guys can go in there and wait. When they wake up come and get me. They're in room 104." We looked at the door and said "Thanks." Then we walked into the room and looked at them. They got beaten up. It just took one look to get me crying again. We all got into a group hug, and sat down on chairs.


All i could see was black. I didn't know what happened. " Hello?! Great, can't move at all." Then i heard the lads come in, i wanted to hug Louis but i couldn't. After a few minutes i felt someone hold my hand and whisper. " Please wake up... I love you." Guessing it was Louis, then he kissed my hand. Why cant i just wake up! Then i slowly felt my eye lids lift up.... I guess it was a while from when Louis kissed my hand because they were all gone. Probably hungry. I looked to my right and saw Alexis next to me. I wanted to check on her... Then all of a sudden i passed back out and i have no idea why! Then i hear two machines beeping like crazy. ALEXIS?! oh my gosh i hope we are both ok... Then all of a sudden, we were both sitting up but.... we were looking at our selves? " Alexis?!?! what the hell is going on." I said starting to panic. " I think we are leaving our bodies?! oh my fucking god no we cant die!" Then we both ran to each other and hugged. Then our machines went back to normal heart rate but we were still not in our bodies. The Lads came in and we tried getting their attention, but failed to. " This can't be happening..!" We both said in sync.


I swear i felt like just dieing right there in front of Niall. I was trying to get his attention and i just sat there crying as was Christy. " We have to do something, anything!" I walked over to the white board and tried picking up the marker. " You need to try and calm down and concentrate! Thats the only way i think you can get this to work. After many attempts i felt like giving up, but then, the marker was moving. " ITS WORKING CHRISTY!!!" Then i was able to pick it up and take the cap off. " The lads are looking at the marker, and Garriyn is to! So i wrote on the board kinda of crapy because i kept almost dropping it. I wrote " Guys, It's me and Christy, we aren't in our bodies... help!!" Niall and Louis got up and went to the board. They just looked at each other and cried. Then looked at the marker in the air. " Are you both in front of us?" Louis said quietly. " Yes." I put and they just cried. Christy and i both looked at each other then wrote. " We will stay with you guys but, we aren't going to hold the marker anymore... bye for now.." then i dropped the marker on the floor and they just went to the group and cried. Christy and i looked at each other and cried in to each others shoulders. Then we broke away and tried to see if we could do more then hold a damn marker. We tried hugging them... after a few attempts we actually did it. After we were done hugging them we stepped back and looked at their faces, Crying still but smiling. Then we hugged the rest and they all did the same. I ran to the board for one last time and wrote. " Whatever happens, we love you all. And if all goes wrong don't do anything stupid and we will always keep our eyes on you. love you... <3" Then i put the marker down and walked to Christy. " What do you think happens now?" She asked me. " We just sit, wait, and hope." With that we just sat next to our bodies and prayed we will be just perfectly fine. Then we looked to the group and said, even though they can't hear us, " We love you all." Then our machines went ------------------

Well... i am sorry for the short chapter but i am kinda wanting to update right after i post this.... you think they will die? Survive? Well you have to find out. sorry to keep you all waiting. LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE!!


<3. . .



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